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Sakura Blossoms flow through the school, as the school day begins for another boring day.
But as the school doors open and students flood in, a screech fills the hallways!
Everyone rushes over to the source of the scream to find a shivering person, looking at a body that has been beaten to a bloody pulp.
The Principal had been killed and what evidence has been left behind is unreal!
Bloody Monster foot prints and claw marks everywhere!

Who must have done this?

Another day passes by, but the monster has claimed another victim a student! But clues of a different uniform covered in fur and torn has been discovered.
The students and Facualty have discovered that monsters are taking the forms of humans and roaming the halls killing off innocents.
This must be stopped!
It is up to you and a your class to solve this mystery if you want to live!

This game is passed of the games Werewolf and Mafia with a Anime twist.
Everyone is welcome to play, the more the merrier~
This is a roleplaying and murder mystery game where only you know what you are.
Are you brave enough to play?

How to play Werewolf:

*The Panel has been submitted.
Hello friends~
How many of you have always wanted to have a table in Artist Alley?
Want to but don't know how to start?
What to sell?
Where to get your materials?
Well we are here to help! A small group of panelist who are experienced in the art of tabling at the Artist Alley are here to help you!
We will be showing you how to get started, what to do,what sites to use for product, and even how to make some of these wonderful product that is seen in Artist Alley such as Button making, Sticker making, how to display your table,ect...

With a powerpoint, Live Demo's, and a Q an A, we will help you prepare for your career in artist alley.[/b]

Time: 6-8PM
Date: Friday
Location: Panel Room 4

The panel for 2015 have been submitted and waiting to be approved. If you are a artist and interested in being in the panel please send me an email:  [email protected]

Panels and Workshops / Battle of the Gameshows panel 2015
November 03, 2014, 12:28:37 PM
Have you ever wandered around a con, not sure what to do?
You just want to interact with people, maybe watch people have fun, maybe look silly?
Well this is the panel for you!

At this panel three judges and I will put on games for you that the audience could participate in that will include prizes such as manga, anime, and other cool stuff that people could not resist.
We will play games such as create a magical girl with toilet paper in 5 min and other anime filled games that will make you smile and laugh.

How of many are you interested in?
Panels and Workshops / Artist Alley 101 panel 2015
November 03, 2014, 12:22:03 PM
Hello friends~
How many of you have always wanted to have a table in Artist Alley? Want to but don't know how to start? What to sell? Where to get your materials?
Well we are here to help! A small group of panelist who are experienced in the art of tabling at the Artist Alley are here to help you!
We will be showing you how to get started, what to do, and even how to make some of these wonderful things that most artist make in the Artist Alley such as Button making, Sticker making, how to display your table, and charm making.

I hosted this panel last year and it was a great success...This time I will have my power point on hand and ready instead of placing it on googledocs and waiting for internet connection.
I am thinking of adding some more studies I have added on what I notice how people react to artist alley.
I will also do some demos and provide some places where you can get supplies.
Panels and Workshops / Artist Alley 101 (Accepted!)
April 30, 2014, 11:02:07 PM
Hello friends~
How many of you have always wanted to have a table in Artist Alley? Want to but don't know how to start? What to sell? Where to get your materials?
Well we are here to help! A small group of panelist who are experienced in the art of tabling at the Artist Alley are here to help you!
We will be showing you how to get started, what to do, and even how to make some of these wonderful things that most artist make in the Artist Alley such as Button making, Sticker making, how to display your table, and charm making.

Day: Sunday
Time: 5pm-6pm
Panel room: 4
Panels and Workshops / Artist Alley 101
March 17, 2014, 10:23:39 AM
Love the Artist Alley? Wonder how you can get a table? Not sure what to do to run a table or what to sell?
Well this panel is for you!
Having three years experience of Artist Alley I have a few people how to run a table (Sac-anime, Kintoki-con,AOD,Kraken-con), and your chance is here now for you too at this panel.
Here we will have live demo's on how to set up your table with what displays you can use. How to make charms. Button making and other tutorials that will help you in the long run.

If you stick around for the whole thing we will even have a raffle, for your chance of sharing a table with one of the panelist next Sac-Anime summer to sell your own art.

This panel has not been accepted yet.

