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My question is this, do any of you know of a place where they have kick boxing classes, and preferably a ring to practice in?

Now to be more specific, Im looking specifically for a place that does kick boxing, like a place that has karate or judo and what not.  Not like gold's gym or whatever
Things in the Universe / They lie they lie so hard
June 16, 2008, 05:36:52 PM
It isnt fully true but still seems like enjoyable destinations *looks at bank account* yea I can afford some.  If not soon enough I will ;D

Things in the Universe / Haha, fun date today
June 13, 2008, 10:07:55 AM
Haha, friday the 13th

You all have fun with that.

*searches phone book for party people*
Haha, wow I saw this and just had to read it.

I'll be honest I've done some of those things before.

Well you all enjoy
Hmmm, Im surprised it hasnt happened yet.  So here it goes.  Happy Birthday Lisu.  Haha your 20.  Well thats all I got for now. 
Happy Birthday Jerry.

May this upcoming year be full of new and exciting adventures.

I dont have a picture to post, so yea.

Will work on getting one up, maybe.

But enough of that, happy birthday man.

*looks for pretty girl to throw in Jerry's direction*
No I'm not talking about swim suits or what not, the anime...but I guess is there a plan for a One Piece gathering?...or am I just to lazy and haven't search correctly for one.  But if not, I'm planning on doing a Roronoa Zoro cosplay, actually all three I've seen.  Original, Arabasta, and Skypie.  Different days of course for each...need more slacks...well if anyone wants to join in the fun...lets plan something or what not