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I'd totally laugh if it was the doings of the local businesses in that plaza
I'm dealing with it pretty well actually with Japan Expo, AX, and sac-anime still around :)
Sac-anime is good for a starter con, to get familiar with the whole cosplaying and badge ordering system. Once you attend smaller cons for a while then you go in for the big fishes I.E. fanime, AX, and many other Cali ones I cant name off my head. I really love both cons because sac-anime is where I popped my cosplay/convention cherry lol and will always be my second favorite to fanime and Ax of course blows the charts off with their usualness =P I ALWAYS visit both cons since sac-anime is 3 months after fanime

Pros- Efficient, operated smoothly, lines honestly NEVER backup like it does here, staff are ontop and are never "too busy for you", are super knowledgeable of their routines and convention. Attenders there are more family friendly and accept meeting others without regards or bias. They are more of the "classic" anime lovers I.E. glomping and chasing down "hot" Sebastians or Clouds lol

Cons- Nothing. Its absolutely legitimate the way its run because you cannot blame nor put negativity on them for their size and "fresh" face on the con block. Fanime's been around since the 90's so we ALL know it off our heads, as sac-anime is kind of new (started in 2006 I believe?) so not knowing about it or it not meeting our fanime styled expectations is not their fault nor is it an admissible negativity on them.
Quote from: eralston on June 07, 2013, 07:14:01 PM
Quote from: Maskenlav on June 07, 2013, 06:45:44 PM
I personally think its because more and more of the non-anime related cosplayers aren't really into the anime scene and go within groups of friends as something they want themselves. Homestuckers or not to me, I saw more of non-costumed plain clothed attendees this year.

What's wrong with going un-costumed? I've been watching anime for 18 years (I'm only 23), been going to Fanime since 1999 (nearing 100 total conventions) and seen over 1400 anime series and have never really been into the cosplay thing.

Just because an attendee is "non-costumed plain clothed" doesn't mean that they aren't into the "anime scene".

EDIT: Regarding the "Homestuck hate". I have no problem with it and have seen similar influxes of fans ever since I started attending. In the late '90's-early '00's EVERYONE was obsessed with Eva, somewhere around 2004 there was a massive influx of Naruto cosplayers and fans, then we've seen Hetalia, My Little Pony and Homestuck in the past few years.

I wasn't a big fan of any of those "shows" at the time (partially due to watching Eva as an 8 year old) but have learned that the fandoms settle down in time.

Nothing is wrong with that, I went one year in 08 plain clothed. I was just pointing out the turnout since people said Homestuck took over the con, so I semi-defended Homestuckers by saying there were MORE plain clothed non cosplayers this year :P

And to reply to your edit I remember when Hellsing was the popular anime around 07 in front of the MISSED AND NEVER FORGOTTEN fountains *tears* so many Herr Majors, Rip Van Winkles, Seras, Schrodinger, and Herr Doktors LOL
I personally think its because more and more of the non-anime related cosplayers aren't really into the anime scene and go within groups of friends as something they want themselves. Homestuckers or not to me, I saw more of non-costumed plain clothed attendees this year.
To that Yurippe I ran into at the gaming hall and literally made her follow me around and pose with me and Otonashi thanks for being so cool and accepting of doing that! I hope I run into you at the upcoming sac-anime! Your the best!
I'm looking for myself as Hideki Hinata from the series Angel Beats! I was him all weekend and had the blue wig with a silver pistol and was with an Otonashi and Yurippe. I also posed with my hands in my pockets if you have some with that. Thank you!

*side note I'm also looking for the Yurippe who I met at the gaming hall if you see this please pm me I never got to really say bye or know about the group sac anime plan
Fanime is very good place to go every year with old/new friends :) everyone's welcoming and non-judgmental (however you will run into some radical cosplayers who think people should fit characters based on real looks) and just warm hearted. Once you get used to the layout of both floors you'll be running around everywhere taking tons of photos and seeing awesome ass costumes!
I was close to with a Tachibana Kanade some Fanime ago I think, 2011? I wasn't Angel Beats but in a uniform similar and she dragged me along as Hinata since I had blue hair. We clicked and enjoyed the weekend but 2 things got to me. 1. she didn't live in Cali 2. her age at the time :( (big bummer)
I am going as Hinata from Angel Beats. Any other Angel Beats characters out there to meet up for pics? :)
Alright haha just felt dead without being here lol yeah he's right it's like ALWAYS booked months before it, but closer to it people cancel or no show.

echshadow: yeah thats cause AX is the number 1 con in like California so of course they'd bump it as much as they can to make profit lol
Wow I missed alot lol  hows everyone gearing up for the next 3 months?
Food on a budget = more to spend on Fanime! lmfao
Sweet! More parties! lol
Hope everyone will have a happy new years! See you guys in 2013 yeah? Haha
Anyone interested in doing something unique and like never before seen? Let's do Phantom Brave! It's an RPG game for the PS2 (the characters are extra map unlocked or DLCs for PS3 titles like Disgaea 3 & 4) I can provide story synopsis and images of characters! Hit me up in messages if you want OR I can ATTEMPT a gathering! :)
Quote from: Haunterluvcookies on October 05, 2012, 06:59:45 PM
I heard a rumor that mabye they were going to do pre-reg and hotel together. I hope really hope thats not the case, because that would be disatorious.

that's just straight up not good. That will SCARE away attendees NOT bring them. They just should stick to pre-reg pricing and let the hotels deal with their own discounts or rates.

Quote from: echoshadow on October 05, 2012, 08:56:44 PM
I know, they think we are made out of money.

I can only see how that would work out, if it had a set date on when it would be up. That way everyone would have the money ready.

Remember its the same people that thought releasing the offical Fanime schuedule 2 days before day 0 was a good idea.

I know dude, they think we'll just fork over whatever they price things with a click of a button. They have easy income BECAUSE of us, while were out looking for jobs like a hunter's dog. I really HOPE they release schedules WAY before fanime's Day 0, infact they should go back to their previous ways like before 09. It was simple and effective. Now their just trying to add sub departments under sub departments lol
you make sure that guy KNOWS what he did was not cool Echo! Anyway possible! Even if it becomes the talk of the convention!

on side note with fanime creeping back into our minds slowly with each passing month, how's everyone been preparing? Making or ordering costumes this time?
Quote from: echoshadow on August 31, 2012, 09:13:09 PM
Yep, it should have been done before the start of Fanime. I commisioned him on it since April.

I made a thread about in the buyers/selllers feedback section. It saves me the effort to explain it all.

hope you didn't get duped! I really don't commission people UNLESS I've had a 100% guaranteed and legit business. Or I get personal lady friends to help sew/make them lol
count me in for a William. I'll be a cheap homemade Will with my own tux instead of getting one tailored to his exact or actually ordering it though lol