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Can we post links to photos?  Is there an official place to post on this forum?  If it's OK, I added a few photos here:
Dealers Room / Merch old vs. new
May 24, 2017, 11:29:06 AM
Every year I see the same vinyl figures at all the booths.  I was wondering if anyone was planning to sell older stuff... like SRDX carded figures. 

Do people only want new stuff??  Is there a market for collectibles that are 10 years old?
Registration / Thursday Badge Pickup question
May 24, 2017, 11:26:38 AM
Every year my daughter and I pick up our badges on Thursday.  This year I am also bringing my youngest daughter on Saturday and Sunday.  She will not be able to join us for badge pickup on Thursday.  I REALLY DO NOT want to wait in line twice (wait in line AGAIN on Saturday).  What should I do/bring with me on Thursday to get my younger daughter's badge since she won't be with me?  She doesn't have any ID anyway... it is just her dad picking up her badge.  Am I able to pick up her badge Thursday if she is not with me?  Please say, "totally, you are a cool dad and you can totally pick up her badge... we are awesome at Fanime!"

I am not sure where this topic should live, but I will give it a shot here.  We (California Cosplay) are thinking about making trading cards for select cosplayers this year.  We take loads of photos and video every year but thought it would be cool to do something different this year.

Example of the front: 

The back can have some "stats" like:

How long cosplaying
Favorite costume
Favorite Anime


btw: we took this photo last year - if you are (or know this cosplayer) hope you don't mind us using this as our example! 
I hope this is the correct place to post this!  Day One Photos are up on flickr:
My favorite part of Fanime is Artist Alley and commissioning artists.  It sounds like > 300 artists will not be able to have booths due to the high demand!  Do you have a DA or website?  Are you interested in commissions?  Perhaps a link posted here might help a bit if you didn't get a table.  Or... perhaps you did get a booth and you will be doing commissions... I would be interested in seeing your art!  I am sure others would love it too...

Introduce yourselves and let us see your amazing art!! 

There is so much negativity on the boards about AA, let's turn that around and make this a positive and exciting thing!
I am local and will be attending Fanime all weekend.  I have loads of carded figures:

and many boxed figures:

I am always interested in selling or trading.  If there is something you see that interests you let me know and I can bring it!  If this post breaks (or bends) the rules of this forum I will try to compose a more detailed post with prices and stuff, but there are so many items...

Well, message me if you are interested...
Registration / 2014 Badge Pickup = Heaven!
May 22, 2014, 05:15:16 PM
You did it!  5 minutes... in and out.  Thank you Fanime!!!!!!!!!!!
Live Programming and Events / Swap Meet
February 12, 2014, 05:06:29 PM
Any news on where/when the Swap Meet will be this year?  I always seem to miss it.
General Convention Discussion / THANK YOU!!!
June 01, 2013, 12:31:08 AM
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Fanime 2013 for making it a fun 4 day escape.  I needed it... you are all radness.

That is all.

I thought I would share the amazing portrait commissions I received at Fanime 2013. to see the full sized images.  I posted the portrait and the photo the portrait was based on.

I would love to see other commissions...
I understand the Con is over, but did the site have to be removed?  I wanted to credit a number of artists who I received commissions from and I wanted to look up a few dealers and visit their sites to purchase items that they didn't have at the conventions.  BUT... these pages are no longer available.

I would imagine I am not alone in wanting to look up information from the convention.  I assume the dealers and artists would also appreciate having their information available for a while.

Is this information archived?  If not, it really should be!!!

Thank you!
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTS: DVD, CD, Manga, Toy
May 19, 2013, 04:51:58 PM
Random stuff:

Cowboy Bebop - Best Sessions DVD (2 disks includes Director's Choice, Fan Favorites and Special Features) - $9.00

Ergo Proxy CD - Original Soundtrack Opus 02 (17 tracks, Geneon Entertainment) - $5.00

Serial Experiments Lain DVD - DEUS.  Layer 08 - 10.  $5.00

Princess Princess Manga by Mikiyo Tsuda- Volumes 1 - 4 (Published by DMP) - $20.00 for the set

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami figure - mint on card, by Kaiyodo / Xebec Toys. - $10.00

Photos below:

The Subject says it all... reviving an old topic for 2013.

Other than happily spending money on commissions in Artist Alley I have a number of anime figures I am looking for this year, including some rare items I am willing to drop some serious cash to get.  I am also looking forward to seeing all the goods in the swap meet. 

How about you?  Looking for anything in particular?
With so many people attending Fanime, we were curious about how far everyone is traveling. 

I will be making a whopping 1.9 mile journey to attend. 

Who will be traveling the longest distance?  Where are you from?
Registration / Leader pick up
April 27, 2013, 05:06:40 PM
I am sorry if this has been asked/answered before... I didn't see it.

I Pre- Registered and will be picking up my badge on Thursday (hopefully) and I am also a group leader.  Can I pick up a badge for a member of my group at the same time?  She won't be at the con until Friday and I would love to NOT have to wait in line twice.

Thank you!!
Buy/Sell/Trade / (WTS/WTT) G-taste
April 15, 2013, 10:47:22 PM
Any G-taste collectors?  I am selling all my G-taste PVC figures (both the large boxed figures from Yamato and the smaller carded figures from Epoch)

I have all the regular and variant carded figures from series 1 - 5!  These are all new on card or in box, never opened.

Here are photos of the large Yamato figures:

Here are photos of the carded Epoch figures:

I am really interested in trading.  I will be at Fanime from Thursday through Sunday and can meet up!  If no one is interested in trading, post a comment here and I will post prices.
Buy/Sell/Trade / WTS - Ghost In the Shell sale!
March 03, 2013, 12:29:37 AM

Super sale on Ghost In the Shell!  I have *most versions... first come first serve.  I would rather not ship these, but can meet up at Fanime 2013!

Oh yeah, these are only $5.00 each (all carded... first come, first served)!!
I thought you might like this little gallery.  A side-by-side photo of cosplayers from Fanime 2012 vs. anime figures:

Dealers Room / Wants!
January 22, 2013, 09:57:46 PM
Is there a place to post wants for vendors?  I have a small list of figures I am looking for... if vendors had a chance to see it, they could bring the pieces to the Con!!  Good idea????
Live Programming and Events / Commissions...
January 22, 2013, 09:49:45 PM
Hello!  My favorite part of Fanime 2012 was meeting so many wonderful artists in Artists Alley.  I walked away with 6 amazing pieces and I hope to support the artists this year (2013) with commissions!  Is there a place where artists post their sites and their locations in the alley?  It's never too early to start planning!!!
Buy/Sell/Trade / (WTS/WTT) - anime figures
January 22, 2013, 09:42:54 PM
Hello!  I am not a business... just a private collector who lives in San Jose and who hopes to meet other collectors this year.  Fanime 2012 was amazing and I thought I would reach out early to see if there is any interest.  My goal is to sell/trade figures but for actual meetups at Fanime 2013.  Listing all 500+ figures I have here would be a monumental task, but you can see my collection on here:

Respecting the rules of this forum, I am not sure how better to go about getting the word out... if you are going to be at Fanime 2013 and you are up for buying/trading... let me know!