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My friends and I would be interested in attending! Saturday and Sunday after 11 am ish would be best. I'll be going as Libra, my friend as Sumia, and my other friend as I dunno yet. :B
The Fairmont allowed us to store luggage onsite after check out, as it always has the past few years.
Hate? Where?

Prolly just lots of raised eyebrows at the 'walking contradiction.'
Quote from: Admiral Donuts on May 06, 2014, 11:47:56 AM
Quote from: pandadahboi on May 05, 2014, 10:05:14 PM
Also I'm pickky so try not to be ugly.
I'm not looking for money just company.
I believe in an open world so Must have acceptance to gays.

But what about ugly gays?

Believes in an 'open world' ... as long as that world doesn't have ugly people.
I'm sure non-fandom-specific 'abstract' designs would be awesome - generic stuff like cherry blossoms, artfully done kanji, sweets, frills and lace (thinking lolita stuff), gothic-esque things (crosses, rosevines, bats, coffins), food/tea/coffee ?
That Justine is so badass ! /resumes lurking
Hi there Fanimegoers ! With Fanime coming up, I had a question I'd been meaning to ask. I've seen all those gorgeous steadycam cosplay vids all over youtube that people put together from cons, and was wondering if anyone knows how to find these videographers. Are they like hall shoots, where they just find random cosplayers to shoot vids with, or does one have to arrange an appointment with them just like a photoshoot, etc? Or is there a certain place they tend to hang out around the con?

Any insight would be super appreciated. x) Thanks !
Hi ~ I see that most guys' bottoms have to be long pants, but are breeches okay in this case?

Since it's still a fancy suit, just a couple centuries later ;D
Whoa last second. xD But Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra ? Obviously a ... waltz (imagine that xD).

Thanks for your hard work guys. x)
Would something like this be allowed for a historical cosplay? If not, is there any way it can be modified to be allowed? It's non firing and made of wood with the permanent neon orange tip, but the little details are made of metal.


Edit: Dunno if it matters, but since this prop's appearance is earlier than (the year) 1899, it would be defined as 'antique' and even a real gun of the same year (1807 in this prop's case) would be allowed to be open carried in California so long as it were unloaded, according to PC 16520(d)(5).
Hi there! I have a question about the prop weapons policy (and I know it might be changed by '14 but maybe people who have past experience with the policy can help me because I've never brought a prop to Fanime before).

I see that the rules for firearm props have lots of little nuances. I'm interested in having antique firearm props for my cosplay: a flintlock pistol and a flintlock rifle. I remember vaguely that laws are different for pre 1898 (or something like that) firearm ownership; does this apply at all to props as well? Will replicas of antique firearms be allowed as a prop weapon, as long as it has an orange tip and still follows all the other rules (don't point it at anyone, etc.)? These are, of course, display-only non-functional replicas, usually made of wood, but with little metal details (which I figured might be a dealbreaker).

I'm eyeballing stuff such as this:

The second part of my inquiry is: do prop swords HAVE to be peace-bonded into their scabbards? Are we not allowed to have them out for photograph posing (which seems to defeat the purpose of having a sword prop anyway, though again I'm unclear on this from reading '13's policy)?

Anyone who has advice to shed light on the matter would be most appreciated. Thanks so much! :) Looking forward to Fanime '14 !
I think I posted in the thread for the past Fanime but ... yes I am so down for next year ! I just honestly can't decide on who. Maybe Libra. x)
For the sake of nostalgia, I totally want to join up with this but my cosplays for this year are already set and I definitely don't have the budget to fit in another one ! D: ! But if this will be going on in '14, I'm definitely onboard. (Already started shopping around for someone to commission a Marth, but it won't be in time for this Fanime ;-; ).
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Waitlisting for Hotels
February 06, 2013, 03:21:52 PM
Pretty high. Tons of people flake around April.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Waitlisting for Hotels
January 26, 2013, 10:45:38 AM
April for me, too. I assume that's because the cancellation without penalty date is at the end of April, so all those people who hoarded rooms drop them because they can't go/can't fill them.
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Waitlisting for Hotels
January 25, 2013, 03:05:20 PM
Quote from: Punkbuster on January 25, 2013, 11:51:31 AM
Make sure you have an active hotel reservation when you ask to be put on the waiting list. I found this out when they responded to my email asking to be put on it and I had no idea also. It's info that should be posted on the main Site imo.

Yes, I only found this out too when they replied to my email. So I suppose that answers my question ! *salutes*
Quote from: kookiekween99 on January 24, 2013, 10:42:45 PM
Not everyone has a credit card in this economy... ._.

I'm coming prepared with a CC this year, 'cause yeah, dealing with debit card deposit sucks.

And not that I'm a financial consultant or anything, but if you don't yet have a credit card and can't seem to qualify for one with no credit history, I suggest a secured credit card ! It starts with a low credit line and you need to pay a deposit for collateral, but the qualifications for one are extremely low (I got one on a less than $10k income, and with a couple of collections on my credit report), and it's an excellent way to start building credit. In only half a year, my score rose from poor to fair and I was able to qualify for unsecured CCs with much higher credit lines. :D

tl;dr: It's not as hard as it seems to nab a CC ! As long as you're responsible of course. And it definitely takes a lot of the stress out of hotel deposits (and is a good step towards better credit anyway).
Hotel and Facilities / Waitlisting for Hotels
January 25, 2013, 10:55:40 AM
Hello ! Quick question about hotel waitlisting - I recall from last year that, to request to be added to the waitlist, we just email the Fanime housing email with our request, yes ? Is this still true this year, and if so, should we expect a response of acknowledgement from Fanime housing ?

Thanks much. :)
Quote from: maria534 on January 23, 2013, 08:12:28 PM
i was wondering, if i book a room and i use my debit card, nothing will be charged until the day i check in, right?

That's correct. Only exception would be if you cancel after the cancellation deadline; then you might be charged a cancellation fee or one night's charges.