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Gaming / Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. (PS3)
May 22, 2013, 08:22:18 PM
I can have 4 complete setups brought but from what I was told we aren't allowed to bring our own equipment unless we are on e-gaming staff.

It would be nice if an exception could be made because this game is pretty awesome. Maybe PC gaming would host us if e-gaming won't?
This may be extremely late, but if possible could we please have Guilty Gear XX Accent Core available as a game at E-Gaming?

I remember it was a really big issue last year because none of the staff members had the game on them and attendees were not allowed to provide their own copies of the game.

This game would be awesome to have in the console gaming room (Gundam vs. Gundam EXVS).

Look, even Sakuracon is streaming it:
Thanks for the uploads. Excellent quality especially considering your positioning (seemed like the balcony and one up front?).
Just confirmed with the Hilton. You don't need the card with which you made the reservation with so long as you can pay for it with another card and have your confirmation number.
All fighting games were 50 cents. Others cost even more IIRC. The reason the price is high is because of the demand and the fact that people will pay for it. This more likely than not will remain unchanged.

The End
Quote from: "PyronIkari"To be honest though... I watched people playing Melty Blood at fanime... and only two of them were "advanced" and they weren't very advanced. Most of them looked like x-copy players(players that watch videos and mimic what they see). And only one player actually seemed like a veteran player.

First off, there's nothing wrong with mimicking the play style of those you see in videos. Among U.S Melty Blood players, it's a generally accepted truth that even the lower tier Japanese players could beast our top tier U.S players.

Secondly, it was hard for most of us that played MB at the arcade to play on HAPP parts due to the fact that the majority of the people in the U.S that even play MB use either keyboard, pad, or arcade sticks with Japanese parts.

Back on topic, regardless of whether or not we'd be "advanced" enough by Pyron's standards to host such a panel, I'd be down for it just to give the game more publicity.
Don't worry, your-mom released 24 and 25. gg's should be out fairly soon barring any disasters during QC.

As for the last two episodes, all I can say is that I like how it's looking, a lot.

Can't wait for season 2.
Gaming / Video Arcade Location thread
July 28, 2007, 06:22:49 AM
Quote from: "Barnes"I just went to the SJSU place today. Nice, but what days are good for Marvel comp, if any?

School days =P
OP single was released. Damn that song is catchy.
Gaming / Guilty Gear Accent Core!!!
July 23, 2007, 07:02:38 AM
From what I hear, the qualifiers/prelims will be in Slash but the finals or whatever will be in Accent Core which, tbh isn't that big a deal unless you're maining Anji or someone in Slash and haven't had much practice on AC >_>
General Anime Chat / Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
July 18, 2007, 05:53:16 PM
a.f.k has a tendency to pick up good series.
General Anime Chat / [Discussion] Utawarerumono
July 13, 2007, 04:11:09 PM
Quote from: "mDuo13"I was just watching episode... 7 or 8 this morning? When Hanyu or whatever her name (the black-winged angel) first appears. And she's vaguely cute, I guess, but her hair is so awful and her voice totally does not fit her appearance at ALL. Plus the way she acts is kind of annoyingly immature.

I think you mean "Master of Disguise"! She'd make Snake proud.

I have high hopes for her. Since she's not actually in the poll, my secondary would be monmon =X

LastElixir: Yes, I'm a sucker for tsundere/tsundere-like characters. AND THE DELICIOUS DRILLS!
Good series.

Not a fan of the styling on the sub though. Also no karaoke (I'd settle for translation).
Gaming / Guilty Gear Accent Core!!!
July 10, 2007, 01:29:25 AM
Quote from: "Tsubasa"
Quote from: "Spiritsnare"They nerfed Anji.

I've started work on Ky and Order Sol.
I personally think it's a shame to give up on a character just cause they've been adjusted.  As far as I'm concerned, Anji's just back to where he always belonged: low.  So he needs to consume meter like crazy now.  He can still be played well.
Going from A to bottom is a rather big change. And by bottom, I mean that the last ranking list I saw he was the very bottom.

Ky was like D tier IIRC as well.
The computer setup looked good this year.

My recommendation would be to have a schedule for console tournaments. (I missed the ggxx slash tournament =\)

Also, I don't know if you're the one to go to about this, but we need stools/tall chairs for the arcade machines (especially fighting games). We had to steal chairs from the tabletop gaming section and even then you had to stack the chairs because they were so short (or rather they were table height).
General Anime Chat / Touhou Manga: ZUN loves you.
June 24, 2007, 09:22:55 PM
Looks interesting. I've only started playing the shmups recently.

Wasn't there something about how the fans or at least a portion of them not wanting a manga/anime about Touhou though?
A friend of mine would probably be interested but he doesn't browse the forums.

I'll have him shoot you an e-mail.
Quote from: "Emerge"
Quote from: "G.S. LXVIII"- Tried out MBAC, even if I suck more than a little girl with a lolipop at fighting games.

...anyone else thinking what i'm thinking?

He... should... have... played? Sorry, that one went over my head.


1) Brought My Camera
2) Bought/Brought a Video Camera
3) Uploaded Event Pictures/Videos During Con (will do next year, count on it)
4) Played More MBAC (lulz)
5) Been on Video Programming Staff (once again... next year, for sure)
6) Attended more events if only to photograph/record them.
7) Taped some fighting game matches.

Oh, and for the person that wanted to watch the RXJ screenings... don't worry, it didn't have subtitles (see #5) >_>