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I'll be going in as my previous Final Boss Veigar as I was unable to complete (or perhaps adequately attempt) Mecha Aatrox. (Cutting plexiglass is hard :( )
I'm using an hollow metal pipe as a staff. It has no edges, not rusty and both ends are covered however it is metal and it's heavier than a plastic pipe. (Though the wooden stick I bought originally is for some reason heavier) Would the pipe be counted as live steel or too heavy to be carried as a prop?
If I can get the tubes to stay on I'll have Creator Viktor out of the factory.
Sadly I think that was it. I really want to try cosplaying (extremely angry about deciding not to dress up this year) a champion more intricately since I've been champions that have been humanoid with simpler clothing (Jax, Malzahar and Shen)

I want to actually want to try on something that's not... well humanoid. My friend is going for Renekton next year (I think he's doing Rune Wars Skin variant too) so I want to follow his example by being champs I haven't seen cosplayed very often. Not to say that they haven't done it period but just the fact they're much harder to make.

Champs I've thought about are:
Cho'gath, Mordekaiser, Kassadin, Kha'zix, Kog'maw, Nocturne, Rengar, Thresh, Trundle, Urgot, Zac, Zed
(Possibly Aatrox too)
Hopefully next year the PC Gaming can be expanded upon. Especially with the convention center being more roomy AND should have some sort of internet line by then. I like using laptops but I heavily doubt that they will allowed for use in tournaments or taking up more plugs.