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Big Event Showcase / Why was "Cosplay Spectacular?" thread locked?
« on: May 29, 2013, 05:05:17 PM »
Please enlighten us. This is the thread to "Discuss" about the event, no?

It was a truthful discussion, with truthful experiences by others. I didn't notice any major posts there that broke forum rules. People were being civil, but voiced their opinions and their experiences on the event.

Was it locked because mods didn't want the truth of the situation be known? Would you have locked it if it was a thread full of praises instead?

There wasn't even a reason it was locked... just a link to the feedback page. Why have a discussion forum then? Everyone should just use the feedback page.

I know it states mods can make up rules as they go, but really?

Looks like they placed more effort on getting the band to perform, than to actually concentrate on the Masquerade.

Let me shed some info on the audio.

Our experience with Masquerades is to always double and triple check with the crew to make sure our music was received... even when we physically handed it to them at the check-in. When we did check, they couldn't find the music cds. It wasn't clear whether it was just our cd they couldn't find, but at the time it seemed like it wasn't just us. Mind you, this happened while the band was playing so the show already started and they were still trying to look for cds.

Fortunately, we had a back up that we rushed back to the Marriot to grab. Based on that situation, it sounded like they were far from ready to begin with, and with all the numbers changing, they didn't really have any time to preview the audio or setup properly.

It would then appear that they didn't get things together until half, or more, of the contestants already performed. So it was very unfortunate for the first groups that got screwed over by this.

While it's understandable they did their best, and there are volunteer staff involved that are giving their time to do this... it also needs to be said that the performers also put forth a lot of their time and effort to put on the show. We spend money, time and effort to make the masquerade possible. We are the fans, for the fans. It just didn't feel like the coordinators of this event really took that into consideration and did not treat our performances seriously, nor with respect.

With that said, there are those staff like Erik_Anderson who really did try to help the best he could.

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