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Hotel Stayed: Marriott

Nights Stayed: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday.

Amenities: Nice sized TV, but kind of had some connectivity issues that would make the images jump or cut out at times, not too much of an issue as we normally just had the TV on while relaxing anyways. Ironing board, crappy wifi but that was to be expecting because of all the people. Had a fridge/freezer in our room, even though they had initially told us they were all out, so that was an awesome surprise! It kept things a lot colder than I was expecting, but that's a good thing at least for me. ;P Coffee maker, but we didn't use that.

Helpfulness of Staff: Very helpful! They didn't exactly bother us very much over the duration of our stay, and replaced towels when we requested them. So it was nice that they didn't seem very determined to bug us for room cleaning. Also, they were pretty fast to kind of fix an issue which I'll get to.

Roomshares?: Shared a king size bed with my boyfriend, and it was very comfy. I probably should have requested more pillows though because they were REALLY fluffy and we only had 3 of those ones, (I usually sleep with tons of pillows) then like 2 hardish ones that go against the headboard.

Pros of Hotel: Fridge that we weren't even charged for, spacious, comfy...South park was on all the time but that was just the channel, close by to everything so it wasn't a hassle to get back to the room when we were tired. It being close by also let us put stuff away quicker when we bought stuff. The shower was nice and the orange scented soap was very fancy. ;P Pretty quiet and didn't hear any...uh, lewd noises.

Cons of Hotel: Slow wifi but again, that is to be expected. Very VERY busy so getting an elevator was kind of tough at times (but kind of expected due to being connected to the convention itself). Shower, although nice didn't have very much pressure to it.

AND...well, my credit card got swiped twice when we checked in, so they actually ended up taking out about $630 or so instead of the original $317 or so that it was supposed to come up to. Although they fixed it kind of quick and luckily I had enough in my account, it sort of messed up my spending for the weekend... My bank ended up having to give an emergency provisional amount into my account and then they put the money back in like twice too, so my bank account ended up saying I had like $1100 in it when I really only had like $400 in my account. It was all KINDS of messed up and made having fun in the dealers hall a lot more annoying than it should have been.

Would You Stay Again: Yeah, as long as there are no credit card issues next year >.>

Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: I do recommend the hotel. :D It was very nice to stay so close to the convention, but I suggest when leaving on Monday, to do it early. Or at least get your luggage out as fast as you can unless you want to get caught in the extremely crowded elevators.

:( I tried looking around the dealers hall for some Senran Kagura figures for my boyfriend but I couldn't find any. Maybe next year if there is enough of a demand~ I figured with how focused the show is on...bodies and such, that they'd have some popular figures, but guess not.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Question about reservations?
January 08, 2014, 02:29:27 PM

Thanks for all the replies guys! :D That puts a lot of worry in my mind to ease. :P Now, to wait for those hotels to go up and hope I can get a reservation in time!  :)
Hotel and Facilities / Question about reservations?
January 08, 2014, 07:18:47 AM

I know hotel reservations aren't up yet and I know fees are ultimately taken out at check-in, but I was just wondering once they are, can I reserve without actually *having* the amount needed for the 3 nights in my bank at that time? I'm worried that hotel reservations will go up at a bad time and I won't have the money yet. I know I'll have it for when the convention happens, but with other things needing to be paid for I just want to make sure my credit card would still go through and complete the reservation (and hopefully they don't take out any pre-cautionary type fees and such). If it helps, I plan on reserving a room at the Hyatt.

Hopefully I worded this correctly...Thanks guys!
I guess it's okay to pay half and half. I haven't had to pay (yet) for my birth control pills. That'll change though once I'm actually employed and able to. Honestly though, even if I had to pay, I don't care if I have to go half and half or pay the full price myself. I use my birth control for more than just making sure I get no babies before I'm ready. It also helps regulate periods as well, and lessens cramping pains. Which I get severe ones of and was the original reason I got my pills.

