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Tough Crowd will be back for late night, Friday at 11 PM to 1 AM, Panels 4. The theme this year is 'whitewashing'.

If you are a cosplayer and interested in being a part of the show, PM me.

Tough Crowd at Fanime 2017
So yeah, this is happening again. 5 comics bickering over issues relevant to the various hobby scenes and beyond. This year we're following the Comedy Club panel, come for the laughs, stay for the fights.

Also, we're 18+ this year.

Saturday, 11PM-1AM in Panels 2
The very first Tough Crowd with Soap panel has been approved and will appear at Fanime 2014.

Tough Crowd with Soap is a comedic, anime-based current events panel featuring convention stand-up comics and their stupid opinions. Hosted by me, "Soap", we'll have regulars from the Fanime Comedy Club, and AX Last Comic Standing. The panel is 18+, and aims to have an open discussion on various topics  relating to anime, the conventions scene, scandals from it, and hobbydom as a whole. Cosplayers encouraged.

Follow us on Facebook at Tough Crowd with Soap for updates and list of comedians. (the page is a little bare, at the moment)
Panel approved. Late night. Gonna be raw. My advice for you lot; if you "liek mudkips", go to another panel.

Long-time participant in Anime Expo's Last Comic Standing, and last year's "winner", here's a chance for some of those too cheap to go to that, to see the insidious SOAP in his full, comically alienating glory. Sunday, 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM in Panels 2.

Show up. You'll barely regret it.

P.S. I'm "Soap" by the way. Yeah.