If you have any questions please do post them here and we can answer them during the panel!

The Hetalia 18+ Panel has been approved!
You know them, you love them, and now it is time to ask your questions and maybe get some skeletons out of the closet. Your wonderful host Antonio representing Spain will host a panel with many other nations to answer your questions and receive your dares. So come prepared and ready to laugh.

This panel is a 18+, we will be checking for ID's to see if you are of age. There will be prizes and lots fun~

Date: Sunday
Time: 11pm-1am
Where: Fairmont Panel room 3

The list of characters already taken so far:

Russia: Taken
Lovino: Athena
Spain: Demetria656
England: Taken
Canada: Taken
America: Taken
France: Taken
Norway: Taken
Sweden: Taken
Italy: Taken

The panel will be Q&A and truth or dare. There will be a give away and other fun things as well.
I suggest you have a cosplay of the character together.

If you wish to audition, we ask that the following questions be answered in a video audition(s):

What country you wish to audition.
Any panel experience.
A small skit portraying your character and showing off your acting skills.
A small OOC about yourself portion.
What you know about the country and it's history.
Please try to include your cosplay in the video.
Try to make the video a max of 6-7 minutes.
Please email your audtions to:
[email protected] in a youtube format.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! 
This is so last minute but here's the link for more info
I was just curious if there was any Central Valley cosplayers or anime fans out there from the Modesto,Turlock,Merced, Stockton,Ripon,Manteca, Patterson and everything inbtween area.
It would be fun to host a cosplay gathering and hang out.
Ideas and Suggestions / Cosplay Donation Idea
October 15, 2013, 12:50:27 AM
I just thought of this random idea.
I am a avid cosplayer and always love to make costumes, I often find myself retireing costumes and find them collecting dust.

When I look around the con I always talk to people who can never aford a cosplay, never cosplayed (But want to),They forget their cosplay, or they didn't have time to make one.
I went over to Sac-anime and noticed they did a thing where people could donate dresses and suits for a dance and they would get a discounted item for the con or something of the sort.
Why don't we open a open cosplay donation box, where cosplayers can drop off costumes they don't want, get something small but snazzy or even nothing and then give others or sell the others that don't have one for a reasonable/affordable price a cosplay to wear.

Nicer cosplays can even be auctioned or something.

Comment? Concerns?
So I heard you like Swimming?
Well why not have an amazing gathering then! Presenting the Iwatobi High first annual Fanime gathering! Thats right, a gathering! (Even if we are hoping for a second season.)
I will be your host, (If we get the gathering) and we will have wonderful photoshoots and even a mini game with a prize~
If anyone is interested pleaseeeeeee post below and the person you will be cosplaying as.

ATTENTION: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Gathering Information: subject to change
Day: Sunday
Time: 12:00pm
MP/L: Construction will change the locations, so this is TBD.

Estimated # of attendees: 10-40+

List of Attending:

Haruka Nanase-
Makoto Tachibana-
Nagisa Hazuki-
Rei Ryūgazaki- Demetria656,
Rin Matsuoka-
Gō Matsuoka-
Miho Amakata-
Seijuro Mikoshiba-
Aiichiro Nitori-
Goro Sasabe-
Panels and Workshops / Artist Alley for Beginners panel?
September 11, 2013, 09:18:44 AM
My name is Demetria and I have been running my own Artist table for two years now.
Though I have never had a table at big cons like AX or Fanime, I would like to host a panel for those who would like to have a artist table in the future. I have ran a table at Kintoki-con (2 years) and Sac-anime (2, going on three.)
How do you get a table?
The check list.
How do you set up your table?
What is good to sell? How much should I print? What should I make?

All those questions and many more will be answered, along with some tutorials on how to make:
Where to get your prints done.
How to make buttons
and how to interact with a customer.

Are you folks interested in a panel like this? Please do comment below.
Do you know if people who signed up for Fanime are aloud or are able to go to the Steam Powered Giraffe concert?
Ideas and Suggestions / Manga library?
March 22, 2013, 02:31:16 AM
At our anime club at Modesto Junior college we have a manga library where members can check out manga for a short time.
Why not have such a thing for fanime?
Why not set a room like a library setting, the person checking out the manga must leave their bag, id, badge or so on at the check out desk and area. It gives a chance for people to view new mangas, read mangas they always wanted to read, or even have a blast from a blast.

