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General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Convention Feedback
« on: June 12, 2015, 05:58:01 AM »
Actually in the three years I've been running it we've been continuously growing. The easiest way to show this is we used to be in just in Hall 2. Last year, '14 we broke through the wall. This year '15 we ran wall to wall side ways. Next year and, so forth is just more back fill.

Is there something lacking that you're looking for. I'm always trying to make the Hall more diverse to meet the needs of the attendees.

Dealer's Hall looked awesome, I'm sure there is a reason it can't go all the way back (perhaps safety or number of booths for tax and sales codes).  Expansion is great!

You all keep saying this, without addressing the fact that if you can't separate the attendee numbers, you can't allocate badge money properly, and thus there will *always* be a feeling that resource allocation is being leeched away from Fanime from those of us who have no desire to ever step into CA

Staff and whatever may be unpaid, but that's not the same as CA uses no money (renting rooms and whatnot also costs money, as well as any guests that get brought over)

I think everyone is asking the wrong question;  The right question  is "Is Clockwork Alchemy really a separate sister convention? or is it really just a division of FanimeCon?"  which would then explain and justify why money is budgeted for (and not funneled to it).  Perhaps there is a separation to attract the older crowd (that has a higher spending demographic than FanimeCon attendees)?" 

It should be pointed out that if an attendee chose to purchase their badge through CA instead of FanimeCon (for whatever reason.."linecon*cough*) it would mean that they already directed their interest in putting money into CA.  I go for Fanime not CA so I didn't switch to reg at CA like is suggested by other posters in the forum. 

As a person who works with talent agencies I can offer this tidbit: In the last 5 years, the inflation in the price of top talent and the cost of transportation (especially for entourages) is greater than we have seen in the price of badges.  I'm not sure if this is the case for FanimeCon (maybe they were in the red, or maybe they couldn't book an artist <- this is the artist's choice as well), but the overall point is that people don't know what to expect for their money (or do they and they just aren't reminded that there are some pleasant surprises).  I'd like to see at least 2 musical guests (and not a DJ like some other cons), but providing this entertainment in the original cost of the badge seems like it's worth it rather than waiting in line and buying an additional ticket (like at other cons *AX*CoUgH).

I guess on a side note, if you were to look at the price of badges for AX at twice the cost of a FanimeCon Badge, you can't just expect half the offering.  With an attendance of 2x or 2.5x that of Fanime, the budget is exponentially larger.  However, I'll point out that at AX you also have pay for some of the special attractions (in general it's a just a different type of Con).  At SDCC, the huge celebrity draw, media and industry presence gave birth to the opportunity to show screeners and special previews, while "By Fans for Fans" indicates that it's more of a community based convention.  The physical increase in CA's attendance is perhaps a testimonial that the attendees have outgrown the current offering of FanimeCon by itself rather than the popularity of CA.  Not to sound like I don't appreciate the option of going to CA, but the point of it taking up half the Program Guide shows me that a heavy investment was made there.  Perhaps it's time someone offers an official explanation why (even if the answer is that only 1/3 of a CA badge goes to the costs of CA and 2/3 go to Fanime).

but then again....

Why does it seem like there are so many people "ghosting" on the concourse.  I realized this year that with the exception of MusicFest, panels,  the dances, and the Dealer's Hall and Artist's Alley (where I spent money to spend money), I didn't really need a badge (stage zero, video rooms, swap meet, maid cafe, and even gaming).  It's hard for me to believe any posted attendance number is anywhere close to accurate.  I see how hard my roommate works as a staffer so I'm willing to pay for my badge, but seeing the "ghosters" pisses me off more than the thought of part of my badge going to CA.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: 'World Order' flash mob anyone?
« on: June 03, 2015, 04:00:35 PM »
how did it go? anyone have a video?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Peace Bonding ideas
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:59:15 PM »
With the noticeable increase in police presence, peace bonding became more important.
I'd hate to see a kid get dropped by a cop because he couldn't tell if it was real or dangerous.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Official Convention Feedback
« on: June 03, 2015, 03:51:04 PM »

 - Some standard signage seemed to be missing or misplaced like the end of access hallways "no access" or if a fire exit should not be breached to get to the cosplay hangout area, perhaps an incorporated map.
 - Water pressure low in the water fountains.
 - Some attractions/departments should have their own water stations (i.e. back of the gaming hall/ex hall 3)
 - A decision should be made on whether people are permitted on the 2nd floor patio/balconies on the hilton side.
 - why is convention center staff allowed to smoke or vape there while attendees are not.

Fan Storage
 - Guidelines for what can be stored (dimensions) and the cost should be in the guidebook/program guide.
 - hours of operation and location was wrong in the pocket guide

 - Signage with CA shuttle times and clear designation of shuttle area would've been helpful.  I walked around the outside asking different people where the shuttle stop was and ended up waiting for an airport shuttle at the hilton.

 - A bit pricey
 - Lady who got my hot dog was still wearing the same gloves she wore when collecting my cash.
 - Peete's coffee seemed to close early on thursday instead of being 24 hours like the rest of the days

Day 0
 - Needs more attractions; maybe an exclusive showing/preview at stage zero; or a giant icebreaker
 - I know it's not a real day, but it seems like some things could be arranged to help get us attendees out of the way of staff setting up.

Day 1
 - Why 2PM? Couldn't the dealer's hall open sooner?

Musicfest/Guest of Honor
 - The offering was weak this year.  More guests=More money/Costs/Overhead, but perhaps this either justifies a higher ticket cost or charging at the door of some sub-events like AX.

 - I know it's a convention and not a trade show, but the small industry presence and lack of exhibitions other than a sponsored panel seems to maintain a "small con" feel unless that's what you are going for.

Video Programming
 - What happened to jdorama?

  - Maybe your staff or volunteers didn't care, but I forgot my badge in my room and I was still able to walk the main strip, enter video, dealers, gaming, and artist alley...

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