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The volunteers in the video rooms werent doing their job checking badges....I think, last year  volunteers were on their A-game, checking badges left and right...not so much this year....except for two rooms.
Hotel and Facilities / Sainte Claire
May 27, 2013, 08:17:06 AM
i will never stay here next year and i suggest people whom are, to aleast have 3 people in their group and no maximum than that.
first off, the rooms are the size of a jail cell basically only two people get to sleep on the huge " queen bed "
you can hear the people humping off in the room next door and the others talking loudly in the other.
the hotel has a nice history behind it but i think it should be targeted toward the more older folk honestly
FREE WIFI but the speed is that of DSL. parking here is outrages $29 a day. also, i was told i will get charged a room cleaning fee
if the room has garbage in it and i wont get my deposit back since i checked out a day early....rating of the hotel 2/10

ive been in the anime convention scene since late 2002. since then id dress up on and off due to changing of cellphones, ive lost those pictures  :-X but now im going to keep track of them. you can find me cosplaying Army of Two/Assassins Creed/Zelda/Devil May Cry/Steampunk just be sure to ask " are you lethal cosplay " to find me! like my page if you want ill see you in fanime 2013