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Quote from: citrus on May 27, 2015, 01:34:57 AM
I have plans on returning back to the con. But I'm NOT paying 450$ For just one night of a hotel. I've made some back up plans by booking a hotel room at the Fairmount and The Saint Claire (soon be known as the Westin hotel)  for the next memorial day weekend because I do want to return and I DON'T want a hotel that's so far away from the convention center. Seriously who would pay that much for 1 night!? I don't know about you but even booking a hotel at Anime Expo is CHEAPER then what you get at Fanime! While I couldn't book the hotel I want at AX through their website. I was easily able to book a hotel room from the hotel's official site. And each night is around 350$ While it's expensive as heck and I REALLY wish I could have gotten a discount this year. It's still worth it because that's much I think AX is worth going too. Booking the Fairmount for Fanime without booking it through Fanime's website costs as much as a night's stay at The Ritz Carlton's in L.A. and quite frankly I admit enjoyed this year's fanime and the convention is going to the right direction that it's winning me over to not switch to a different convention. But really? 450$ A night for a convention like Fanimecon? I don't think so.

And while I booked a hotel at the Westin as well for 260$ a night without fanime discount that's still pushing it. That's the maximum I think anybody should pay really. Speaking of which... has anybody stayed at the Saint Claire before? If so have you experienced anything haunted at your stay there? While I know the Saint Claire is going to turn into a new hotel. I'm scared it might be still haunted even with renovation... it probably explains the price tag during the memorial day weekend...

So, youre putting down Fanime because you didnt take Fanime's discount on hotels? but then youre  praising Anime Expo? LMFAO!!! Thats your fault.
I parked my car in the KQED building the whole weekend and came out to be only $30 in total for all days...I stayed at the FAIRMONT
I was only asked for my badge entering the vendors hall, artist alley and gaming area....oh and the dances....but for the video rooms, barely....
The volunteers in the video rooms werent doing their job checking badges....I think, last year  volunteers were on their A-game, checking badges left and right...not so much this year....except for two rooms.
it was created by feminists, my computer at home has all the detailed information they left out as to why the creators started that stupid motto, males get harrassed too, I appauld fanime for not putting those reminders up!
Yeah I agree that nothing caught my attention at the prints but they are awesome artwork, the artists  get all the credit....i did buy me a shirt though!
hes complaining about the price? LOL! didnt know a good print was overpriced........maybe he should go on eBay or something....
ive noticed a vendor selling Hallmark items re-wrapped and priced higher than the original that legit to do?
ive been attending cons since 2001 but you will return, i promise
that girl with the purple shirt that smiled at me...we talked...i forgot to get your number since you had a good time hanging out with me......>:(
TWERK? is that even a genre? so bothered by underage people " twerking "
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Sainte Claire
May 31, 2013, 10:44:06 PM
hell! i wont be staying there ever again! anyone know the name of the hotel down the street to your left? like you come out of the convention center and you walk to your left and its down the street, cant seem to find it
to the blonde hair waldo rover who kept looking at me and double taking, yeah you want me giggity ;0
are you talking about my thread? if so, i never hated it, just dont call it an anime like some people were...thats all
You can always return  :o
I mean like in different rooms hehe, like ballroom for " at con " and imperial room for " pre-reg " people..:D
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Sainte Claire
May 28, 2013, 10:20:12 PM
Kender, the workers told me $29 to use it, I told them what about Fanime pricing? they were like what about it? he said I didnt get no discount! im like wow wtf?
Well, I just think the registration should be setup like very early in the morning, I leave Oakland around 5:30 or 6 in the morning to get a good parking spot and a good spot in line and I think the pre registration people should get their own section of a room to pick up their badges. As for homestuck, dont get it confused as Anime, just like people cosplay anything but when it comes down to actual anime, people confuse different cosplays for being anime
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Sainte Claire
May 28, 2013, 07:44:16 PM
I didnt use the valet parking but that was ridiculous and i didnt get a minifridge but that mural in the bathroom was " LOL "
its like when youre taking a number 2, here I COME JESUS!