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Hotel and Facilities / Question about reservations?
January 08, 2014, 07:18:47 AM

I know hotel reservations aren't up yet and I know fees are ultimately taken out at check-in, but I was just wondering once they are, can I reserve without actually *having* the amount needed for the 3 nights in my bank at that time? I'm worried that hotel reservations will go up at a bad time and I won't have the money yet. I know I'll have it for when the convention happens, but with other things needing to be paid for I just want to make sure my credit card would still go through and complete the reservation (and hopefully they don't take out any pre-cautionary type fees and such). If it helps, I plan on reserving a room at the Hyatt.

Hopefully I worded this correctly...Thanks guys!

Jeebus, what the hell was this kid thinking?
General Convention Discussion / Fanime 09' Promises!
October 01, 2008, 04:20:42 PM
<3 Simple topic really, just post your promises for FanimeCon 2009! :3 DO or NOT DO's!

((also, YAY!~ Got my old account back. >_< Wasn't used to being Lassiel, much prefer this account. :( Just forgot the password to it so had to get a new one. Now I gots this one back and that other accounts deadz)).



I promise to be a bit sensible with my money this year and NOT go around blowing the money on anything I see that looks cute at the time.
I promise to at least attempt to be more sociable, even if it's just a little more.
I promise to get to Fanime at a sensible time, hopefully at least by noon or so on Friday...maybe even Thursday.
I promise to om nom nom on pocky.
I promise to take more pics, provided my camera is still alive. <3 I'll try not to be shy when asking people for their pictures.
I promise to have even more fun this year than I did last year...since I only got to go one day last year. :(
I promise to bring more energy drinks! BAWLS! ;3
I promise not to eat at the Fast food places...those are so horribly greasy. More than usual at convention time. Mmm grease burgers.
I promise to get a closer seat at Der Cosplay. Especially since my eyesight is horrible >.>
I promise to try and show my boyfriend how fun Fanime can be if he decides to come along. :3 He better, anyway. Or else I'll drag him to Fanime.
I promise to get a hotel room >_>
I promise to explore more of San Jose :D
I promise to eat better at Fanime and not just snack all weekend >.<
I promise to of course, shower. That's a given >__> lol
I promise to also take pictures of myself and friends and not just cosplayers as someone already suggested! :D
The con is getting closer and closer each day! How many of you still need to work on your costumes? :D ...@_@;; I still need to get a few things for mine! Hopefully I'll finish in time! I just got done sewing a few things onto a hat :D (Yeah, I'm slowly trying to learn how to sew! @_@;; Needles hurt, y0!)

So yeah, I was just wondering how many people are in a costume frenzy or sewing frenzy still. XD
General Convention Discussion / Le gasp! :O
October 01, 2005, 09:17:02 PM
>.> Sorry, I couldn't resist. I think I'm just too excited for Fanime2k6, ne? :D

Ideas and Suggestions / Forum Badges
June 01, 2005, 01:23:48 AM
Next year, for online registration or something..there should be another badge you can have for a [small] fee which specifies if you're from the Fanime Forums or not, and it can have your username and stuff on it. ^^ That way we can spot fellow forum members. I dunno, I think that'd be cool, other than just having random forum members making them all on their own. o.O; Though, that was nice too. *nods* I'll keep my badge Ambrosia made for next year.