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Hmm, at least you got some information.
I haven't heard anything back yet.
I hope that either my team or my own solo has been discounted....or pushed aside.
I'm a little worried about that...
If he's catching up on emails, I suppose that I don't need to write to him again.
I just feel nervous cause my team and I were rejected from Stage I really want to be able to perform at Masquerade this year.
If it were me, I would put on the turban last like a final flourish after the change is "completed" so to say.
You could keep it somewhere in like a pouch on your back or in your waist or somewhere hidden and whip it out to put on.
I would say it wouldn't be prudent to have the turban under the wig though...

Yikes 10 costumes?
I can't fathom that.
I already had to drop 2 that I was planning to do due to time and expenditures...which sucks, but it'll be alright for me I suppose.
It wouldn't be good if none of us got to participate.
I'm sure that won't be the case, but it has been ages since we heard from anyone about it...anyone with information anyway.
So here's to hoping that it won't be an issue.
I agree with bisouspapillon.
I had done the same, in fact, I sent it on the night of and then also a day later (twice).
I'm not certain whether my team has been set.
And I would not like to give them the news we can't perform as they have all been looking forward to it.

I will stick with my belief that things are busy for all of the staff.
But the sooner we know, we sooner we can begin our own preparations.
I think 11am Saturday would work for me.
Probably will make it with enough time for the SNK gathering as well.
So that's good~
Hopefully there will be a good time to be had by all. =)
Hopefully this gathering can find a time that will work out for everyone.
Seems like there is still some unresolved issues.
I'm sure the organizers are doing their best so I'm grateful for their efforts.
I still think that 12pm noon is still too close to the SNK gathering which starts at 1:30 (or for me 1:20)
Doesn't leave a lot of time for me to even change...
Hopefully there won't be any conflicts.
I haven't heard back yet.
I'm sure that they're busy and going over all the entries.
Give them a little bit and I'm sure they'll get back to us when they can.
Sounds great~
Now the question is how to go from Zelda to Sheik...
Maybe a tear-away dress?
Though that would be more expenses...hahaha
But I've seen some incredible things happen especially with those that are professional in what's called "quick change".
Usually something hides them for a moment, then they change clothes in that brief time, seconds worth only to change.
But it is something intriguing that could be interesting to look at.
Just wanted to ask...(cause now I'm feeling a little nervous).
PrincessSquibs, I used your template from last year to write my applications.
I didn't exactly follow the format listed above in the first post though all the elements are there.
Just in a different order.
But I have everything: Name, contact info, my group name and solo name, skit name (kind of the same), and of course we don't have a need for stage ninjas and I attached all my music.
Would it be a problem if it's NOT in the order listed in this first post?
Or if anyone can answer that, that would be helpful.
Would like to hear from Erik_Anderson due to his involvement as head of Masquerade if plausible.
Interesting ideas icilby.
I think some of these though have to take into consideration the people around us too and how busy they may be.
Of course some of this has to be realistic and what the organizer is thinking as well and catering to what people participating would be capable of doing and such.
The trivia game wouldn't be bad and the spoon-drink game.
Perhaps others can be considered as well.
It also depends on the time of day this is held.
But plenty to consider and think about. =)
Well Miki Sayaka, Petral Ral and Super Novice and Misaka Imouto are a definite go for this year.
Some of them are my fave's but yes I plan to wear one per day, or during gatherings and of course Masquerade.
So, heheheh~ Seems like a lot huh?
What of yourself for cosplay this year?
Yeah I figured everyone was going to be busy.
I do understand and yes it was really nice of them to do that.
I kept it on hand just in case.

As for cosplaying, I assume you're addressing me?
Or a general question to everyone is my second guess.

Hmm...well cosplaying this year hopefully: Miki Sayaka, Petra Ral/Christa Renz, Super Novice from RO, Sheep from TO...and Misaka Imouto 9982 or 10031/32 or 19090.
Already had to cancel doing Sakura Kyouko and Saber...orz.....but I will get around to doing them.
Next year I have something special planned, heheheh~
Sent my applications in as well.
Not sure on when I'll receive word back on what I sent to Erik cause I had some things I still needed to address with him.
I'm sure he's really busy though so I totally understand that.
Thanks a lot PrincessSquib~
I just followed that and submitted that via email and my music attached as well.
So hopefully things will go well =)
Well I submitted my application twice, but here's hoping I'll hear back since I'm in a unique situation.
As for yours situation (if I did a solo) I thought the same since I'm doing a martial arts demo by myself.
Hope I don't bore others either.
But you know, I think it'll be fine.
You go out there and do your thing~ =)
I'm sure people will like it.
So don't give up~
Well, if I were able to get into performing on stage at Masquerade (with my team or solo...or both..if that's even manageable), then that's what I would look the most forward to.
To be able to share my passion for way I perform and my well as performing WITH my team. =)

Thanks again also PrincessSquib for helping me with figuring out what I need to have for signing up.
If it's not too much trouble, could you list each of the areas I would need to fill out?
I do know that the sign ups aren't up yet and of course it could change from year to year.
If you could, that would be a great help, though I can go ahead and fill out what was already stated below.
I just want to make sure that I don't miss anything.
Hmm, well I can't speak for everyone.
But that would be okay (hopefully I can do make up and such in time and not be late either).
Perhaps others can also offer their input?
I think I would be okay with it...if it's 10am.
Ah I certainly hope it takes only a few minutes.
Is there anything I can do to prepare what to enter for the sign up form in advance?
This is so I won't feel AS rushed as I would if I had to enter it on the spot.
I read the registration rules and I'll quote it here from MagicMan1525:

Contact Info
Skit Name
Group Name
Any other specifics about your Skit/Walk-on (i.e. lighting, stage ninjas, sound, etc.)
Please be sure to attach your sound file in the email as well so we can get that all squared away early.

A confirmation email will be sent back to you with the forms needed for entry into Masquerade.

So this is what I read from there.
Is this roughly correct?
If it's not, please let me know.
Thank you in advance =)
I think that's doable.
Thank you for being understanding about this.
I realize it is not a small feat to change times especially now.
I realize also scheduling conflicts will happen but hopefully this will settle it now.
(NOW I hope it doesn't conflict with my performance on Stage Zero...which I haven't heard back from about yet...certainly hope it won't fall on the time during the PMMM gathering or SNK gathering as's to hoping)
But with this time slot I should be able to come as Sayaka.
I'll wait for any updates you guys may have.
So thank you once again in advance and hope things work out. =)
Same here, I would like to attend if the Shinkgeki no Kyoujin (SNK) gathering is immediately after this and I would need to change super fast then...

Otherwise, I would attend as Miki Sayaka.

If this were earlier or later or a different day, I would probably do it with more time assurances.