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Hello and good day,

I have received a notice that Vocalekt Visions were rejected by Fanime this year for the panels and concert. The panel was just a showing on what vocaloid is and if people had questions about them.

The concert was a separate idea that they had and hoped they would have it during fanime as a sponser, which would have been great.

Even though Vocalekt Visions were not able to be part of Fanime, they will still try to make an appearance like they did last year.

Let's hope you please reconsider the idea and let Vocalekt Visions be part of Fanme this year as it would be great for the animated community and vocaloid lovers.

Thank you,
Joseph M.
I have talked to the manager of the concert at the Gumi release. They are going to try to get a panel this year at fanime and hope all goes well!!! But that's what I heard. If you want to talk to them, join them at twitter search vocalekt visions.
Just a reminder that today at 12 noon they will have a event at the New People Store for the new english megumi vocaloid and concerts are at 2pm and 4:30pm today!!! Free for everyone and first come first serve to get a free cd of the vocaloid beta!!!
Ideas and Suggestions / Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid concert
February 18, 2013, 10:44:11 AM
Hello and good day,

I just came from AODSF 2013 here in San Francisco, I was also at Fanime 2012. I was wondering if this year Mikubook/Vocalekt Visions will have their small concert like last year?

Thank you,
Joseph M.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime Location
January 02, 2013, 03:38:24 AM
Hello and good day,

Thank you for the reply, I will tell my followers that information and will see you all at Fanime.

Thank you,
Hotel and Facilities / Fanime Location
January 01, 2013, 08:18:18 PM
Hello and good day,,

I know that the flyers for 2013 Fanime says the San Jose Convention Center, but it still seems to be under renovation. I read that the convention center won't be open till fall of 2013.

I would like to make sure this is going to still be the location.

Here is the link to the renovation project:

Please message me back on this.

Thank you,