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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Website suggestion
March 30, 2014, 11:38:28 AM
Hello and good day,

So this is an idea I had. Why not use one of the old websites as a template temporarily until the official website is up. This shouldn't be that hard to make another site or use an older site. For example: and are still up and running as the previous fanimes are already over.

People want to know whats up!!!

Rewrite a little coding, change the skin/background/layout and add some info for us fans to be updated.

Registration / Re: Group Registration Designation
March 28, 2014, 03:14:03 PM
Wow, I made this post about 2 weeks ago... finally someone posts here...
Game room every year gets better and better. Wish they updated their arcade machines to the latest versions though...

Which other con in northern cali, allows a 24hr game room/video rooms??

Non that I know of...

Fanime: step up your game with this website and hurry, its almost less than 2 months away and its scary to hear that people may not come to fanime next year... I want to come back next year and many years after as a veteran of past fanimes...

General Convention Discussion / Re: Hours for con
March 20, 2014, 08:44:27 AM
Hello and good day,

For 2013 the pre reg pickup for thursday didnt start till 7pm. Previous years, its suppose to start by 4pm. I usually get in line on thursdays by 12 noon, as there are people who have waited since 9am or earlier. This is at the Fanime site, not clockwork alchemy.

Live Programming and Events / Panels
March 15, 2014, 07:10:51 PM
Hello and good day,

Just double checking this, but are panels going to only be at the fairmont hotel? What happened to the marriott panel rooms?

Thank you,
I will never understand why this even had to be, I agree with everyone above. No other con does this, and all the cons I have been to, AnimeFx, AOD, KrakenCon, SanAnime, AX, etc. All post up their site at least 6 months in advanced.
Well, last year, the main problem was they didn't tell people till the last minute that you can pick up badges at the double tree,  which led to the massive lines which led to 2 medical calls.

I was lucky to be in line as I waited on thursday for prereg pickup since 11am. I was at least the first 100 in line, then moved to a smaller room, then back downstairs near the lobby, then up to the grand ballroom. Badge pickup throughout the previous years has been 4pm, and just the 3hr difference for a 7pm pickup last year was ridiculous as I didnt pickup the badges till almost 10pm... a line within a line to another line, thats just crazy in itself. I feel bad for the people in line for more than I did. I still have pictures of the line from when it went down the ally way to around the corner...
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Boba for food court
March 14, 2014, 04:50:18 PM
This would benefit both the con-goers and Fanime itself as if you want the attendees to stay at the convention longer, instead of going for outside foods.

More food places for the food court, like last years snack joint that opened for 24hrs which served ramen, snacks and drinks,  was awesome!!!

Registration / Group Registration Designation
March 14, 2014, 04:46:44 PM
Hello and good day,

I have received a question earlier today about the group registration on how to designate a group leader. Now I know its usually the person creating the group automatically becomes the leader, as it was for the past years, this year is a bit different.

Now is there an actual button to press or an action to take to assign the group leader? If so, I would like to know how.

What I usually do/did already when I made my own group, was on the other comments section, I put: "I am the designated group leader". This seemed the most logical way since I made the group and am the leader.

Hope to hear from you soon,
So, I know this is a really old post, but this would be great for Fanime this year. So Vocalekt Visions changed their name to Synthesized Reality Productions, and this can make a big hype for all the vocaloid fans in the bay area/country.

Lets hope for the best,
Ideas and Suggestions / Boba for food court
March 12, 2014, 08:07:55 PM
So there are a couple of boba places that I know would be cool for the food court. Not sure if they can make portable milk teas, but this will definitely make great revenue to both the con and the store.

Favorite Milk Tea/Boba
T-Pumps San Mateo
Beach and Boba San Francisco

More commercial type:

Food Suggestions:

I am not affiliated with any of these restaurants, so please do not contact me for any information about them.

Ayumi Hamasaki,
Flow (3rd year if they come),
Dempagumi Inc.
I know web designing is hard because of my previous work on coding and designing using html programs. But with my previous post on this same subject, being this late is unacceptable and help is needed. Not that I know better, but even Japan Expo 2nd impact is currently updating their site and telling us updates of whats going on. Again, my best years of Fanime has been since I started going in 2006, till 2011. I did enjoy flow being there for 2 years, and Momoi in 2011, that was great!!!

Please note that this is my 9th Fanime Convention and I hope this is going to be better than the last 2 years.

See you at Fanime 2014,
Hello and good day,

Let me remind you guys about last years registration horror.

If you bought your badge at the FanimeCon wrbsite, you would get the badge at the FanimeCon location. This was the same for the Clockwork Alchemy website, if you bought a CA badge, you have to pick it up at the CA location. There was not a choice selection of where to pickup your badges, like they did for this year. Clockwork Alchemy has joined FanimeCon since 2012 and there was no choice of where to pickup the badges as the websites were not linked together with the registration choices.

Hope this clears it up for everybody,
Hello and good day,

I have a couple of questions about this and why is it not possible for both early and pre registration to get the discount. What is the point in getting a pre or early badge if we are doing a panel? I have friends that are doing panels, but they just want to know why.

Thank you,
Hello and good day,

After reading all of the comments and posts, all these suggestions and issues with both Fanime and CA I agree with you all. CA should have a seperate date/days coinciding with Fanime and for some people anime is more important than steampunk, and vise-versa. This year there is a choice to pickup your badges.  Registration is not at the Fairmont, and communication between staff and con goers are at most important.

I have been going to Fanime since 2006. I am at most disappointed on how the website is going this year. This has been the latest I have ever seen. In 08/09 the website would be up in a few months, and as early as august.

I have tried to talk to people in staff and they don't know whats going on. CA has their website up and running: this is unfair to the Fanime con goers. Here is my question: why should we be forced to buy a badge for both cons, when people only want to go to one of them? I have friends who cosplay all the time at Fanime, some who have their own AA or even photo shoot. Fanime will always be known for being the largest Anime Con in the Northern California/Silicon Valley region, so why try something different that is currently hurting the con?

If someone who agrees to my message as a supporter to Fanime, you may quote me, message me, or hate/like me. But I will not stand to see Fanime go down all of these years.

Hello and good day,

I have been going to fanime since 2006 and have never sseen the website come out this late. You need to communicate with us. Everyone who is excited to go this year, some who will even be their first time in my group,  hope to come back again and again.  Back in the old days, people used to be able to see the website in a few months after the con. Some even in early august which was around 2008 or 09 and that was great. I want to come back next year hoping for convenience of both registration and website.

Thank you,
So in the past there used to be an itg machine running as an arcade cabinet. Can someone bring that again? Its been like 3 fanime's ago, maybe more.

Hello and good day,

Sorry for the late reply. I understand it is hard with the current staffing right now and as everything is pretty much behind schedule to ask possibly what could have been done. Since you guys have Vocalekt Visions contact information, maybe one day they will be part of Fanime.

Again, all of the bay area Vocaloid fans out there would enjoy this even if they've seen it already. The energy in these concerts are great and the knowledge about the making can create more people who can love Vocaloid even more.

Thank you for your time,
Joseph M.
Hello and good day,

Thank you for messaging back.

Is the programming being done with the staff or is there a specific person to talk to for maybe next time?

Would this be different if they were to submit a request from an earlier date than they had this year, would they be able to be in Fanime? Or they would have to wait till next year?