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Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
May 14, 2007, 09:00:01 PM
Are you sure?  I just checked it and it works for me.  Try just manually entering the URL:
Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
May 14, 2007, 01:37:22 PM
As promised, the new location of the GTL prokect sides is
Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
May 09, 2007, 09:45:59 PM
Quote from: "Crazy_Saiko"
Quote from: "Blues"I loved performing for you guys, and I miss those of you who have personally touched the show (or fallen on it).  

... you still keep reminding everyone that, don't you ^^;

btw: if you need help this year
PM me

A year cannot pass without me making some sort of throwback to that.  That's written in stone somewhere.

Anyway, as I said, I can't really say anything specific at this point, but as soon as news of when and where the GTL show will be happening, I'll let you guys know.  All I can tell you for now is it won't be happening any time this year out West.
Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
May 06, 2007, 03:32:50 AM
So sorry to necropost.  Someone linked me to this ever so recently, however, so here I am.

I wasn't really planning on posting here again due to certain outstanding circumstances, but considering there's still discussion concerning me going on, I figured I should at least set a couple things straight for anyone who was wondering.  This is also very long, so if you're not SohmaYuki and in the habit of replying to things like this with "tl;dr", then skip down to the part for everyone else.

To SohmaYuki:
You seem to really pride yourself on having all the facts, but you're operating on some false ideas, so let's see if I can help you out.

Yes, I do know who you are from the MT boards.  Does that earn me cool points?  I even know you from the IRC room.  The funny thing, though, is that you apparently don't know me.  Tsk tsk, bad moderator.  

To quote Mr. Gallagher:

Posted: Aug 14 2005, 02:56 PM

The Great Teacher Largo is a fan-run panel. If you recall, there is a guy who did an impromptu GTL class in the lobby of Otakon three years ago - that's him. Nicknamed 'blue' i believe.

I wont be there, i don't think, and i nor anyone at Megatokyo is involved in it, but from what i've seen of it in the past, it was quite amusing, and i have given blue the thumbs up to go to town and have fun with it. Its like fan-art, only... live.


I'm on the user list as Blues.  I've posted in the forums before on the subject of GTL.

It's not intellectual property theft if I've been publicly given the consent to perform the panel.  Furthermore, in my talks with Mr. Gallagher (yes, I've talked to him on several occasions, too.  More cool points?), he described the panel as "live-action doujin".  Terms such as "fanart" and "doujin" imply that it is homage to the original, but may have taken on a personal flair from the artist.  That's all I'm doing with the panel.  

I've never stated that I was being 100% accurate, or even attempting to be.  I don't know where you got the idea that I or anyone else involved fancied ourselves as "representatives and authorities of the comic", but you're pretty much wrong as you can get there.  Even on the page that I started to promote the panel and spread it to some other cons, the disclaimer reads as follows:

Largo, and all other intellectual property of Fred Gallagher, © Fred Gallagher. All other material ©2002-2007 Mike Mallon. GTL Project is a personal project, and not affiliated with Mega Tokyo.

Personal.  Unaffiliated.  I don't know how else to say it to make it any clearer.

This site was advertised on the front page of Megatokyo, and those post on it’s forums.  You had every opportunity to get this information; it's been out there for almost 2 years.  If you were truly an expert of all things Megatokyo and so involved in the inner workings, shouldn't you have known about this?  

Don’t claim to know what’s really going on when you miss something right in front of you.

Moving on...

The purpose of the panel was to celebrate that element of the comic that has sort of slipped to the back burner: just pure wacky entertainment.  I try to do it in a way that gets the crowd involved and pumped.  

The focus was on GTL, and to be even more specific, the first interpretation of GTL.  I'm aware that particular aspect of his character has developed since then, but that's the Largo I like, so that's the one I'm going to keep in mind when I do the panel.
Yes, I know there's depth to Largo beyond this one facet, but there's only so much I can do with a 50 minute panel, and I don't think anyone goes to those panels with the hope of seeing Largo pine after Erika.  That would be sort of confusing, anyway, since the panels have always had "Great Teacher Largo" in their titles.  