Well, this one I suppose was a little easier on me at the end, but it still hurt. :( I had this dog I got when I was about 4 years old, we named her Dutchess. Great dog and smart, at least in my mind. Anyway, when I was 16 years old, we had to move. And I had to give her up. Not have her put to sleep, but give her away. This dog was old enough that she probably would have been put to sleep if we gave her to the shelter since MOST people don't want older dogs. Luckily enough, my aunt and uncle said they could take her. As happy as that is to hear that family will take her, they live about 5 hours away so I still wasn't able to see her regularly. I only saw her once before she died. And when I did see her, I think she remembered we gave her away, so she was really mean and growling and snapping at us, and wouldn't let us pet her. I think that was the hardest to see. Then, about a year later, she came down with cancer of the lungs or something and we were told she was having a really hard time breathing and so my aunt and uncle had her put to sleep. I still have a couple pictures of her on my little bulletin board and her toy, collar and some of her fur (that she shedded off when we gave her away) on my desk in a little container. That fur part might be weird, but I don't care. It's good for memory.

I had a rat as well that my sister gave me named Sky-lee. I didn't come up with the name. Anyway, she was awesome. :( She'd sit on my shoulder and clean herself and just not move from there, or she'd sleep on my stomach. She ended up getting a bunch of tumors on her so I had to get her put to sleep.. I remember when I took her in, one of these people taking their cat in was asking what was in the box, so I showed her and she got really grossed out because it was a rat. Meh, people. :( My rat was cute!

I also had another cat, named Katie who would follow me everywhere and sleep with me on my bed. When I was on the computer she'd jump up onto the tower and sleep on it or just sit. I grew very attached to the kitten (only 5 months old). My mom never let us have indoor cats, so she was forced to go outside. I was about 17 at the time, so I had no say since I had no where else to live. SO, this kitten and her litter mate, Smokey were playing outside and I guess they crossed the street playing with eachother. Smokey must have been first, we think...because her leg was hurt, and we can only imagine that my cat, Katie got hit straight on. Ran a few feet away from the busy street, and then flopped over dead in our driveway. I was out swimming at the time so when I came back my parents were on the porch waiting for me to tell me. I went out in to the backyard where she was and sat there for about an hour just petting her and crying.

We also have this cat named Oreo. Well, we're not sure exactly how this one happened... She likes to sleep on top of cars and my moms driven off with Oreo ontop of it a few times. Or, we also had some very messed up neighbors whom we weren't getting along with at all because of my sister, so we're not sure if they did something...but this was when I was 18 I think. I was in school and I was coming home because I felt sick. When my mom got there she says, "Okay, now I'm not sure if this was Oreo...but I saw a black and white cat laying on the side of the road..." I'm not sure why she didn't stop to check, I guess she wanted to go get me first. But yeah, this cat was kind of far from home, much further than she ever really went. ((Actually, for those who know Hayward, she was by the Bart Station. And our house was on D street, I think? I don't know, I cant remember the street but I know it was very busy). Annnd, so when we came back we looked and she wasn't there. But Oreo wasn't coming home either after about a day. So we called the shelter just for the hell of it, and apparently someone had brought in a black and white cat after finding her on the side of the road and he took care of her for a little bit before bringing her in. So we went down there and sure enough, it was Oreo. She seemed okay, just dehydrated and her leg was hurt so she had to wear a little mini cast. She reovered, but the funny part to this was we thought we were going to have to put her to sleep because she wasn't eating... ...well, she wasn't eating because she didn't like the food the veterinarians gave her. They only fed her wet food, and she didn't like that stuff, so she didn't eat. When I noticed she had wet food in her dish I informed one of the vets about it and they were like "Oh! We haven't tried that!" As soon as they did, she started eating. :P Stupid, picky cat.

Then, this ones completely my cat Sonia was going into heat, and we were planning to get her spayed in a week or two. Well, she was getting pretty annoying so I put her outside. Needless to say she got pregnant, but she only had one kitten, which I kept. So I really didn't do anything to hurt the already huge over population of cats/dogs out there. BUT apparently while she was out getting pregnant, one of the male cats claws dug into her face and the next day she had this big ball right by her jaw. Well, we took her to the vet and she had to get it drained and everything. Had to wait to get her spayed, but eventually had it done.

