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Quote from: Crosses on September 23, 2010, 12:13:48 AM
I recently watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Great story and epic sad ending.

Anyone has suggestion I guess that would have a great story and Epic/heart hitting ending?

For example: Gurran Laggan story was amazing especially the ENDING episodes literally blown away. Ending was a heart hitter.

I liked it too.
I`m interested. I`ll  confirm when day is decided on.
Quote from: Barnes on March 30, 2010, 05:44:26 PM
I'm up for another t-shirt/Raging Waters thing. I'm also thinking of hosting a pool party. Maybe.

QuoteCan't wait to see the pics Barnes.

They're mostly dark pics of mini-golfing (ultramangaia won I believe)

Yaaa, maybe Barns con 3. And yes I won by one stoke over Menchi.
Quote from: Oniko on March 28, 2010, 12:18:20 PM
I have a question for you all.
Is there anyone who is not going to be in the parade and would like to grab lunch and watch it together?  I always end up going alone because everyones in the parade.  I dont normally go cause then I have to ride the buss in costume =/

I generally go by myself on BART an catch the 38 muni to J town. I usually run into friends I now. If you don`t now anyone you can hang with me and you can get to now some other anime fan. Post your response here or email me. I`m on Facebook also.

Jeff Sweaney
The movie was fun. And had some funny stuff in there. The people I was with went to golfland and play arcade game, 18 round of golf then went over Barns house an hung out and talked.
I think next gathering at the mall I`ll make a big sigh so everyone can converg in one place in the food court.

Rome, Ryu wasn`t able to make it. He called me while we were at the food court.

Great America sounds good to me. Hopefully I`ll have money if it`s after AX 09.
You should of went last year.I`ve been going to anime cons since 1992 and went not knowing anyone for a lot of those times.I always had fun since their was a lot of events an programing to keep me happy.I met people along the way and hang out with some of them since anime is still my main interest to this day.Hope you enjoy Fanime this year.Make sure you bring lots of money for the dealers room an swap meet friday night.
Quote from: Amelia Seyruun on March 25, 2009, 10:19:08 AM
Quote from: gmontem on March 18, 2009, 12:37:21 AM

I don't understand. What's this 'Gilgamesh' thing?

They`re a Japanese metal/ visual band.
Went to the East palo alto store last week.Bought 3 anime boxsets and 1 movie.Good deal.Didn`t have 2 or 3 titles I might of bought as well.It was probably good since my wallet took a big hit at wonder con.
Checked this trailer out over at sci fi japan web site.It looks pretty cool to me.
Quote from: ahyoung on March 04, 2009, 11:27:50 PM
Wow, sounds like fun :), will there be more information about locations and stuff when it comes nearer the time of the festival?

Here`s the info about the festival:
I live up in the Fremont area an I`m staying at the Hilton with friends.
I had fun, bought some nice anime figures and shirt,saw some movie stars and directors.There were too many people there.It seems that this con keeps growing alot from year to year.I`ve coming to Wondercon since the early 90`s.Well thats 1 con down 3 or 4 to go for this year.
I vote for Watchman otherwise I`ll meet up with you guys at D&B`s.
I`ll be there most likely.It will be nice to see people I haven`t seen in awhile.

I saw in a newspaper ad for Wondercon yesterday that on saturday there will be appearances by Director Zack Snyder and cast member from Watchman,cast from the Terminator tv series,one or more special guest from the new Star Trek movie and director and cast from the Terminator movie Salvation.With all that  and dealers hall and cosplay contest me will be having much fun.
Quote from: TC_X0_Lt_0X on January 07, 2009, 10:48:17 PM
Because I am too lazy to search for an anime myself, I have devised a plan...
To make a list of anime I have watched/are watching, put it up here, and have someone suggest me something good  ;D
that works right?


Big List

Afro Samurai                  ; Completed
Bleach                        ; Watching
Code Geass                    ; Completed
Cowboy Bebop                  ; Watching (Suprisingly)
Digimon (First 4 Seasons)     ; Completed
Digimon (5th Season)          ; Never
Eureka 7                      ; Completed
Full Metal Alchemist          ; Watching (Surprisingly)
Gundam 00                     ; Watching (Sadly)
Gurren Lagann                 ; Completed
Inyuasha                      ; Complete (Sadly)
Naruto                        ; Watching (When I am disturbed enough to)
Negima                        ; Completed
Neon Genesis Evangelion       ; Completed
One Piece                     ; Lost Track
Paranoia Agent                ; Complete
Pokemon                       ; Never
Powerpuff Girls Z             ; Watching
R.O.D. The TV                 ; Completed
Samurai Champloo              ; Completed
Soul Eater                    ; Watching
Trigun                        ; Lost Track
Vandread                      ; Completed
Welcome to the NHK            ; Completed
Yu-Gi-Oh                      ; Never (TCG is fun, anime fails)
Zatch Bell                    ; Lost Track

The list is incomplete right now (I know I am forgetting something), but that is a big chuck of them.
Now for suggestions...

I'm looking for something from the last 5 or so years that is worth the time (broad I know).

Please and Thank you

I would say-Fate/stay night,the 2 Appleseed movies,the movie Akia,Guyver tv and Burst angel.
I saw this movie last year at Fanime 08 and I liked it. In fact I didn`t go yesterday to see it because of seeing it already and waiting for the dvd.
I`ll help with anyone under 21 to get in if I go since I`m a least 30.  ;) I`l what to see who comes up with the plan.