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Hey. I realize con JUST happened and it's probably going to be dead on the forums for half a year lol

but anyone interested in perhaps having a gathering or a meet up?
or actually just any KS fans in general on here?
I'm not sure how many KS fans are actually out there...
but it can't hurt to ask
I saw a couple posts the past few years on these forums via search about KS >_<

I was considering doing Rin, Kenji, or Hisao
hey all
All of my frands are coming friday!!
or had work or other stuffs : P

is anyone going to be around on thursday that wants to chill
maybe check out the swap meet, grab a drink, or something?
Hey yall. I'm planning on doing an interpretation of Zim
for 2 days maybe.

Anyone have a gaz or dib or gir or anything?