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Hey guys, sorry I didn't see your question from earlier!! I haven't checked the internet all weekend. :p FiF, MS means Fountains in Front, Marriott side. It's the code when we register for our gathering spot.

As for today, thank you all SO MUCH for a wonderful gathering this year! The music was epic, I loved Ramona on rollerblades, and everyone was so nice and fun.
I really do feel bad and apologize so much about our incident in the beginning of the gathering... those of you who went know what I'm talking about. But it will NOT happen again and I thank the Scott who saved the day.

As I said at the gathering, I will be bringing cookies next time!!!!  I had so much fun this year and I would LOVE to meet up with all of you again next year! I hope you all liked it too and want to come back and hang with us. Plus, you know, there will be awesome cookies. Just saying. :p

I cannot wait to see pictures, as I did not think to ask anyone to take pics with my camera this year... Silly me.

You all are my favorite and I will now look forward to Scott Pilgrim gatherings every Fanime!! Also, if any of you go to Sac Anime, we ALWAYS have a Scott Pilgrim gathering every con. :D And it is amazing.

Anyway, thanks for making my last day of Fanime so worth it.


Hi! My Peter Pan and "a bunch of fairies" are confirmed as going! :D There will be 4 fairy friends going: Silvermist, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Fawn.
Also, a sail dress Ariel will be coming! My friend Cassie is borrowing my sail dress costume to wear to this!
That is all. :D

How exciting! Can't wait to see your Ramona! I'm not sure about the rollerblades rule. You could always try though!

pssssst! You wrote my name as Clara.... :P And I'll be going as Super Sailor Neptune.
You're very welcome! I know people wanted a new thread, so I was happy to host one in the meanwhile.

Awesome! No problem. I don't know how to close this thread, but let's not use this one anymore everyone, okay? Thanks!!

Would 2pm work better for everyone? I see there is an open slot for that time!

Hi everyone!  I'm brand new to this forum and Fanime next month will be my first Con ever! 

My BFF and I would love to join this Disney meetup!  She will most likely be Briar Rose and I will be Belle in her blue dress! 

Can anyone tell me about registration... do I need to register even if I don't want to be a part of the Masquerade, etc?  If I just want to attend Fanime and be part of this Disney group, do I just need to pay one fee for admittance? 

Thanks in advance  :D 

This gathering seems to be outside, so  no, you wouldn't have to register unless you want to walk around inside at the convention in the halls to shop and see panels and such.

Question about the craftsmanship judging... not sure if this should go here or not. My group is wondering if they have to come in full out makeup for the judging on Saturday. Thanks!


I won't be able to make this gathering, but I will be wearing Jubilee at night Friday and Saturday. :]

S.P.E.W. Pins!!!

Hi! I have a question about pre-judging sign ups.. I know that pre-judging is probably going to be on Saturday again. Do we sign up beforehand again and do you know what the time slots are yet for that day?
Thank you so much!

OH! If this is super early Sunday morning, I may be able do it!!! I have to be changed by like noon though. I would be Luna because I don't wanna deal with all that makeup just for a couple of hours of use.

Or if we don't have a Tonks, I could pull her together.

Good to have you! Seriously though, why is it that every Sac Anime gathering we NEVER HAVE ANY PATEL'S?? But once we go to Fanime, there are like 5 billion of them??? :p

Got it!! :D Glad to have you join!

Cool. So if we do get the 1pm slot, I can be Jubilee. :D Also, we can't do 3pm unless we meet somewhere that's not the front area because I saw the Panty and Stocking gathering is probably going to be at that time... not sure if they are confirmed yet or not though

I sent you a pm. :D

LOL! I love that you wrote "Peter Pan and a bunch of fairies." Made me laugh out loud. :D

Yeah I'm really hoping that we can get the 1pm time, but 2pm or 3pm are good alternative options.

BTW, the gathering last year wasn't at 3pm, but 5:30pm
Oh wow, thought it was earlier. Guess that's what happens when you're doing so many things at a con. Lol. However, those would be good times. Also @Carladawn. Why not stick around a little longer for the gathering?

I have a huge Tinkerbell group, and I want to spend most of my day in that. But it's cool, there should be people dressed up earlier in the day. :D

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