In short, it's a comedy panel, not a Broadway play.

Have I strayed from an exact interpretation of the original incarnation of the character?  Absolutely.  And why not?  Too much of the same thing gets boring, and I like to keep things fresh.  People keep lining up, so they must agree with what I'm doing.

It's deviated even further since you've last seen it, too.  The original panel was intended to be fairly accurate, but every year, I keep what works and change what doesn't.  As of Otakon 06, it was described as sort of “Largo-based standup with a slideshow”.  The theme of the classroom was still there, along with Largo's lack of understanding of Japanese culture but piqued curiosity due to his personal interests.  I won't argue that there's a good part of myself going into the role, which helps me stay in character regardless of what's thrown at me from the crowd.

Speaking of which...

As for your master plans of overthrowing my panel, I'm afraid you'd have been sorely disappointed at the outcome.  I can tell you that the crowd itself probably would have turned on you if you were really intent on stopping the panel from the audience, and you would have been removed pretty quickly.  And for rushing the stage and stealing the mic, I've never had a panel (even when I was doing lobby shows) where a good number of staff and/or security guards weren't on hand.  Had you actually managed to get me off stage, you and your friend would have followed shortly after, been removed from the con, and taken a trip to the police station, as that definitely qualifies as battery, and you can bet I would press charges, what with a room full of hundreds of witnesses.  

You should also look up the definition of assault.

Amusingly enough, you're the second Megatokyo moderator that's talked big about shutting my panel down for intellectual property theft and whatnot (I'm sure you know Ukyo), and that was also after Mr. Gallagher posted his consent on the forums; the same forums where Ukyo made this statement.  

You mods are just sharp as tacks over there.

Also, it’s no mystery to me that the people over at Megetokyo aren’t fans of the panel.  Asmodeus stated that one of his favorite things about Otakon one year was NOT seeing my panel.  I believe it was Dom that said he and Mr. Gallagher attended the first panel, but had to leave after a few minutes because their heads hurt from the surrealism of it all, and asked themselves if they were to blame over driving the people doing the panel insane.

Your .Hack comparison is flawed, because at no point have I ever stated that I was any sort of authority on either Megatokyo, or even simply the character of Largo.  

You’re reading far too much into this than there really is to it and are jumping to conclusions.  You truly don’t get it, despite how cute you think it is that people say so.

If you think it’s disrespectful, too bad.  There isn’t a thing you can do about it.  The only person who can truly determine that is Mr. Gallagher himself, and he has yet to say anything to me about it.  He, unlike you, understands that it’s a fan thing and open to interpretation.

If you feel the need to argue anything that I’ve said, feel free, but you can’t really debate the simple truth.  You can, however, continue to throw around this egotistical, elitist, arrogant attitude like an immature little jackass, since you seem to be so good at doing it.

P.S.: While I was there, I wasn't involved with, nor did I hear anything about any sort of GTL happening at ACen.  There will, however, be a panel this year.  I'll be sure to send you some pictures and let you know how it went.

To everyone else:
I appreciate your interest in the show, and I honestly apologize for what happened last year, but what was done was done for a reason, and it is very unlikely that I’ll be doing any shows at Fanime in the future.  I am working on securing another Cali-based con, but won’t say any more on that until I have something substantial to share.

I loved performing for you guys, and I miss those of you who have personally touched the show (or fallen on it).  Your support for me, even despite my silence, is nothing short of incredible.  It’s people like you that make the show worth doing, and are the reason I continue to do so.  I can’t thank you enough, and I hope to see you all again in the future.

The GTL Project site has, due to several reasons that are all pretty much my own fault, fallen apart a little, but will be back in order by the 14th of this month at the latest.  Anyone interested in contacting me can do so via PM on this board until then, at which point, you can find me on the project site.  

I’ll update this post with more information later for anyone interested.
The panel was submitted some time ago by Dh8d1, but they never got back to him.
Ideas and Suggestions / Airsoft Events?
April 18, 2006, 07:58:45 AM
I've been itching to get back at it with my airsofts.  I'm in, but there's one issue with me; my guns never had the orage tips.  Would that ban me from the games?

