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Hey. I realize con JUST happened and it's probably going to be dead on the forums for half a year lol

but anyone interested in perhaps having a gathering or a meet up?
or actually just any KS fans in general on here?
I'm not sure how many KS fans are actually out there...
but it can't hurt to ask
I saw a couple posts the past few years on these forums via search about KS >_<

I was considering doing Rin, Kenji, or Hisao
im going to try to get a closer hotel!
wearing face paint plus aa/vender loot to lug around wasnt fun lol

im thinking of doing a rikka takanashi cosplay if i can get a yuta
and probably shanks from one piece since there was a bagillion straw hats lol

i noticed i didnt really eat alot of the packaged food i brought
cause everyone wanted to get in a group and get lunch/dinner.
probably at like 3-4 or so
oh dang. thanks for letting us know this!  8)
Dealers Room / Re: Your Shopping List
May 17, 2015, 09:53:45 AM
Quote from: airwickkim on May 17, 2015, 09:27:59 AM
I really want to get some pins!

oh man, you'll find your fill of them >_<

I got a ton of anime that I never got around to watching/reading.
Nichijou, SAO, chobits, evangelion (yeah i know), gatchaman crowds, modaka, and baka and test

I'm hoping to find Psychonauts and midevil 1 and maybe the first spyro
Quote from: Devi 1313 on May 16, 2015, 11:11:22 PM
I hope to find other Bob's Burgers cosplayers! I'll be going as Linda with my boyfriend as Bob! If I see any of you dressed as Belcher kids I'm gonna run up to you in character and call you my babies!

oh my glooooooooooooob im gonna have to get a picture of you guys!!!
lol yeah thats more or less my plan for thurs. minus the meeting previous con friends.
I guess only a couple ppl want to get the badge early? lol
but thursdays are nice especially with a four day con
to unpack and relax >_<
I have a feeling its going to be stupid slow
hey that place looks pretty cool, they got dem gcube and n64
Serious Business / Re: Serious Stuff.
May 14, 2015, 11:02:45 AM
i think isnt kareoke 24hrs?
yee when you get the booklet itll have like everythingggggggggggggg
aw ye i feel yeah.
i got mine thursday last time (1st fanime)
i think we showed up like 2 hours early lol
I can't speak for the con center
but the doubletree line moved stupid fast ^o^

actually i remember they delayed it for some damn reason and ppl were like
wtf im going to the con center

but right after a great deal of ppl left they were like lol jk lets go
and then the line went wumbo fast
I guess it depends hehe
if you wanna come early and get it out of the way forever then yar
but I noticed in the afternoon on friday there was like NO line at all.
like around 3-4 if im remembering correctly.
are you able to go earlier?
last time i got mine at the doubletree and it was a breeze. we were there a bit early before it "opened" but once the line started it was only like 30-45 min
you could add bagels and spread
and some fruits since you got the fridge xD
I'm taking ramen, poptarts, protein bars, energy drink and water.
but I barely eat at con (bad I know xD)
Serious Business / Re: Serious Stuff.
May 14, 2015, 09:08:33 AM
this will be my 2nd time at fanime so DONT take my word as 100% truth.
but I beleive the video game/card game room is 24 hour,
the dance goes pretty late, I think last time saturday we were there till like 4-5am
and then we went to a couple different hotels for drinks and stuff.
We ended up staying up till 7am (only to have a gathering at 10) lol

Theres gonna be stuff going on 24 hours all over man haha

Mod edit: its called a dance
hey all
All of my frands are coming friday!!
or had work or other stuffs : P

is anyone going to be around on thursday that wants to chill
maybe check out the swap meet, grab a drink, or something?
Sup brotato
this will be my 2nd time at fanime but liike 6th or 7th con

Bring food, or make sure you eat,
that's I think the most important thing.
It's pretty easy to forget cause
you'll plan on walking to get food then all of a sudden
omfg datcosplay.jpg
yakkity yak yak
hey we're about to do this and that
wanna come?
then oh sht its 4 hours later

There's this uhhh oriental place (not sure what cuisine)
down the street from the con
If I remember right I got a bowl of rice and pork
that was too big for me to finish and it was like 7$
so there's affordable places pretty close by
dont ever buy food at the con unless youre dying
cause a tiny ass sandwhich is like 8-9$ and stuff lol

I don't think you'll have to worry about wandering alone
or anything like that.
just as long as youre not mega shy but
I was waiting for my homie outside the bathroom by myself
and this mob of like 10 ppl were like yoo why are you by yourself lol
On the other hand I tried to talk to ppl that were sitting alone or looked lost
cause homies MAKE con at least for me haha.

Honestly the panels and stuff were kind of meh last year
but the gatherings were epic
if theres a fandom youre hardcore into keep on top of when/where its going to be
last year I walked where one gathering was and nobody was there
and I asked a staff memeber and he was like OH YEAH WE CHANGED THE TIME

if you have anything remotley resembling a prop
go get it checked inside the con right away.
some ppl have a 9 foot staff and don't get looked at the entire con

I would reinforce the waiting till sun/mon for the dealers hall.
last con (not fanime) some of the tight ass no-bartering dealers
were pretty leniant. 30? hmmm I got 20$ is dat coo? yeah sure

the swap meet is really good for finding some stuff.
youll want to come a little later probably cause the first hour or two can be swamped

if you see beast boy, 2D, or invader zim das me!
is anyone doing invader zim or gorillaz cosplays? I'm doing Zim and 2D
Hey yall. I'm planning on doing an interpretation of Zim
for 2 days maybe.

Anyone have a gaz or dib or gir or anything?
I'll kick it with you! or whoever for that matter
I had a con before I went by myself and social anxiety kicked in oofta
friends make con