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Standing-By for more info on this baby. Haven't done a swap meet in a couple years, now. Seriously need to hand off some un-needed goodness.  ;D

Excellent! *air guitar solo* I'll tell my group about it! Hopefully see you there!

Hey there!

This is actually kinda perfect. My cosplay group is going as Aela, Farkus, and Kodlak Whitemane. I believe we're planning on doing it Friday. I'd be down for setting something together!

I've been so focused on other things.  Has sign up already happened?
not yet.  Registration system is still being finalized.  We'll put word out here, on Twitter, on Fanime's Facebook page, and on the Fanime site when things are ready to go for registration.

Nice! I'll be standing-by for the word then!

I would definitely like to see more industry panels. Professional VA's, producers, writers, even people from outside the Anime Industry like video game companies. Even, people like Roooster Teeth Productions who have a large following with a diverse group of geeks. I enjoy the for fans by fans style of the convention but I think Fanime has gotten so big that it needs to grow up and start contending with the big boys now.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Theme for Fanime 2012
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:53:21 AM »
I'm really starting to like this theme. People are coming up with great ideas. For instance, the Summer Olympics tie-in. Keep it up!

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