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Oh that would be an interesting Phoenix to see, especially from the musical.
thank you so much, the list is getting bigger!
I will see everyone at fanime.
okay, thank you make sure to pm me if any of guys are interested in a private photoshoot before the gathering.
I'm looking for more Ace Attorney/Professor Layton and Tiger and Bunny cosplayers for my gathering that I'm hosting this year.
Here are the links:
Hotel and Facilities / need a ride
May 01, 2014, 10:57:59 PM
I will need a ride back to Hayward, for those are heading in that direction, Monday on the last of Fanime. I will pay for gas and here is my contact information:
General Convention Discussion / Re: Photographers?
April 29, 2014, 12:14:37 PM
Arata- I'm interested in a photographer to take my Tiger and Bunny pictures.

+ Introduction: My name is Nataly, I'm 22 years old. I'm have been going to fanime since 2010 and everyone in the room is a veteran going to Fanime (so just in case you are new, there is some one there to help you). I'm currently in-charge of two gatherings: Ace Attorney/Layton and Tiger and Bunny.


+ Hotel Information: From Friday until Monday.The hotel is the Hyatt across from the Hilton and Convention. The room is a King size bed with a pull out couch and there is mini frig.

+ Costs: If I have 7 people, then the price will be $55.

+ Requirements: I prefer to have the last roommate to FEMALE because it will much easier since most of us will be strangers. Respecting the personal space, and belongings of all roommates. All hotel rules are expected to be complied with, and any shady business will earn you the boot from the room. But if you have a sense of self-respect and reason, you should be fine with us. There is no party in the room, it is just a place everyone can relax and sleep.

+ Contact

+ Miscellaneous: Payment information will be given once you contact me.
Yes, since it's part of the Layton crossover game. I'm accepting all Layton characters even if they weren't in the crossover game. Please check out the Facebook page and I'm accepting request for the gathering. Also check out the survey that is being conducted on the this page. Message me if you have any questions.
The $55.00 doesn't mean that they charge you on your credit card that much. It should state at the bottom of the confirmation that it was payed in full. It only states $55 because that what was the price when registration was up.
Name of gathering/event: Tiger and Bunny gathering
Changes to gathering/event info: Location: G7 2pm - 3pm
Possible attendee count: 15+
Gathering/event photography order:
- All
- Individuals Characters
- Group Shot:
   - Heroes
   - Villians
   - Side Characters
   - Male Charcters
   -Female Characters
   -Gender Bend
   -Casual clothes wear
   -fight scenes

Name of gathering/event: Ace Attorney Gathering 2014
Changes to gathering/event info: Location G7 2pm- 3pm
Possible attendee count: 15
Gathering/event photography order:
- All
- Individuals characters
-Group Shot:
   -Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney characters
   -Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All characters
   -Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations characters
   -Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney characters
   -Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth characters
   -Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Miles Edgeworth characters
   -Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies characters
   -Gyakuten Saiban Live Action Movie characters
-Side Characters
-Professor Layton Characters
Sorry but only Ace Attorney game characters(from the main games, Apollo Justice, and Investigations) or Professor Layton characters(because of the crossover game).
Day 1 I dressed as Asano from In These Words:

Day 2 I was also dress up as Boa Hancoak from One Piece in a wedding dress(though I look like a girl in a white dress)

Day 3 This was me as Barnaby Brooks Jr from Tiger and Bunny (in the middle and the one without glasses because they were missing):