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Forum Games / Your Favorite Anime Quotes!
September 06, 2011, 05:17:34 PM
Just lay it out like this:

Anime: Girls Bravo

Lisa to Yukinari: "Come on sexy, time to put your mouth where the money is."

A few scenes later...

Yukinari to Lisa: "You are bat shit crazy aren't you?"

Funniest episode I've seen besides episode 2 (Between 9:00m - 10:00m into the episode)
Serious Business / Nick Simmons: Incarnate Plagiarism
February 25, 2010, 09:43:51 AM
I wanted to bring this up but I'm not good at arguing. But here's a link to Facebook:

It'll show other links and panels of scenes he plagiarized.

What are your thoughts?
Forum Games / Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Reborn!
January 31, 2010, 08:05:59 PM
Credits goes to Jun-W.

Most of you already know how to play this but for the new members I'll post the instructions from the original creator.

A lateral thinking puzzle is basically a cross between a puzzle, and story-telling. I'll type a scenario, but I won't give the whole story. What you're supposed to do is ask "yes" or "no" questions to gain clues to solve the rest of the story.

Though, I should warn you that most of these puzzles are morbid and unlikely-- but they're still realistic. I won't give any answer other than "yes", "no", or "doesn't matter". They'll all be honest answers, but I won't promise that they can't be misleading. If you can solve it with the information you have, go for it and type what you think the answer is. When at least 5 people want to give up, I'll ask if you want me to give you the answer.

EDIT: If you've done the current puzzle, before, don't spoil the answer to those who haven't.
EDIT II: You can ask as many questions as you want at a time.

Here's the first puzzle, should be easy:

A man is sitting in a chair while facing a group of people. A few seconds later he dies of shock. Why did the people didn't even bother to help him?

You should already know what to do. There was an older thread but I decided to make a new one and added anime in it too. Credits to the previous topic creator. One more thing, do tell us if it's an Anime, Manga or Comic.

Mx0 (Manga)
Forum Games / Anime/Manga Vending Machine (Game)
September 29, 2009, 03:32:19 PM
How to play:

You insert a coin and the poster below you tells you what you get. Must be Anime/Manga related.


P1: *Inserts Coin*
P2: You get Lights Death Note, but with only 1 piece of paper to write on.

*Inserts Coin*

And so on...

*Inserts Coin*
Forum Games / Ask a Question, Get a Good Answer!
September 21, 2009, 12:43:16 PM
Since the "Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer," is being filled up with real questions and real answers, I decided to seperate the two. So, if you have a question and want a real answer post it here.


P1. Do you drive to work/school?

P2. Yes, I drive a Rodeo.
P2. Have been to this years Fanime?


I'll start it off.

What's your favorite way to eat Ice Cream?
Things in the Universe / NETFLIX: Free Movie Trial...
September 21, 2009, 12:02:08 PM
I been getting these free trials from Netflix and I usually just throw them away. But now I decided to give them to those who want it. If you want one just ask and I'll send you a message. =] I only have four movie trials.
Just like all the Television/Movie qoutes this has to do with Music only. You can also post Japanese songs too! Also, you can choose to describe why you choose the song.

One major rule though, please no profanity. But if your song lyrics do have some just change the word. And remember to add the Artist and Song Title.

Well, it's what the topic describes.

I went and rewatched "Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu?!" again. And I think that most funniest episode you should check out is the final episode. It's just hilarious! It's the episode where Sasuke brought in a biological weapon to school and someone accidently opened it. But the thing is the biological weapon doesn't kill but eats the clothing of the victim.
Ideas and Suggestions / You should...
June 16, 2009, 04:42:58 PM
Not sure where I should say this. And not really an idea for FanimeCon 2010.

The sysadmin should add a new feature on the forum. Such as users should be able to add others on a friends list.

I know this is asking too much, but just an idea. Please don't flame me for suggesting such idea.
No rules just post like we're playing a game like in a group chat. Not just any game, a game which involves multiple players and something that people are familiar with. Any suggestions?
Even though it's a bit difficult.
This topic is about things you have experienced out of the ordinary or just everday life.

For me I have personally but not alone spiritual entities and hauntings.

