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I remember the Host Club "gay bar".
They did a pretty good job I remember that pretty much.
As for Princess Tutu, it was in 2012.
Here it is:

I remember seeing this one as well.
She was magnificent. =)

(I wonder if I can still sign up...I just realized sign up date is a day where I'm abhorrently busy...)
This = Yes~!
Totally will make use of this (if I sign up...there are some things I have to address with the staff of Masquerade first though...)
But hopefully will be able to use and see this.
Well, if the organizer is able to clear it with staff, I think this would be great.
Probably made harder if it's at night since less people around.
But we could also film it like RM does, hahaha~
I think if everything can be properly organized and such, it will be a good event to participate in.
Looking forward to it (if it's done). =)
I remember that one.
They were pretty good.
The one that I will always remember is an RO (Ragnarok Online) skit.
It was very well done.
Would like to see one like that again. =)
Big Event Showcase / Re: Your First Masquerade
March 19, 2014, 02:45:21 AM
Oh gosh, even I recall that.
Actually this was also our first year on stage as well...though we were an opening act.
We sat down to watch the rest as well.
Hope this year has a lot of new and creative entries.
I'm more curious about the dates.
The 24th is a Saturday.
Isn't the norm for Masquerade suppose to be Sunday?
Was this shifted?
Also this would clash with several gatherings people may wish to attend and still do Masquerade since Saturday has a lot of gatherings as well.
So I'm curious as to why the change.
Been a while since I even set foot on the Masquerade stage...not since 2009...
So I have a few questions if anyone here knows.

1. Do our performances have to follow the theme that Fanime provides?

2. Are we restricted to ONLY skits or a walk-on? Are other types of performances not allowed; such as a martial arts demo?

If no one knows, I'll definitely email the people in charge of Masquerade.
Just wanted to see if any of the people that have been on stage, knows the answers first.
Hope these questions aren't too improper to ask.
Thank you in advance to anyone answering.
That information has already been input into the database.
Go to the "registration" page.
Then click "already registered?"
Enter ONLY your email that you registered with when you registered at con.
You should get an email with a confirmation number.
Use that confirmation number and your email again and you will be able to access your info.
You may need to change it to the proper information as they may have entered some generic info in place of info that's important. (I.E. - address)
Hope that helps.
Ah wow, Running Man~
I didn't know there were other fans, but this is a pretty cool idea.
Definitely "bell hide and seek" would be fun.
At least you don't have "Sparta" Kooks/Kookie/Commander chasing after you...
I do know that's his character though hahaha

Maybe if Bell Hide and Seek isn't possible, there are other ideas that could work as well.
Like little games they play at late night like coin tossing, taking the right photo, coin flipping on a book, late night tea, etc.
We could also use Running Balls and punishment games like forehead flicking or chopsticks to the forehead, hahaha~
I really would like to see "drawing in sequence" as well. ^_^
(I'm such a running man nerd girl....)

Just other ideas to try as well.
Would be fun to even just watch.  =)
@ Weiss Schwarz - thanks a lot...for some reason I didn't see it when I read it over the first few times.
Sneaky information...hahaha~
Thank you again =)
This FAQ doesn't address anything for those that paid at con in 2013 FOR 2014.
Of course we have our yellow that proof enough?
I would like to know something more about this for those that paid at con for this year, last year.
Any information would be helpful.
Please let us know.
Sounds interesting enough.
I know I was considering this for a couple times now...
Probably can only attend the sunday one if anything.
Friday is not at a great time and Saturday is right before a performance so...but I'll see if I can make it.
I wonder how the lists are looking like for each day.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTB - plushies
May 01, 2013, 12:30:46 AM
Hello there.
I'm looking to buy some plushies...unfortunately they seem to be rare due to scarcity of them now and I'm not sure if people even have them.
However I'm willing to give it a shot and see if anyone would have them.
Looking for the following:

1. Strike Witches - Gertrud Barkhorn (manufacturer - aoshima)
2. To Aru Majutsu no Index - Misaka Imouto/Sister
3. Strike Witches - any of the remaining

I'm not sure of the pricing for any of these, but I remember buying a bunch of rare plushies before for about $10-20 each and lower if in bulk.
So I'll try to get it at this price, but I can be flexible, if the price is reasonable.
If anyone knows or has these and are willing to part with them, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks in advance everyone~
So is it 100% certain that artist alley is in South Hall?
And is it this blue tent thing in the background behind the actual convention center?
(According to this picture anyway:

I hope the distance isn't too big between the main convention and the artist alley.
Been going to Fanime 10+ years myself and want to have a good time.
The reason I'm fretting is because I often am in artist alley, but this year I have a lot of gatherings as well.
So I'm hoping the distance between the two isn't too bad.
Also according to the gathering dept head, BSaphire's map, it shows only construction in the front where the fountain is, but nowhere else...which is why I'm asking if it is 100% certain that artist alley isn't even in the convention center.
Map picture ->

So hope to get an answer so I can prepare myself time wise between events and such.
Thanks again in advance to anyone who can respond regarding this matter.
This might seem really odd (maybe stupid to ask...) but I'm wondering about something...
Aside from the Karaoke Contest, which I'm sure has time allocated toward it, but when would open-mic be?
And I assume open-mic is for anyone that would like to sing outside the contest right?
Thanks in advance.
How about "Han Namja" (One Man) by Kim Jong Kook?
It's a K-pop song.

Also "And I'm Home", the character song for Kyouko and Sayaka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
Totally J-pop~
I might be interested in a private photo shoot (though I can be shy...)
So more information would be good and location and times, etc. of course.
@ MagicalGirlMan - It would be good if we could get the witches from Puella Magi. Or any of the villians from other series as well. It would be a great shot I think.
I suppose though we shouldn't get our hopes up either since it's up to whoever decides they want to cosplay.
But I agree, it would be a neat idea.
I hope everyone has a good time at the gathering.
@ Broken Halo - I saw your messages to Ryu and it seems like things are going well on that front.

I was curious about if you still planned to hold your own gathering, though I know you're going to the All Magical Girls gathering as well (I'm also going to that one).
If so, I would want to plan still to make both of them.
Not sure if you have a time and date set other than Saturday?
Just curious is all.
Ah thank you for adding me.
Hope you are able to coordinate with the other organizer.
Yeah I would not want to do it twice as it is kind of taxing on my stamina.
I do hope to give you all a nice performance as well~