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New events added:

Kendama Tournament
Free- Range Art Jam Contest! (Sponsored by Copic)

New Panels added

Schedule of Events is now online for viewing!

Pre-Registration extended until July 10th!

Hotel Rooms are still available!  Person who books the room get's a weekend pass for free!
See you there!

Tentative Programming Schedule, Artist Alley List and Dealers List are online!
Jennie Kwan Added to Guest List!

Kintoki-Con is returning after a year long hiatus. We look forward to having everyone return for new events and fun for the whole family!!
We have moved to a new (somewhat smaller) hotel, The Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza, located in downtown Sacramento.
Event Dates: July 26-28, 2013

Returning Guests from our 2011 show:
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Richard Epcar
Yuumei/Wenqing Yang

New Guests for 2013:
Gene Luen Yang
Zeiva Inc. + Kaze-Hime
Long Vo - Udon Entertainment
Aimee Lee Lucas - K-Pop Choreographer (added 11/16/12)
Koge Donbo* (added 01/04/13)
Jennie Kwan (added 4/26/13)

Entertainers for 2013:
Mari Watanabe
Angel Hearts

Registration is currently online!

Artist Alley
Artist Alley is FULL. -
We do have a wait list online though and are looking at possible expansion.
Tables are 8ft
Spaces are $60 and come with one free badge. You may purchase an additional badge for one partner at a discounted rate.

Vendor Hall
Vendors Are currently FULL.

Fan Friday - Feat. Homestuck!
Can Town Charity Ball
Make-up and Prop workshops
Free Range Art Jam
Cosplay Chess

Imari Yumiki will be running Masquerade this year!

Convention Maids
In lieu of a maid cafe this year, we will be doing something a little bit different.
Our maids will be wandering the convention with program books and other information guides as well as assisting with water service and doing onstage performances.

We will once again be offering special discounted badges to approved photographers. This is fir not only their benefit but also for the safety of cosplayers in general. We ask that anyone claiming to be a photographer but not wearing this badge be reported to staff immediately so that we can either approve them or remove them from the event.

We are promoting the education if parents as well as passing on our knowledge and hobbies to the younger generation, as such we would like to make a simple request from you. Please keep all displays PG and keep to shows that are PG13 or lower. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Panels and workshops
Panels and workshops will again be divided into two tracks: professional and fan.
There will also be an additional parent track for informing and educating parents on your hobbies.  Cosplayers Maridah and Pikminlink will be doing a special panel specifically on Cosplay and the GoGo Hikaru twins will be doing panels on eco-friendly cosplay as well as fitness and health.  The twins will also be hosting a morning run (dubbed Runnaloids) for cosplayers.  Gene Luen Yang will be hosting a panel on comics and two workshops.

Video Room
Our video room is sponsored by NIS America, so most of what we show will be via their courtesy.  We will also be showing some Korean Animated Movies not available in the US.

Game Room
Our Game Room will once again be run by the T.B.A.G.R. group who has long run SacAnime, Fanime, and many other convention game rooms.  We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us!

Shawnanigan's Arcade
This year we will have one small room dedicated to arcade games thanks to Shawnanigan's Garage.  These games will have their tokens active, this is due to the group's request as a tradeoff for them bringing in the arcade systems for us.

Lounge &Children's Room
We are bringing back our lounge, an area for people to chill out and relax amidst the rush.  Perfect for weary parents or groups who need a place to sit and talk. 
This area will currently be shared with a small Children's Room, an activity area for parents to interact with their younger children.  We have fun and educational events planned and the area is under the charge of cosplayer CarlaDawn and her friends.

K-Pop MVP (Choreography Workshops)
In addition to Aimee Lee Lucas being added to the guest list, she and her company, Music Video Party (MVP), will be hosting workshop sessions to teach attendees how to dance to some of K-Pop's most popular music videos.

Cultural Asia Fashion Show
Asia is not only abundant in culture and food, but also tradition. This fashion show will display traditional costumes from different Asian cultures such as, China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Hmong etc. We hope to educate viewers as to which costume belongs to which country as well as their origins.

Semi-Formal Asian Dance
We believe that dances are meant to be eventful, fun and safe with a touch of class.
Therefore rather than following suite with other conventions and host a rave, we will host a nice semi-classy dance with quality music of all styles.
We would like to encourage everyone to dress up in traditional Asian attire for this event.

This year all card game tournaments will take place on Fan Friday.  They will be hosted by Sacramento-based Metropolis Comix.


