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Just out of curiosity, how many cosplayers attended the vocaloid gathering for Fanime 2014?
I remember in previous years it was really huge.
So I was just seeing what it was like...cause I'm thinking about attending for 2015 but not certain as of yet.
Just wanted to see about how it was like now after a few years had passed.
Just going out on a limb and seeing if this was actually taken, but did anyone take a picture during the Shingeki no Kyoujin/Attack on Titan gathering of a Petra (dead characters photo op) that was doing a backward bend?
That was me, but I don't know if anyone took a photo of that pose...
If not, that's okay.
Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone did.
@ PrincessSquib - yeah I am...and maybe a couple other administrative, but not the whole team.
Some of them are younger so they can't stay without parents permission and well it's up to the parents at that point.
So just myself and a few others.
But it'll be fine.
Definitely my team will make use of the practice stage in the Marriott ballroom.
We'll be there as much as we can, hahaha~
I assume you and your team too, Squibs?
I think everyone gets nervous as the convention draws closer.
I know I do...
Especially this year for my team's performance....
I'm just nervous about the cosplay and if we can do it right, etc, etc which I'm sure you guys know about too. ^^;
But still underneath all that, is some excitement for performing. =)
Hahahaha~ Sounds fun~
My team does that when we don't have facilities, but in this case, we do. =)
Definitely going to make use of them~
Rehearsals for the win~
Actually several friends and I were planning to do Kancolle cosplay next year.
Since all of us are doing Shingeki no Kyoujin this year, it's our main cosplay.
So probably next year, I would definitely be one of the Kanmusu (ship girls).
And I think one other would be too, but not sure about the rest.
So definitely I would probably like to get a Kancolle gathering going next year.
Planning to anyway =)
(Nothing this year, because of no time...)
I'm actually a little curious about cost.
It would be a great gift for a friend of mine who really likes KLK.
Any other technical specifications would be great....length, weight, etc.
However I would need to ship it, so I can deal with that, but I would like to see what the information is first that I'm wondering about.
Thanks. =)

It looks great so far from what I've seen.
I don't suppose you can make other props?
I'm looking for one specifically.
You can do it Squibs~
I've got my own cosplay woes going on as well...
Really is time to get down to business and get everything done.
I have paperwork to address for some stuff too, like Masquerade...just things on administrative side for my team.
But we always seem to pull through.

I'm curious if anyone is going to be using the preparation stage that's at the Fairmont.
It would be nice to meet all our fellow performers~ =)
@PrincessSquib - Ah, which Saber cosplay are you planning to do? Curious now to hear~

I usually do one cosplay per day, but I find myself wanting to cosplay more, hahaha~
@egrrr - that's why I said him/her, cause I didn't want to assume anything. But alright, if the nametags are needed for the last game, I suppose I can try to figure something out. Do you have a back up plan in case not everyone can get them?

@TsukiYuu - yeah, $20 is a bit expensive for a $5 item. But then again it's coming from overseas and usually that can get a little hefty.

Too bad we don't have the "thief cards".
I saw them on the site and wanted to get them, but were sold out.
Maybe they'll come back some time soon.
Quote from: PrincessSquib on April 27, 2014, 09:59:28 AM
We get a hotel, or wake up at the buttcrack of dawn. I usually make my cosplay fairly easy to get into and out of, you never know when you're going to have to use the restroom, and cant fit in a stall.... ugh

Yeah, sounds about right.
I have a hotel room, but it's the back and forth and hopefully there's still time and such.
And very much yes, cosplay that's fairly easy to get in and out.
I think my cosplays this year are relatively easy.
So that'll help.
Have to figure out how to do Saber (from Fate/Zero/Stay Night) though, but not until next year or something.
Kuri - haha so that depends on the skit itself and if people get the references.

But in any case I'm sure it'll be fine.
I just hope everyone has planned things out.
I wonder how some people do so many cosplays during a con...
Make up and getting the clothes on quickly and such for different characters.
I'm sure it'll be fine since egrrr is doing his/her best to get it set up.
It's why I was wondering myself on it.

I'm curious though....are shirts or something with name tags going to be required?
Otherwise the name tag ripping event may not be a viable option if not everyone is properly 'equipped' so to speak.
Just asking out of curiosity.
Ah I see.
I've been on the big stage before myself but the rest of my team has not.
But they're still excited regardless.
I'm sure the rest of my team has done like other stage performances before so probably not as bad as I think it'll be.

Stage fright and public speaking is the most common fear.
Because we don't know how people will react.
But I found that I will do my best, for myself and for my team so that they and the audience will enjoy and appreciate it =)
It also helps to keep your eyes in the distance on the exit sign (as I tell people that are new to performing).

I know I'm certainly happy to be back on the big stage myself~ =D
I'm sure that we will see each other in the main rehearsal or in the rehearsal small room they have this year.
It'll be fun I'm sure :)
My team is excited to be on the big stage~
I wonder if there has been any new developments with this idea.
It's coming down to the wire in terms of time to prepare and such.
Maybe I'm just paranoid thinking that time is running out hahaha~
I got in touch with Erik and he was really helpful.
I also got word for my team as well and we're in~
Hmm...I didn't know this gathering was returning.
I use to cosplay a character but I'm not certain if I'll reprise her.
Plus Sunday is the day of Masquerade (I hope I'll be performing for that).
So it seems like not a great time for me (unless I'm told otherwise...which I hope I'm not)
Would be fun to return to this gathering but just other things in the way at the current moment.
Will try to see if it's possible.
Always seems to be a lot to prepare for in terms of cosplay.
There just seems to be a lot that goes into it, the clothes, the make up, integrating with the character.
And of course many other things that come into play.

Chopped Cosplay huh?
I've only heard about it.
Never really participated...I'm not one that really likes to stand out when cosplaying, but strangely enough, I like performing...hahaha, a little contradictory I realize.
Hope it'll be a fun event for you.
If you'd like, I'll be performing for the Shingeki no Kyoujin Gathering with my team, PrincessSquib.
If anyone would like to come and watch, we would gladly love to see more people there.

Which makes me wonder, what are you going to do on stage?
(Yes I know probably a secret~ ^_~ hahaha~)
Still wanted to ask =)
I have heard from Erik before but he hasn't followed up to my questions as of late.
He has replied to me before but nothing from our last correspondance.
Hopefully there will be some news soon but I know he has been busy.

Erik - If you have a moment to answer my questions too, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.