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I'm in touch with him via AIM, but he's been busy from what it seems like.
He also has a facebook from what I know, but that's not for me to give out to others without his permission.
I'm getting a little nervous about the information as well.
It would be better if things could be coordinated.
I'm attending two other cosplay gatherings aside from All Magical Girl and Puella Magi, and I'm sure it won't coincide with one of them (which the tentative day is Friday), but the 2nd I'm not sure.
I'll see if I can contact him when he's available.
I'm sure that he's busy with work or school, etc.
This is starting to be a really neat gathering~
Sent a pm to you Broken Halo, just to let you know.
@Reyak - I was wondering the same thing. I think open-mic is for anyone that wants to sing that's not in the contest, right?

Also curious about another thing that I posted in another forum topic/post, but perhaps is more suited here...not contest related though, probably more open-mic and just a general query.
Just a question, what songs are in the database?
Are they primarily J-pop songs (say from all our beloved anime and seiyuu's) or do they comprise of other songs in other languages?
Say like Chinese, Korean, English, etc.
I'm just curious about that.
Thanks helping.
Just a question, what songs are in the database?
Are they primarily J-pop songs (say from all our beloved anime and seiyuu's) or do they comprise of other songs in other languages?
Say like Chinese, Korean, English, etc.
I'm just curious about that.
Thanks helping.
Sounds great~
And the time seems like something I might be able to make.
I do have a question.
Someone already started an "All Magical Girl" Gathering.
Would this be in conjunction or a completely separate gathering?
The only reason I ask is because if it's separate, then I would want to make both of them if possible.
I'm doing a small performance for the "All Magical Girl" Gathering, so if you'd like I could do the same for the Puella Magi Gathering as well.
Let me know.
@yaoicat - I tend to go with a seamstress who can customize and tailor to the design and fit you have in mind. Granted it's a bit more expensive, but usually I like the results better. I really really dislike generically made things and I haven't been proven wrong yet as they usually come from China and are just mass produced without even checking the proper color, making sure things are on properly, etc, etc. That's just from my experience though. I'm sure there are good sites as well that make cosplay.

@magicalgirlman - hum....would need to get enough people and of course varied magical girls from different series to do a crossover like that, though it's interesting I must admit.

Of course still waiting on the time and date...I'm worried because I have other gatherings/performances to attend, and I don't want them to clash with each other...
Would definitely love to see this happen.
I would probably come.
I don't see it on the official cosplay gathering list that because we don't have enough people yet or something?
Hope more information will come soon about this. =)
Buy/Sell/Trade / (WTS/WTB) - Manga and collectables
September 08, 2012, 05:50:28 PM
Okay well here's to hoping this might get some views or sale.
Here is my list of manga to sell.
My prices are flexible so feel free to ask or combine manga to buy.
I have a couple other items for sale as well.
I need the money...(jobless and need to get some funds for food, etc).
So thank you very much in advance.
Here's the listing:


1. Mace Windu Force FX lightsaber - great condition

Asking Price: $100 USD plus shipping (flexible on price; please ask)

2. D&D Model - Gigantic Red Dragon - Mint condition/NEVER opened!

Asking Price: $200 USD plus shipping (but flexible on price; please ask)


MANGA LIST - ALL mint or great condition;    Asking Price: $5 per plus shipping

1. Strawberry Panic: Light Novel #2

2. Junk Force: Light Novel #3

3. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei #3

4. Karakuri Odette #2

5. School Rumble #4

6. Genshiken #2, 3 and 7

7. Chibi Vampire #12

8. Me and My Brothers #3 and 8

9. Aria #2 and 3

10. Pastel #1

11. Figure 17 #2

12. Someday Dreamers #3

13. I's #9

14. Ichigo 100% #6

15. Ichigo Marshmellow #3

16. The Girl Who Runs Through Time #1

17. W Juliet #13

18. Welcome to Wakabasou #1

19. Kitchen Princess #8

20. La Corda d' Oro #9

21. Negima #19 and 26 (Japanese only)

22. Negima Neo #7 (Japanese only)

23. Blood Alone #3

24. Blood Alone #4 (Japanese only)

25. Fate Stay Night #4 (Japanese only)

26. Gantz Collection #1 through 15

So here's to hoping for having people help me out.
Again, I'm flexible about pricing.
If you have questions, please message me and I will get back to you.
Before I forget, my small buy list...just maybe get lucky...


Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Sakura Kyoko cosplay (high quality would be best)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Sayaka Miki cosplay (high quality would be best)

Thank you and have a great day~

Hello there Fanime attendees~

My wushu demo team's performance was on Saturday on Stage Zero. I was curious to know if anyone saw it and what they thought of the performance overall or even for individuals on my team. Just looking for a little feedback. =)

Please keep feedback constructive. Thanks~
From my experience, you can still check in early, BUT they won't open the room to you until 3pm.
There have been a couple instances where they let you in just a bit earlier, but not by much.
You can try and ask, but they really try to keep it fair by keeping it for everyone until 3pm roughly.
I mostly check in at the Marriott so that's what I know about it.
Hope it helped.

