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aww screw it, suiseiseki's shoes are covered by the dress anyways. Im not sure i could entirely get that thing to work. im terrible at making stuff, and knowing myself, ill probably rage quit trying to get one specific part just right.

on a side note i need to make scythers arms now >_> got any suggestions?
Quote from: azreale on February 17, 2014, 06:28:46 PM
I've been working on Kirakishou, if you want we can meet up XD

Do you have pictures of what you have so far?

Our group is actually having some current problems acquiring some props (as we have no prop makers) do you know if theres anyone whos selling a cheap-ish watering can prop for suiseiseki? (and do you happen to know what type of shoes she wears? lol)
Heya everyone, ive been a long time goer of Fanime, but never really cared much for the forums. However this year i thought it would be great to get a bigger group involved. (well, who hasnt? lol). Anyways, we need more people to go as various characters from the Anime Rozen Maiden. We have Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Suiginto Characters already done. (also possibly someone going as Jun Sakurada). If you wanted to go as any of the other characters and have somewhat of a meet up, please let me know! Also, please, while im not exactly against first timers, please pay attention to detail. I'll be making L.E.D. orbs (hopefully) to represent each characters Rozen Spirit. or whatever they're called, i forgot. 

Filled Spots:
Jun Sakurada* (maybe)

Needed Spots:
Kanaria (2nd Rozen Maiden Doll)
Shinku (5th Rozen Maiden Doll)
Hinaichigo (6th Rozen maiden doll and preferred addition to the group)
Kirakisho (7th Rozen Maiden Doll)
Bara-Suisho (Enjo Rozen Maiden imposter)
Laplaces Demon (suit and a rabbit head, because why the fuck not?)

If you need help finding parts, or need someone to make something, let me know, i have connections (including getting stuff for free), and some set of skills at my disposal.
Anyone got our group? We did the MLP cisplays with 2 rainbow dash's.
Saturday/Sunday were our most active days.
We had:
2 Rainbow Dash's
1 Fluttershy(CD)
1 Twilight Sparkle (CD, 'Murica)
1 Spike (it was bad spike.)
1 Pinkie Pie (most likely not in the picture due to least active cosplayer)

email me he pics if you guys want, thanks in advance!