There can be a donation center for manga where people can view the books during at the con.
Those manga's that are donated could go to a charity, I would say for foster kids in the area to enjoy, read and keep for their own.
Would anyone be interested in making a group or gathering?
I will be cosplaying Black Rabbit ( Kuro Usagi)
Hello my fellow Hetalia fans,
I hope everything is going well. I know I can't wait till Fanime 2013! This year I will be co-hosting the 2013 fanime Hetalia gathering with the host of AnimefanJJ. I will be cosplaying Egypt. *Please do ignore the other board, this is the recent and updated board!* Since there is complications with he other thread we will be using this one.

We are in need of some co-hosts! We need 2 more co-host to make this gathering to be at it's best. Want to volunteer? Just hit me up with a PM.

Any additional information, updates, or rules will be added in the color Orange

Location: The park across the street from the convention center. (Remember where the giant snake "poop" statue is.)
Time: Tba
Host: AnimefanJJ, Co-Host 1: Iruka-kun and Co-Host 2: demetria656 (Thats me!)


World's Committees (Aka cosplayers):


America: acostory
England: TeraSuzuna's friend
Russia: kanjiRagana, acostory friend
France: stitchez, acostory friend,
China: Haunterluvcookies, vietboy, kanjiRagana friend,ICosplayNeji


Germany: heidipak
N. Italy: Harpaw8, Nebulaan (fem)
Japan: TwilightLarryV1


Korea: heidipak's sister

Other Europe-
Austria: obliviousedward, Qwark (chess),
Belgium: kuromiluminous
Hungary: kanjiRagana friend, Qwark friend (Chess),kanjiRagana friend
Ukraine: Torai's friend
Liechtenstein: TwilightLarryV1
Prussia: t3nt4cl3pr0n,acostory friend,kanjiRagana,VocaSoulRararaChara (fem)
S. Italy (Romano): t3nt4cl3pr0n gf,
Belarus: Torai's friend, acostory friend,

Other countries-

Egypt: demetria656
Greece: AnimefanJJ (maybe)
Seychelles: TeraSuzuna
Cuba: Alejandro Cuba




Mama Egypt:
Mam Greece:

Gender-bends, 2ps!, and other-

Chibi-Italy: whitexotaku Friend, acostory friend, MidnightPrincess94, CaptainMadAsAHatter
Holy Rome:
Chibi!Romano: whitexotaku
Fem! England: Rinato
Fem! Russia: Torai
Mountie/2p Canada: Iruka-kun
Grandmano: Somebody
Ideas and Suggestions / Can Food drive~
November 09, 2012, 03:39:23 PM
Hello one and all!
I know I am just excited for fanime just as thee next person is. Yes Fanime is filled with fun, but why not help out those who have less than us and have fun at the same time?

I have seen the Homestuck fandom come up with a certain type of canned food drive. The Can town food drive.
Basicly cosplyers and con attendees bring canned foods (No glass!) and build a city or town with the gathered cans, the more cans you bring the bigger  the city.

The proceeds would go a a local charity in need of canned foods.
Hello one and all!
My name is Demetria and I am cosplayer like many of you out there, or those who are planning to be one.
Don't know who to cosplay? Want to make a cosplay but don't know how to? Where is the best place to get wig? What kind of make-up to wear?
What sights not to buy cosplays at?
Well here you can ask all those questions and we will answer them!
I have over 4 years of cosplaying under my belt and would like to help you.

Want to help out? We always need help and amazing cosplayers, go ahead and come by and share your advice. (Please PM though.)

Location: TBA
Date: TBA
Time: TBA

This panel is unofficial and it posted on here to see how many people I get that are interested.
If anyone is interested of having on before fanime just post here.
Are you a fursuiter,furry,Quadsuiter or just like being there to watch?
Well let me introduce Fanime 2012 Fursuiters gathering!
One and all are welcome and are encouraged to come, no worries if you don't have a fursuit your still aloud to join the fun.

It doesn't matter if you have a fursona or just a video game/anime character.
Hope you can make it

Date: Friday
Time: 4pm
Meeting place: Front of the Convention Center.