Also if you check in early, you can have your stuff on a dolly to be wheeled in at a later time and it will be tagged and put into a safe area watched by the employees.
Ah it seems like I can't make it either this year due to my team rehearsal for a performance starting at 6 and going to 8...on Friday.
It would be way over by then.
I would totally be down to meeting some other vocaloid/utau cosplayers since I can't make it at the meeting time.
I was coming as Yowane Haku...*embarrassed*
I usually am the only one that I see as I was hoping to have fun at the gathering.
Seems like I cannot make it now due to other team obligations.
But certainly hope I can see other vocaloid/utau cosplayers around.
See everyone there.
#92 seems like a lot of pieces are still missing.
All of the pawns in fact...both rooks on both sides and a white bishop.
I'm wondering if there will be enough players.
If there were only a few slots missing, I would be more than likely to fill one up. =)
Being so many missing slots, I don't want to show up and then have it be canceled.
That wouldn't be any fun right? ^^;
I hope people will start signing up for the other missing spots.

I might decide to go to the late night one in case this one doesn't work out.
Hope that's alright.
This sounds like a bit of fun.
I'm a little unsure about the times though...
It says Friday at noon, but I won't be there until after 3pm I believe since I'm picking up a friend for the convention.
Or Saturday at 10am.
Are these the right times?
I thought I read there will be one at night too or something like that?
Can you confirm this for me?
I would like to make it (not sure which cosplay I'll be there in at the time though, depends on what I'm feeling for that time and day).
So any help would be greatly appreciated =)
Well for sure I'll make it this year.
I always am shy about stating who I go as...I think Armored-Heart understands. ^^;

I hope also that there will be some music this time around?
I know last year there wasn't able because her friend didn't give her the item needed.
Perhaps there can be a back up person helping?
I know it'll be a great gathering~
See everyone there~
Seems like there will be another one this year.
Unfortunately my time at 2011 was only semi-okay (for reasons undisclosed).
It was nice to meet you all. =)
And good to meet fellow RO fans~

I'm there still going to be a gathering place and time for this year?
Seems like most gatherings have been starting to get their area and times.
I just don't want this to be a last minute thing.
I have no way of checking (no iphone or ipad or whatever).
So it would mean I would have to check the gatherings info board which may or may not be accurate.
So any update for this would be good~
I'm planning an RO cosplay, but I hope it'll be here in time...
Sounding more interesting as I read it. ^_^
I think I'll stop by...I can't guarantee it just yet because I might have something going on, but it looks like the time frame is a time I might be able to do.
(Hoping to perform on stage...*crosses fingers*)
So tentatively I'll stop by to watch and perhaps play as well.

Looking at the time, perhaps people might not be around yet.
People might not be able to make it on Friday noon because of school or work or something.
Same with Saturday when people might be in line waiting for their badges for the weekend.
Just a thought. ^^;

Also just an there a "taking/capturing" motion for each character/piece?
It would make it pretty interesting...keeping it SAFE of course.
Bumping for Armored-Heart

Go Vocaloid and Utau~
Live Programming and Events / Re: About Stage Zero
January 16, 2012, 09:44:04 AM
@ Mr. Wendell and The Dude

Thanks a lot you guys~
I realize that after all the years I've went to Fanime, I've noticed Stage Zero for quite some time but never really knowing what it does.
Thank you for clarifying for me.
The reason I'm was asking was because I wanted to make sure it could be a possible location for my team to perform on, IF we don't get accepted into masquerade.
Which by the way, I've been emailing Alice and Julia, but getting no response about my request for a demo (demo = opening act).
Since they initially asked in a previous email if it was for masquerade, stage zero or a demo somewhere else, I wanted to make sure that Stage Zero is an open option.
Of course we would like to aim for Masquerade...since there is something behind our request.

Do you think I should wait to ask again (to Julia & Alice) about Masquerade?
Seems they're really really busy with it...
But now that I know Stage Zero's premise, I think I would probably stop by more often~
I have a question that I will pm you guys personally, either one of you can address it as well.
Thanks again~
Hope this post helped other people know what it's about too~

It's not too hard.
But I'm wrong about this, anyone can feel free to correct me as I haven't played in ages myself.
There are already 2 "players" that will move the pieces.
So if you're one of the chess pieces, this is what you need to know if you're any of these.

Pawn: Move up to one or two spaces forward or backward. Diagonal only to capture another piece. IF a pawn reaches the enemy side, it can become another piece like a knight.

Knight: Moves ONLY in an L formation (for example, one right, two up)

Bishop: Moves ONLY in a Diagonal line.

Rook: Moves ONLY in a line formation (up, down, left or right) even to capture another piece.

Queen: Moves in all directions, even diagonal.

King: If captured or cornered, the game ends. Able to move in all directions (but I think there's a limit on how far he can go?)

So just remember this and you should be fine. =)
Hope this helped.
Live Programming and Events / Re: About Stage Zero
January 13, 2012, 11:06:31 AM
I think I also saw some people performing on there as well.
I assume this is part of their "random" events too?
Or can people ask to do something on stage?
And thanks for responding. =)
This helps me get an idea of how it kind of is like for that place.
I do know they show AMV's as well.
I think I did ask some administration about a performance and they asked if it were to be on stage zero as an option.
So I think that's also part of it?
Hence why I was asking about people doing stuff on stage.