Well, yeah.  that's part of it.  And you have to admit that that was one of the highlights of the first show; I don't think it would have been half as much of a success without you.

Besides, what a GTL without a Miho?

Some of those would be good ideas for lessons as part of the show (infact, I might use one or two AND NOT GIVE YOU ANY CREDIT HAR HAR HAR).  What I'm looking for here is a subject based in "reality" that can be openly discussed.  It doesn't even have to pertain to Megatokyo, so long as it's about some sort of related culture.
It wouldn't be a Fanime GTL show without you, Koneko.

In other news, in order to try and avoid near riot-stirring questions like "Mac or PC?", I'm seriously conisdering changing the Q&A session at the end of the show to a more focused discussion, such as webcomics, like NachoManLance suggested.

Any other topics you might want to see covered?
Yeah, it might be best to make it for Sat or Sun, as those are the big days that everyone will be there.
Ideas and Suggestions / Energy Drink "Bar" at Fanime
March 21, 2006, 09:47:32 PM
And Tab is really only for people that like cancer.
it's taken care of.
Bleach nothing; Narutards vs One Piece.  May the best pirate win.
I'm still a fan of wild boy from Di Gi Charat.
Past GTL lessons:

The benefits of B33R
Zombie awareness
Instructional video: "So you want to be 1337?"
Slideshow lecture: "Why Sandrock sucks"
I'm going as either Sanji or Zoro; depends on how far I get on my katana set by then.
Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"*_* Dood... I used to have a bigbig crush on Tuxedo Kamen when I was in Junior High. Now, it's just like... um... I'll draw my bf as a chibi and say I'll have a crush on him. O.o;;;

What about the Moonlight Knight?

God I hated that guy...
General Convention Discussion / Backpacks/carrying stuff
February 20, 2006, 11:08:05 PM
According to stories I've heard from various incidents, if you want to make sure your stuff is safe, never let it leave your sight.  Even if there was some sort of designated area for putting stuff (which I'm almost positive there isn't for liability's sake), personally, I still wouldn't trust it.

If you do the backpack thing, just pack what you think you'll need for that day, or maybe make a run back to your hotel room for mid-day restockings.
Well I was trying to think positive.  And by about the 7th time, I figured the Great Will would get sick of resetting the world...
Well, was he a specificly important to the series?  In those situations, sometimes they develope them a little beyond the stereotype, like Chibodee Crocket from G Gundam...  but not by much.
Hooray for cheesy topics!

Alright, after a mighty poor searching of the forums, since the search feature angers me and doesn't really work all that well, I decided to take the risk that a thread like this doesn't exist (or at least hasn't been posted in the last 3 pages) and just go for it:

Who have you found yourself crushing on from an anime title?

AND, to make it extra interesting, if someone posts the same character as you, you have to post a reason why you're better for that character than the previous poster.  LOVE TRIANGLES ABOUND!

Let me be the first to leave my dignity at the door and post:

Sailor Moon - Amy Anderson/Ami Mizuno: I admit it, I'm a fan of the nerdy girls.  Amy(Ami, whatever) is cute, very intelligent, has an adorable personality, and the blue hair doesn't hurt, either.  (mind you, I was like 13 at the time of this.  To be hot for Amy now would result in jail time)

Yu Yu Hakusho - Botan: My choice for "Best Embodiment of Death".  This on was on the same grounds as Amy/Ami, actually (though I don't know if Botan was ever documented as a certifiable genius, but whatever; I'm not picky).

One Piece - Nico Robin: In a word, "ZOMG".  The only one on the list mostly for the fact of "she's purdy, hur hur hur", though she did have other favorable traits as well, like being so reserved (almost a mysterious quality), and just being such an interesting person...

Excel Saga - Excel: Come on... she's just... cute.  I know this one totally goes against my other picks, but...  Come on...

*Patiently waits for the day this thread comes back to bite him in the ass in the form of public humiliation... outside of Fanime, anyway.  I think I've destroyed my reputation eough around here as it is.