One hot summer of 2007 I was tired and hot, that I decided to take a short nap in this commercial walk in cooler. Though the cooler was off it was still nice and cold. So I brought a chair inside and left the door half way open. As I start dozing off to sleep I hear a sound, I looked around and there was nothing there just a big empty plastic bag hanging on the hook. So, then I just went back to sleep. Then again I hear that sound of plastic bag moving but this time it was louder and more noticeble. I stood up my chair and checked it out again, there was nothing. So, then again I didn't mind. But the third time it happened, this time the black plastic bag like lifted off the hook and crashed to the floor loudly. What I did I do? Instinctively I ran out never looking back. I was scared like a bat out of Hell! If you say it was the wind, it can't be there was no air flow! Till this day I can still feel the shiver down my spine when ever I see a commercial cooler. I will never take a nap inside a cooler again!
What is it: A role-playing game about you and other cosplayers fighting your way through hordes of the undead. And safely escaping to 1 of 3 safe zones.
Setting: At FanimeCon, during the sunrise of Monday.

This just a sign in for joining in the RPG. What you need to sign up:

Name: Dentyne
Age: 22
Background: A student, a gun fanatic (though he hadn't fired a real gun before.) Cosplays as a character from "Army of Two." Went to FanimeCon to have fun.
Location: Marriot

(Note: You can't be all godly, or from the military.
This is for signup only. The rpg will start in a week to give people a chance to join in.
There are 2 locations to choose from Hilton or Marriot. These are your starting locations.

Rules: You can choose whether to save some one or not. You can even attack somebody if you want to. The only way to get a perfect attack is if that person is able to not post after 10 consecutive posts. But somebody else can save that person by interuppting the attack. Another thing, every post equals 5 minutes passing by. This not Resident Evil, so don't expect to find guns or medical supplies lying around. Also, you only get one life so you should decide carefully on what to do or how to move around. The zombie, no I should say the infecteds speed is that of a drunk guy trying to jog (not too fast, not too slow.) If you have any questions/suggestions feel free to ask.
Forum Games / Ultimate Fighters Brawl! (Game)
May 30, 2009, 09:38:44 AM
About: a place where two fighters/teams enter and only one fighter/team may leave. It doesn't matter where there from as long as they are able to fight! Be it a person, group, team, or organization from the anime, media, or reality itself fight to reign as champions of the Universe.

How to play:
A poster starts by choosing two fighters;
Ex. Blink 182 vs Green Day
The poster must also come up with the name of the fight;
Ex. Fight of the 3-man Band
After the poster has posted the title fight and the fighters 3 users decide the winner. Then that last poster who decides the final blow gets to start a new fight.
P1- chooses Blink 182
P2- chooses Green Day
P3- chooses Blink 182; Blink 182 wins

P3- Cosplayers vs Protesters; Battle for the Convention.

The fight is based on 2 out of 3 votes.
If the 2nd poster ends the fight soon then he/she may choose the next battle.

I'll start first:

Sonic vs Knuckles [Battle of Speed]
As you all know some people tend to forget whose who from FanimeCon. I'm one of those people, I met you but can't remember how you look like/mistaken you for another person. This thread should help us know whether or not we met you during the Con. I'd like to post my pictures now but I'm still currently fixing my computer, maybe later tonight.

So, going to start?
Ever heard of that saying "A wise man once told me..." well this thread is dedicated to it. Have any or heard any wise words feel free to post it here.

I'll start by posting this saying that I tell my friends:

"We're like a bottle of soda the more you hold it in and shake it, sooner or later when that time comes to open up we'll burst out uncontrollably."

What it means is that all that feelings (be it love or hate) that you kept inside, sooner or later when you start to open up to someone you'll end up breaking down. (In tears or anger) 

Sounds a little corny though.
I think I asked the question wrong.

A friend of mine already registered my badge but ended giving me a name that I didn't like, so is it possible if I can go and change the fan name when I pick it up? Everything is registered and paid for already.

I'm sorry if somebody asked this already.
IMO I'd like it if they remade all the Resident Evil games into like RE5 and be put on the Xbox360.
I know these games are classic but it would be sweet if they remade them:

Final Fantasy 7
Sweet Home
Breath of Fire 3
Secret of Mana
Secret of Evermore
Parasite Eve 1 & 2
Twisted Metal
Silent Hill series
Wizards and Warriors 3
Legend of Zork

And so many others.
I know that Fullmetal Alchemist is being redone. But I wish they would continue InuYasha and redo GTO or atleast have an OVA. What are your thoughts?