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General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Lost and Found Thread
« on: June 07, 2016, 08:05:48 PM »
I lost a pink parasol with a white handle and red tassels on the end.  It was in a printed plastic sleeve with Chinese lettering on it.  Was in between the time i was at the Naruto Gathering and when i went to lunch when i noticed it gone.  My mother (who is in a wheel chair) was carrying it behind her in a spot in her chair....and if it fell id notice.  So its a bit odd how it went missing in the first place :C

If anyone has found it...please PM me :) Ty!

If there is indeed hope in this world, and i finish it before Fanime....I will be coming as Metal Knight ^_^

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
« on: January 18, 2016, 09:48:01 PM »
Fanime staff have been monitoring these threads, but some of the posters are correct: no announcements have gone out regarding housing. No information in the public sphere is confirmed. We are working to make sure that the messaging is consistent but as you can see, there have been some hiccups. There are announcements in the works, so please stay tuned for those.

Can someone at least confirm that they are not going up tomorrow?  Cause if thats true, it be nice to have notice of when they go up at least a few days in advance :)

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
« on: January 11, 2016, 08:32:54 PM »
Is it possible to stay on topic here?  I am sorry you got your feelings hurt from people who dont like your attitude, but this is not the place for your ranting.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Hotels....
« on: January 10, 2016, 10:51:24 PM »
A while ago i saw people mention the 19th on facebook and yesterday i saw they confirmed it to be on that date, but always double check by maybe calling CMR housing?  Or just keep checking like crazy everyday....one thing is for sure it is coming pretty soon :)

Incentive or not there should be announcements about guests well before April.  Have they even used Twitter and Facebook to announce these guests?  Or anything lately? :\

Big Event Showcase / Re: Cosplay Masquerade 2014 Competition Rules
« on: May 28, 2014, 05:00:17 PM »
Hi pitin

Thank you for the feedback.  I am hoping for many more performances next year and to increase the prize values.  Please encourage people to sign up for next year.

walk on's look great and all but you loose most of the really cool costume details in a huge set up

This makes me think that perhaps we should put a platform and allow people to take pictures and get up close to the walk on acts during the intermission.  What are your thoughts?

Actually, that might be kinda cool! I know some of them stay after awards for photographs but often it is difficult to catch them. Maybe set up an area on the ground floor towards the back of the audience and invite people to come get a closer look. That area doesn't usually fill up anyway.

This sounds like a great idea for walk-ons and intermission!  I second/third this! ^_^

wow, if they just hurry and give me my Hilton room you can have what i currently have at the Fairmont! XD  I got someone coming with me thats in a wheel chair and those light rail tracks plus the street/curb transitions are terrible to go over, especially with tons of people waiting at the corner doesnt help ^^.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Waitlisting
« on: February 24, 2014, 07:46:22 PM »
Not sure if there ever was (or is) a way to find out, but sometimes it would be nice to know.  Sucks to have to wait and I definitely dont want to stay at the Fairmont again :\

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Housing Page - Service Unavailable?
« on: February 10, 2014, 10:19:58 AM »
do you have the phone number in case we can get threw? ^^ Cause i dont see the number :o

Registration / Re: How do I pay online?
« on: February 05, 2014, 07:52:37 PM »
Will that payment option be available before Monday?
The payment option that is currently available is the only payment method available on CMR.

Why did you guys get rid of Paypal?  I had no idea you were going to do this, now my money for registration is stuck there because i relied on it like i have for so many years.  If I knew before hand I wouldnt have made assumptions based on good service you had in the past and put my money there.

Registration / Re: How do I pay online?
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:24:06 PM »
"Q: What forms of payment do you accept for online registration?

A: We take major credit cards through PayPal. You do not need an account to use PayPal, just a debit/credit card. "

There is no option to use paypal at all!  Even if there was, I should have the choice to use my account or a card.
Ahhh thank you for catching that error.

Will that payment option be available before Monday?

Registration / Re: How do I pay online?
« on: February 04, 2014, 05:18:24 PM »
"Q: What forms of payment do you accept for online registration?

A: We take major credit cards through PayPal. You do not need an account to use PayPal, just a debit/credit card. "

There is no option to use paypal at all!  Even if there was, I should have the choice to use my account or a card.


If that doesnt work, the link in the Gatherings Location thread works ^_^

Forum Games / Re: What song are you currently listening to? vol 2
« on: August 17, 2012, 09:13:25 PM »
She's So Mean - Matchbox Twenty

The front runners for 2013's cosplay is Aron, Lairon & Aggron....going to evolve threw out the whole weekend XD  Unless something else just pops out at me and would to want to do instead, I'll do those three ^_^

