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Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Your Dream Costume?
« on: July 27, 2006, 01:09:42 PM »
(Stop me if you've heard this thread before...no, but I didn't see one like it within a few pages' search, and if it's farther back than that I figure it needs a new thread anyhow. *laugh* We can leave this one to rot if that's not the case, though.)

Soooo, fellow cosplayers, what's your dream costume, the one costume you can think of that's maybe a little (or a lot) beyond your reach in terms of time, talent, or cost? What's the one costume you would make if you had an unlimited amount of all three?

One of mine would be Hsein-Ko/Lei-Lei from Darkstalkers (though I knew her first from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo). It's not that she's my favorite character or from my favorite series, it's just that she's got a really awesome character design! Blue skin, bright colors, GIANT AWESOME CLAWS, a hat with a little deedly-bob at the top...yeah, she's got it all. I imagine I'd have a lot of fun wearing such a costume, and I'll be proud of myself if I ever manage to make it (and well).[/url]

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