13 peeps Fursuiting!


Demetria656-(Fursona or King Kazma)
Azreale- (Flareon Quad-suit)
Rebeccakh-((Mia from .//hack))
Alesha- (Fursona)
Kevin- (Fursona)

Weaponhex- (Gt robot from Toriko)
Weaponhex's Friend- (Fursona)
Tricia- (Ratgirl)
Jc tails- (fursona)
Beastcub and friends (Loftwing)
Based on the wonderful personfication of Rokuzaki webcomic:
Yours truely will be hosting Fanime's first ever JKMM-Midnight Navy gathering.
Come on and all cosplay or not to take photo's and meet other fans of this small fandom.

Date: Sunday
Time: 12pm
Area: Front of convention center


TE-KE: Demetria656
Has anyone planned to host a Assassin's Creed gathering?
If not I would love too!

Assassin's Creed Gathering

Day and time: N/A TBA?
If you guys prefer a day and time please do say so.
I believe we should do it on a early Saturday morning/Afternoon, for photo's the morning would be the best time to take pictures.


Malik- Demetria656

Panels and Workshops / Hetalia panel request?
March 23, 2011, 07:35:00 AM
Pending approval
Date and time: ?


Quiet honestly right now, I have no clue how to submit a request for a panel and got confused, so I'm going to try this.-

   Dear management of Famine panels,

   "Do you enjoy the anime 'Hetalia Axis Powers'? Do you wish the characters could pop out and answer any question you ask? Well here is you chance!
   Who's Cosplay Production and Studios presents: 'Q & A With Hetalia! '
   Yes! Now you can ask those silly,serious and even strange questions that you have been urging to ask to our wonderful panelist.  Question is are you up to face the world?"

   Hello my name is Demetria Jacob and I am here to represent what I would like to do for an upcoming and future panel at your convention.
   You might know the fan base of Hetalia Axis power has grown over the years. Which is why I plan to create a panel for a  'Q and A with Hetalia' which in a small group of respected and trusted friends of mine will cosplay the countries of the world in the show.
   In the past I have been a panelist in a Hetalia panel, and I've even hosted a panel as Winter Sac-anime 2011, which was a great success.

   Unlike many panels I've been to where fan service is the main focus and little do people care if there is a child under the age with a parents, makes it a uncomfortable experience. Thus is why I plan to limit this and focus more on the 'Q and A's' and dares, even more.

   The panelist that will participate have experience in past panels.

   How long will this panel take?  I wish to have a limit of two hours, seeing how many of those in the audiance ask many questions.

   What will we do? I have this panel planned out in time frames: The first hour or so will be for questions, where in which we have the Audience ask each panelist in order, so that each panelist will have a chance.  After that we will have 30 minutes of 'Free for all' where the audience may ask any character a question or dare and perhaps a small large group game.  The last 20 minutes will be pictures, so that we do not pack the entrance of the panel rooms for those who are booked after us.

   Who many panelist will there be? There will be a limit around 12-14 of different cosplayers answering the questions.
   I have know these people for two years now, so they are very trustworthy and respectful to their surroundings.

   How much room will we need?  Well seeing how Fanime is a very large con and has many people attending, I would expect a audience of 250.

   Rated? I would say this would be around pg to pg13, though I do not like the idea of each dare being a fan service, we will answer two or three audience request if our panelist are comfortable with it.

   Times and day? I would like to request a Saturday if possible, late afternoon around the time of 3, since I am planning to participate in a masquerade skit, I would like to be in the same cosplay the whole day. If not, Sunday afternoon around 3 or early Monday.

   What else? We want this experiential to be fun for both the Audience and panelist!
   I have con experience, I have been attending cons ever since 2007.
   I've won a award for the Beginners skit award from Fanime 2010 and Best Presentation skit Sac-Anime 2011 Winter

   If you have any further questions please be free to contact me via Email.
   Best regards,
   Demetria Jacob

I'm just wondering if there is a Disney cosplay gathering at Fanime.
I'm going to try and do Kida from Atlantis this year.

But if there is one, could someone tell me more information about it, I'm a bit lazy to go through all 57 pages. .w."