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I can lend a hand if you need it.




what is the next letter in the sequence?

Registration just opened. Hope to see everyone there in 2017.

Thank you everyone for coming to the gathering as it takes all of you to make it amazing.

Though I'm still new and still trying to refine the gathering process.

 So if anyone would like to note things that could have used improvements I would be most appreciated so  Ican make things better next time.

On FB in the list it said Sunday. o__O And when I mentioned it, I was told that it was bumped to Sunday.........

Argh, confusion. ;_; Well, alright then.

 Can you send me a link? I was pretty sure I haven't changed it yet.

So, I saw that it got moved to Sunday.......

Sorry guys but I can't make it anymore, I'm doing a different cosplay on Sunday. -.- But have fun!!

 Its still on Saturday from 11 to 12. No worries.

Sigh, we've got a tie so far with both time and day. I need a tie breaker here.

Looks like Saturday afternoon is a bust since everyone has other events they like to go too or one the proceeds right after this one.

However there is still time to make changes as I'm open to suggestions as I want to make this work for everyone the best I can.

So possible day/time slots that are still open are:
Saturday at 10am - 11am, 1pm - 2pm, 2pm - 3pm, and etc.
Sunday at 10am - 11am, 1pm - 2pm, and etc

 So what day/time can work for you to which I'll take the average of that and go with it.

I have the League of Legends gathering cutting pretty close to this one so the most I can do is visit but not participating this year. (Though if I'm able to, I was thinking of having a bunch of "Please do nothing to the cook" aprons to pass out to the Rens lol!)

 Still room to adjust for times. Is there a preferred time you're looking for?

No worries.

Time still might change so I can accommodate as many people as I can.

Just wanted to at least have a time slot for now.

Well no worries.

 I'll try to help out the best I can.

Saturday at 3 would certainly be the most optimal for people to show up.

But as the gathering host, in the end it's your call.

If time permits it I might be able to come as Noctis from the new and upcoming FF15.

 But don't cross your fingers as this would be a very last minute project.


 But I would suggest you sign in to the gathering as soon as possible before you lose a good spot.

 Just pick a day and time for now that looks good to which you can change later if needed. Better to have a spot saved for now.

I can help you out if needed.

Going to submit time, day, and location tomorrow.

Any other votes?


And listing is now up. So I need to decide soon what day, time, and location everyone could relatively agree on as I'll be going by majority.

I'll wait about a week or two before submitting the results as I would like to get this done as quickly as possible.


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