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Hooray for cheesy topics!

Alright, after a mighty poor searching of the forums, since the search feature angers me and doesn't really work all that well, I decided to take the risk that a thread like this doesn't exist (or at least hasn't been posted in the last 3 pages) and just go for it:

Who have you found yourself crushing on from an anime title?

AND, to make it extra interesting, if someone posts the same character as you, you have to post a reason why you're better for that character than the previous poster.  LOVE TRIANGLES ABOUND!

Let me be the first to leave my dignity at the door and post:

Sailor Moon - Amy Anderson/Ami Mizuno: I admit it, I'm a fan of the nerdy girls.  Amy(Ami, whatever) is cute, very intelligent, has an adorable personality, and the blue hair doesn't hurt, either.  (mind you, I was like 13 at the time of this.  To be hot for Amy now would result in jail time)

Yu Yu Hakusho - Botan: My choice for "Best Embodiment of Death".  This on was on the same grounds as Amy/Ami, actually (though I don't know if Botan was ever documented as a certifiable genius, but whatever; I'm not picky).

One Piece - Nico Robin: In a word, "ZOMG".  The only one on the list mostly for the fact of "she's purdy, hur hur hur", though she did have other favorable traits as well, like being so reserved (almost a mysterious quality), and just being such an interesting person...

Excel Saga - Excel: Come on... she's just... cute.  I know this one totally goes against my other picks, but...  Come on...

*Patiently waits for the day this thread comes back to bite him in the ass in the form of public humiliation... outside of Fanime, anyway.  I think I've destroyed my reputation eough around here as it is.
Now that things are starting to get to a point where people are really getting stoked about the upcoming Fanime, I figure it's about time to start getting discussions going for this year's GTL show.

Thus far, I think I have a pretty good show planned out, but I'm not above taking suggestions from future attendants as to what you'd like to see.

Keep in mind that suggestions have to be within legal and physical feasibility, which rules out things like blowing up computers on stage or quadruple backflips out of the rafters, though that would be pretty sweet...

Anyway, consider this your virtual suggestion box for all things GTL at Fanime.  Happy posting.