Forum Games / Re: Let's build a quote pyramid!
« on: June 06, 2012, 08:07:22 PM »
Pretty simple. Let's how far we can quote each other over and over.
I know it's simple, huh?
Indeed. I find this to be quite a worthy endeavor as well.
An even better endeavor is chasing chocobos.
On the contrary, my friend. Everyone knows a better endeavor is to find demigods and slay them.
Indeed, but first...bacon!
Then cake afterwards!
Followed by a cybernetic chicken fight.(not to be confused with robot chicken)
Who said bacon?
Not me. I say...steak!!
That's what she said! XD
After she had been quiet.
She said everyone in this pyramid will go to Amici's Pizzeria in Fanime 12' or else.
And you're paying for it!
And we're having the Burrito-zilla afterwards!
And you'll still be the one to pay for it!
Don't worry. We're charging all the food to AX.
In that case I'm getting extra large with double pepperoni
Don't forget the mushrooms
And the anchovies.(they're not so bad)
Congrats on making it to the second page!
Congratulations Evangelion style!
...what's Congratulations Evangelion style?
That is a good question. I myself think this is gundam style, because that's how big our pyramid is. XD
It's more of like Giant Robo style, because if it was Evangelion style we would be causing 4th impact on this subject. 
And being all emo.
I wanna tell you guys something, This game inspires Dick Clark's Pyramid games back in the 80's. Thank you Glitch for resurrecting a classic game taken to another level. :)   
Could this mean we can have a Pyrmaid game at next year's Fanime?
no....which by that I mean I have authority at fanime.
You're no fun. *pouts*
What is fun is throwing pies.
What kind of pies?
Apple pie.
Apple pies with whip cream on top...made by elves.
Quote Pyramids.

Y'know, I used to fight these kind of things, then i took an   Kn >>>-------------> ee.
Y'know, it's gonna take balls to break this combo
... or a real steep angle of inclination.
... or a giant monster.
Well now you guys are just tempting me...
If we keep this up for decades will this become "The Great (quote) Pyramid of Geezers"?
I also say no, but because this will go on for centuries rather than decades. People in the future will wonder if this was started for the lulz.
Ahh, but are not centuries made up of decades?  XD
Yes, but it's common convention to refer to the largest unit or denomination to give a better impression. Saying "this will cost taxpayers millions" when it costs $10 Billion is accurate, but sneaky.
  ^^ And yet we still can't "Thumbs up" posts.  : P
I peel you, banana.
Lol. And Happy New Year!  :)
This is terrible but it looks kinda cool ^_^
Of course it looks cool. It is a monument to people messing around on the internet.
Someone screencap this and send it to convention staff
Not yet, wait untl the original at least is forced to be formatted on two lines.
I agree. The pyramid will eventually be completed. But until then let's keep going. And nobody spoil it by telling us the character number limit of the text area.
And then we should print it out as big as we can and display it at Fanime someplace, and be all, "BEHOLD OUR ZIGGURAT WHAT SCRATCHES THE VERY HEAVENS"
Okay, seriously, how long can the board support a load like this???
Well, only one way to find out...
I see someone watched the daily Show, perhaps?
Why did you all stop building?  ???
It has awaken at last!
Who dare breaketh our glorious pyramid!!! *continues building.*
>_> *points* They did it!
And they shall pay. Bring forth the rancor beast!

And also, you can't stop a pyramid. You can only delay it. The building process is inevitable.

Did you say "Bacon Feast" ;D
everybody luvs bacon!  ;D
that bacon needs sum deep fryed chocolate on it
To early in the year for county fair foods (at least in SoCal).  : P

Boy, get me my XXL eating pants with the elastic waistband!
I'm just waiting for the first vendor at some county fair to start selling a Snickers bar, wrapped with bacon, dipped in sweet bater, rolled in crushed Oreos, deep fried, dusted with confectioners sugar, and drizzled with chocolate e syrup!  Just looking at it will cause Angina!
Now I learned to post on the pyramid without breaking it again
Now that you've learned from your mistakes, keep building! You can rest when you're dead!!!
Only two building days left until Fanime con!
You are authorized to stop building for now, because the party starts tommorrow & YOU ALL NEED TO PACK!!!
I always feel like im packing half my house and bringing it to Fanime.
Thats not gunna fit into the suitcase
lol  I know people that pack that much too!
Got one big fat suitcase dedicated towards snacks ಠ.ಠ
I brought down many tasty Canadian snacks, I tried to fill up on Japanese ones at the con, but my suitcase ran out of space. I may just bring a larger, lighter suitcase next year and concentrate on minimum luggage to maximize snack capacity.
I'm just waiting for an episode of Myth-Busters about over packed suit cases exploding.   ;D
Naw man, we too pro for that  ;)
I did have one bag of ketchup chips explode IN my suitcase on the way down...
Don't forget to pack the essential to ketchup chips...mustard dips
Are those actually a thing.
They're not just a thing....they are a way of life!

i was like a half hour late again for the gathering  :P  I was busy eating a Taconut at Psycho Donuts XD

  Hi, I took a few picture, most from Bleach gather (Sat) and Loli tea gather (Sun).
You are the first person I have found with any of my cosplay pics XD. I was getting sad that everyone that asked me for a picture didn't upload them. I was the Captain Yoruichi from the Bleach gathering. <3

I havent got around to uploading my Bleach pics, but i was at that gathering and should have those up soon! ^^

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