There is proof to back up the fanart statement. A few years back, Otakon banned fanart from the Artist Alley. That year the convention, as well as the artists, suffered greatly because of it.
Since then they have chosen a different method. See their AA contract for details on that method as I am unsure of it and it is too difficult to check on my phone.
Waitlist means that all of the AA tables were filled. If they put up the full room of tables with no waitlist hold backs, then that means they have to wait to see who doesn't pay/drops their table. Meaning they can't really say anything till closer to con or as people drop. If no one drops, then no waitlist people can get a spot (given prior situation is true).
Video Programming / Re: Powerpuff Girls Z
March 08, 2012, 12:23:56 PM
I was able to get dvds of the eps a few years ago (was a bootleg though (got refunded)) but I haven't searched the market since for a legit copy. Cartoon Network holds the license internationally outside Japan and Philippines got a English dub.  It'd be nice to see both versions if possible.
BRS = Black Rock Shooter.  Sorry, I can't quote via phone; it was meant as a response to a prior post on pg1... ^^;

Classics are always good. Outlaw Star~ wish I could watch that again <3
BRS and Touhou are definitely popular. just fyi. though brs can be difficult to sell if drawn in certain styles that do not appeal to the majority audience or if they look like all the other fanarts. best to do research as most people end up doing similar poses for her...
I think the Eureka Seven Sequel, coming in April, is going to create a series comeback. Fate/Zero and the Hunter X Hunter remake (as well as the Sailor Moon manga re-release) have also been well recieved. Blue Exorcist has maintained it's popularity as well and FMA had a new movie out recently if memory serves me correctly...

Sadly most of the top titles are shounen.... Not sure if Skip Beat has a maintained popularity here....

Bleach and Naruto are on a slight yet steady decline but how ever they end will cause a boost to certain fandoms as far as pairings.
#12 is a good source for starters. =)
I think the reason for the strong issue of Fan Art vs original is mostly due to the fact that attendees come to the AA to buy fan art.  It is very rare for an attendee to buy original work in the AA.  I personally have had a few in the past but if you put two pieces of work in front of an attendee, one Fan art and one original of the same genre that they like; more often than not they will buy the fan art or move on to another table looking for a specific series.

Artists who spend money at AA expect to be able to make that back plus the cost of their trip (and maybe pocket money or funds for school, etc).  They know the demands of the attendees going into that room very well and struggle hard to keep up with the constantly changing hot anime of the year.  Yes there are some series that will be popular no matter how old (Sailor Moon, Digimon (S1&2), Dragon Ball, etc); but most series come and go. It's also more difficult to carry over prints from a previous season into the new season because of this; so the artists have to judge carefully on how much to print.  This can lead to a lot of frustration if a print sells out too fast and people still demand it.  I saw this happen to a particular artist last year; she was selling out of 2-3 prints within a few hours and I had to drive her out to print more every day since she was wanting to meet the demands of attendees (such a sweet girl).

It may be a big mess of a grey area, but I think everyone here can agree on some level that if fan art was banned, AA would cease to exist within a few short years.
I finally had a chance to actually sit down and go over the Table Agreement and came across something in it that is not very clear....

Quote8. Securing art or any construction directly to the SJCCF equipment such as tables, chairs, and walls is prohibited. If the AAL sees materials taped to the provided table coverings Artist will be asked to remove them. Artist will only receive one (1) verbal warning. Subsequent violations will result in the expulsion of Artist from Event Space without refund.

"Securing art or any construction directly to the SJCCF equipment such as tables"
Does this line mean that the displays that use clamps to attach to the table are no longer allowed?  Is there a reason as to why?
Um... You guys do know that the convention center is in the process of getting an expansion right? Meaning new rooms will be opening up in the future.
Game Room is expanding as well, last con there was more room b/c the number of arcade machines dropped.  However with the new Just Dance games gaining tournament popularity among other new games more space will be needed for them as well.
I have been to conventions all over CA and Sakura-Con 1 time.  Unfortunately working full time limits me from traveling further.

I can say I have been to the following and all of them had a majority of artists that did double-sided displays with no complaints from other artists (to my knowledge):

Anime LA, SacAnime, SacCon, AOD, JTAF, Ani-Jam, Pacific Media Expo, Anime Expo, Sakura-Con
Anyone who's worked in customer service knows that it only takes a small handful of complaints for something to need to be done; even if the majority weren't affected by it or if it impacts them separately.

The skill level comment was an assumption since I didn't recognize any of the artists that were complaining about the double-sided displays.  Also most of the arguments they gave were that the attendees were getting in the way of their table and that it was hurting their sales; but if that's the case shouldn't they do their best to try to draw attention towards their work and away from the display behind them and try to make a sale themselves?  In that situation it's a 50:50 chance they will either make a sale or the attendee will become uninterested and walk away to go to the other table.  Any attention is good attention; how you use it to benefit yourself is up to you.
I wasn't talking about that, I was referring to the amount of people pro single sided displays versus those who want double-sided displays.  That comment had nothing to do with skill at all. The percentage was a guesstimate.

I may have been a little bit agitated while making that comment since the post before that was a bit more self-centered towards their own personal issues vs AA issues overall.

The point is, the majority of the artists rely on those double-sided displays.
I wouldn't call anything over 5 years as recent...and AX had them going since 2006 when I first attended and probably before that. Recent would be in the last 1-3 years tops.

I do not see any reason why artists can't post on the backside of their own table display.  Just put up your own display the same way.  It's not as big of a deal as you have made it out to be and there were many complaints over the new rule last year.

If you don't want to deal with it, why not ask for a table with the wall behind it? Then you won't have to worry about it.