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General Anime Chat / Kaleido Star
June 08, 2004, 12:41:36 PM
If you're a fan of shoujo anime (no matter what gender you are) and haven't seen this yet, it is imperative that you go check out "Kaleido Star"! This anime is sweetness to the uber, as only the production crew at Gonzo and director Junichi Sato ("Sailor Moon", "Magic User's Club") can bring!

Sora Naegino, a Japanese teenager flies to the US to become a performer in the Kaleido Stage (think of it as an "Anime Cirque du Soleil"). A mysterious man sees a lot of potential and talent in Sora (especially after she chased down your typical American baggage thief through the streets of a city that looks a lot like San Francisco), and by chance she lands a part in the day's show even though she had already missed auditions.

Sora finds supporters in a young stage manager and a local police officer, but the diva of the show bares her fangs from the start and does all she can to discourage our heroine. But Sora does not want to give up...instead she wants to do all she can to fulfill her dream of performing in the Kaleido Stage. Sora finds that her stay in America to aspire to become the "Kaleido Star" will be a test of her courage and self-confidence. Yet has she already lost her sanity, by seeing and hearing a "talking doll" identifying itself as "Fool, The Spirit of the Stage"?

A note...The American city in which "Kaleido Star" is set, while not easily identified, does bear a striking resemblance to San Francisco. In fact both local San Franciscans and transit otaku alike can notice what looks like an "F-MARKET" trolley in the opening sequence of the show.

Bottom line: Get It, Watch It, Love It!

Released in North America by ADV Films on bilingual Region 1 DVD. Also featured on The Anime Network; call your cable or satellite provider.
General Anime Chat / General Anime Love
May 11, 2004, 03:21:31 PM
In the tradition of YourMyHiro and OtakuBooty-liciousness...

How about talking about the kind of otaku you LOVE? ^_^ Go on, now...spread The Love! ^.^