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Hi there!

I have had nothing but problems with registering for her artist alley table. I have now received an email stating I cannot pay for my table because I cannot be a group leader (for badges for myself and my helpers) and an artist in artist alley. This was never stated as a requirement in the beginning. I have received an email requiring me to pick a new group leader BEFORE I can pay for her table. The whole registration system is down until 10pm tonight and I am not convinced there is enough time to give me a chance at table selections.

As you know, table selection is TOMORROW at noon. Please please allow me to be a group leader and pay for her table so I can complete table selection along with everyone else, tomorrow at noon or immediately resolve this issue in some other way.

Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. It is not fair to leave her out of the table selection process.

Please immediately provide me with a phone number to a real person to resolve this situation.

Thanks in advance for your immediate attention in this matter.



Letter received by Fanime below-

Dear Artist Alley Artist,
Our records show that you are currently a group leader, and also an approved Artist Alley artist.

Unfortunately, as an Artist Alley artist, you can not be in a group. Please appoint a new leader for your group to pick up badges. With this new update,  you’ll be receiving a new confirmation for your Artist Alley Artist membership and table payment.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Kind Regards,

Linda Char l FanimeCon Registration l P: 800-924-4232 or 415-979-2282 l

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