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Anyone take a picture of a Miss Swan cosplay from Mad Tv on Sunday and Monday?
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Review your hotel stay!
June 05, 2015, 11:23:18 PM
Went back to rooming in the Hyatt Place again. Checked in on Friday and checked out Monday.

This is probably my second time staying at the Hyatt and it is my favorite hotel. The hotel has improved a lot compared to my stay in 2013. It's right across the street from the convention. Check in and check out always goes smoothly. Staff is always friendly. There's only 9 floors, so the wait for the elevators isn't horrendous. The rooms are decently spacey, they all come with a mini-fridge, and it seems that they cleaned out the air vents (two years ago the air in the room was pretty stuffy). I also like how they have a sofa in every room. If you don't want to share a bed, you can have the couch to yourself. Wi-fi is free, which is a big plus. Parking is only $12 a night, it's self-parking only, and you get in and out privileges. Best of all: CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST BUFFET!! Two years ago I had to pay $7 separately for breakfast, but now it's complimentary with the room. They give you wristbands that will get you into the buffet. It's all you can eat, so I always get a big helping to help me last through most of the day.:D

Downsides: The bathrooms are a bit small, especially the sink which can get overly crowded with toiletries. Same goes for the double beds. If you're pretty tiny, you won't have any problems sleeping next to each other. But if you're bigger in size there's not much space (thank god for the sofa!). Some of the elevators would sometimes shut down, so it made waiting a lot longer. It was no use taking the stairs either since it was only available for fire exit emergencies. But hey, it's only 9 floors so it's not that big of a deal. The hotel is also a bit on the pricey side compared to the other hotels, but you get a lot more amenities compared to staying at the Hilton or Marriott.

Other than these minor negatives, this is still a great hotel to stay at and will probably continue going to this hotel for every Fanime.
Mulan here! I wasn't planning to join this gathering at first, until I saw all the amazing cosplayers! And a shout-out to the other Mulan characters, you're awesome!
They also have them at the Nijiya Market in SJ, but they're always sold out during the con. ):
For me, I plan on heading to Japantown and stocking up on rice balls. Pretty cheap and easy meal to last you through most of the day (And it's healthy too!). But like everyone else said, be sure to stock up on your protein like nuts, and bars. Anything that doesn't need to be cooked or refrigerated is good. When it comes to refrigerated food, I usually get those after I check into my hotel. This way I won't have to worry about it spoiling on the way to the con, or during my stay. Try not to over do it on the stocking and just get what you need.
Put my down for Headmistress Fiora!
I'm up in the air about this. I'd like to be Lisa-Lisa from the Jojo All Star Battle game.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Edit Hotel registration
November 11, 2014, 12:35:21 AM
Ah, I think that's why. I booked through the phone instead of the website, so it's not showing up on my profile.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Edit Hotel registration
November 10, 2014, 08:58:07 PM
I booked my hotel through phone, even got an email and confirmation number. Went back to the website to see if I can edit my reservation, but so far there's no link for it. Hopefully I have the room for real. D:
There's no longer a timeout error on the booking anymore.

Now it's just not connecting at all. D:

Both calls are still busy too, and for some reason I keep getting disconnected.
I'll try out again this year, since I didn't have any luck last year.
I stayed at the Hyatt for Thursday and checked out on Monday Night with my roomies. We've stayed at the Marriot and Hilton before, but so far Hyatt has been the best experience.

-The room: It wasn't huge, but it had enough space to easily fit 4-6 people. We had a king-size bed, a sofa bed, and a regular sofa on the side.
-Complimentary Fridge
-Free Wi-fi
-Staff was friendly
-Check in/out went smoothly
-Cheap breakfast buffet! Only $7! You get scrambled eggs, bacon or sausages, some sort of potato hash, assorted drinks, and DIY yogurt parfaits. It was incredibly filling.
-Right across from the convention. Takes about a 2 minute walk.
-Sweet big-screen tv
-In and out parking privileges. No need to pay extra for multiple cars
-Less floors. We managed to get the second floor. :3
-Affordable. For all 4 nights it was roughly around $527.

-Elevators were slow during check-out. Then again, it's only 9 floors so the wait isn't tortuous
-Couldn't get access to the stairs. They were only used for a fire emergency exit, which was pretty silly since it could have saved us the time waiting for elevators. Though we were allowed to use them on check-out day.
-Air in the room is rather dry and stuffy. Some of us woke up with hoarse voices and clogged sinuses. Ironically, the roommate who has the worst respiratory system out of all us seemed to be perfectly fine the whole time we stayed there.
-Can get pretty hot at night. The beds just seem to absorb heat, which can get pretty uncomfortable. Sleeping on the floor was way cooler and it made it easier to sleep.
-Bathrooms are pretty small. The shower head is a little odd, so it takes more effort to rinse out any product in your hair. Bathroom doesn't have a fan either. We had to keep the door open in order to let out all the steam.
-Breakfast buffet needs to be open longer. Weekdays it opens at 7 and closes at 9:30. Weekends are about an hour longer. You have to get up pretty early if you want to take advantage of it.

-If you pay for your room in cash and use a credit card(Not debit)for the deposit you're pretty much all set for the weekend. Check out won't even be necessary.
-Get up early for the breakfast buffet! Eat as much as you can, because you're going to need that extra energy for the con!
-If you have a cosplay that involves body paint, be very careful to not get it on anything in the room. Hotels are getting stricter and may even charge you extra if they find body paint on any towels or furniture.
I was able to get in no problem. Just a question, I have a plastic bin that's kind of see through, but has an opaque lid on top. Can I still use it to store my 18+ merchandise?
I'm going to be concubine disguise Mulan (The one she wears when rescuing the emperor)
Awesome job Fanime for bringing such a great anime active musical guest!!

Are they going to be our main band?
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
March 21, 2013, 01:04:16 AM
What if we didn't get an e-mail?
For anyone who has severe allergies, be sure to bring your epi-pen! One girl had to be hospitalized on the second day of the con she was attending because of a peanut allergy. She was wandering around the halls when a kid sneezed in her direction. Apparently he must have recently eaten peanuts, because her face started to swell.

In addition, if you have asthma bring your inhaler!
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
February 26, 2013, 12:59:14 AM
A question about Fanimaid live. For the maids who are doing the dancing, will there be days when we have to meet up to practice for routines?
Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
February 23, 2013, 10:57:48 AM
Quote from: rynsi on February 21, 2013, 08:37:12 PM
So I've been going to Fanime since 2008 and I've always wondered about being a maid, so this year I might pluck up the courage to try out! My only question is: If I go to the March tryouts, will there be ample time to order a uniform online? I don't have any experience with Bodyline and I would hate to get accepted and not get a uniform in time (or, get a uniform but not accepted).

The great thing about Bodyline, if you do order from them they ship their merchandise on Tuesday and it usually arrives the next week. Although it varies, and may take longer.