Lastly, the kitten Sonia had, which I named Simba got lost one day, early in the morning while we had him outside. I spent all day looking for him, and my dad tried to tell me at first that he was just out being a cat and would come home when he wanted to. But, I wasn't convinced because I knew my cat and he always came when I shook this bag of treats I have for him, and no matter what time of day I did it, he wouldn't come. So at about 5pm (he was let outside at 5am. Around noon I realized he wasn't coming back) I went and asked one of the neighbors...because I kept seeing Sonia going into their yard, and the father cat doing it as well. And so they checked and luckily enough we found him. However his back leg was hurt, which is why he never came. And he was really dehydrated (it was about 90 that day and he was out for houuurs, surprised he didn't die), so I guess he couldn't meow very well. I took him inside and he drank a little then basically slept the rest of the day, and some the next day. He got better though, so yay<3 I adore him.

Oh! My brother had an iguana that he tried to put a leash on...he accidently pinched it's skin somehow with it and paralyzed it. Then it died in the morning. The end.

I actually have a couple more stories but I've already typed enough. x_x Just about another cat and my suicidal pregnant hamster.
Things in the Universe / Re: What's your ideal career?
November 26, 2008, 12:18:58 AM
Veterinarian/Vet Tech are my main goals for my ideal career.

If not, I guess I can settle for working with humans instead of animals.

So in short, uhhh...something in the medical field.
Wonder if the website he posted the link on to his web-cam was 4chan.

Kinda seems like /b/'s work to egg people on. >_>
God damn I hate spiders.
Things in the Universe / Re: How was your day?
October 28, 2008, 09:40:52 PM
Quote from: fanimeman#1 on October 28, 2008, 09:17:09 PM
im sad and sleepy i don't know why. any help with confution

Maybe you're dehydrated, try drinking some water. Sometimes that happens.

Or you have depression.
Registration / Re: Pre Reg at Con 08
October 23, 2008, 04:48:35 AM

You can probably just tell them your name and show ID so they know it's you and everything should be fine. >_> I've never pre-registered, but I assume they know not everyone will have their receipts still.  :)

I still have 1 baby tooth left. And I'm 22. >_> Won't come OUT and the dentist never wanted to pull it saying it'd come out on its own. That was when I was like 12 he said this. Wonderful.
Forum Games / Re: The Ctrl + V game
October 17, 2008, 11:42:10 PM
I was showing my boyfriend how scary these dogs hairdo's look, because I was going through my book about dogs and came across this breed.


<_< Could have at least got the hair on the characters right, picked an older guy to play Roshi, and made Piccolo green.

JEEBUS. Looks crappy.. Just like the Twilight trailer.

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Re: Hrm. Art!
October 12, 2008, 04:59:47 AM

I notice a Lunar SSSC drawing in there. Yes! More Lunar fans! Although I haven't been able to play it in ages... <3 I think I love you! :3

I still have to work on a lot of stuff. >.< Anatomy sucks :(
Quote from: Mango Bunny on October 05, 2008, 10:21:10 PM
I promise to go to bed before 3 am the night before

>_> Thats always hard for me before Fanime. I always get so excited about it that I can't sleep and have to resort to staying up all night the day before so I'll pass out easily the night before Fanime or take a sleeping pill or something. Otherwise I just get like 3 hours of sleep and end up feeling horrible the entire first day.
Things in the Universe / Re: sunshine to rain.
October 04, 2008, 03:24:02 PM
It started raining here (Los Banos) at about 2:30am last night. It actually wasn't all that bad--light rain at the most. But I thought it was a nice break away from all the heat waves we've been having. I like cold weather also, just...>.> Not TOO cold. I think it's about 70 here right now and it seems perfect. :D
Quote from: Stormfalcon on October 04, 2008, 06:40:55 AM
Now that's a child taking cruelty to a new level, and children are known for cruelty in general to begin with.  This kid's destined for great things in his future...if by "great" you mean "horrific".

Pretty much exactly what I was thinking if this kid doesn't get some sort of help. I was talking about this to a friend and they said that there was a chance the kid seriously had no idea what he was doing at that age. I don't know, I think by age 7, especially these days, perhaps, kids should be able to start realizing the differences between right and wrong. I know I wasn't stoning animals to death at 7. Parents should have been watching him a lot better.
Things in the Universe / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!
October 04, 2008, 12:10:58 AM
Whooo! Happy Birthday!

Drinking time at the party..? xD


Jeebus, what the hell was this kid thinking?