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BUMPING again...

Boy... this forum is dead! It wasn't like this years ago lol
Aside from photoshoots I'm not sure else to do ;o but I'd like to join in on the fashion photoshoot. Does J-Rock or Visual Kei or J-Pop styles count?
How do we know what animes were in Shonen Jump and which ones arent? lol
I'd like to register for this for I am very much into Asian fashion, with even a little bit of a European twist on it.
I will be doing Rurouni Kenshin and Yuyuhakusho, and I have a friend who might do Shenmue or something else old school. I'd like to join!
Since there is a Naruto gathering, you guys are welcome to join the All Fighters and Martial Artists gathering to have a universe crossover meet up and do some cool stuff together.
I cosplayed as Kenshin this year, and only to find more Rurouni Kenshin cosplayers around (who didn't officially do a gathering). Such a waste! I wouldn't mind doing Rurouni Kenshin again next year in 2017. Any old school late 90s era anime fan around here who watched/read the Rurouni Kenshin series? Let's do a formal gathering next year!
We definitely need more genre-based gatherings rather than just "anime/game title only"

Like "all survival horror cosplays" "all martial artists/fighter gatherings" "all samurai/dynasty warriors/kung fu gatherings"

Not just title-exclusive gatherings, but more larger umbrella ones that would encompass multiple groups and fans together.
Who wants to do a mega fighters and martial arts themed gathering this Fanime? I think it will be a great idea to get together, have dream crossovers from other universes get together and do photos together, chat about nerdy stuff, or even take photos/videos of us doing cool martial arts related stuff. Maybe even some sparring for some hardcore martial artist enthusiasts!! Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Yuyu Hakusho, Bento, Prison School, Hokuto No Ken, Tenjou Tenge, Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens), Ben-To, Tabboo Tattoo, DBZ, Naruto, One Punch Man, Inuyasha, One Piece, Shenmue, etc! all of it!!

If anyone is interested let's please get this organized together and contribute some cool ideas and set a plan!
Hello, I noticed every year that the Fanime weekend starts sort of abruptly and Fanime staff does not formally welcome its guests. I thought to myself, it would be so cool if we had some sort of parade or formal introduction welcoming on Day 1 (Friday) at like 3-5 PM.

What it would look like is to have all the attendees and cosplayers line up to the left and right, and split right down the middle is a red carpet or something, and walking down the red carpet can be special guests, staff, and Fanime emcee's on a microphone warmly welcoming everyone. With classical Final Fantasy music in the background, it would really unite us all in a geeky but fun way. Music like the Final Fantasy Main Theme would really hit our heart strings! (Link: )

Just a suggestion, but it would be so cool imo if we had something like that.
anyone took our photos on Sunday? We both looked like this:
anyone take a photo of my girlfriend, who was a Kung Fu martial arts girl, wearing a red chinese kung fu shirt with a mini skirt, with a black wig, black thigh highs, and black boots? We were doing training in some kung fu. and some people took our photo

Also, on Sunday, I was dressed up as Rurouni Kenshin (blue) with my girlfriend dressed up in a mini kimono lolita costume. anyone take our photos by any chance?

How do you apply for the karaoke contest?
I've been a Fanime attendee for over 7-8 years now, and every year I feel like all I do is just walk around, take photos, look at other cosplayers, look around in the same halls over and over, experience the "rave" scene, walk around more, and perhaps watch some anime or do some other things, like karaoke and that's it.

Seriously what else is there to do at Fanime? I've somewhat done a little bit of everything throughout the years, but still finding myself quite bored at times. What's the really fun stuff in your opinion? Any ideas?
Hi!! did anybody take a picture of Zero from Vampire Knight? :P

this is me:

Does anybody wanna do an official gathering for Vampire Knight on Saturday or Sunday? :P
Did anyone take a photo of a Zero Kiryu Cosplayer from Vampire Knight on Sunday?