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Quote from: bahamutknightzero on April 03, 2022, 11:56:04 AMBit of a small/quick question.

In terms of OCs, does this mean OCs who are wrestlers or OCs dressed as existing wrestlers?

I just realized i never answered this but yes lol that is fine
bumping - ive been hosting this gathering since 2017 wow!
ITS ALMOST MY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY HOSTING THIS SERIES! I have ten years of experience with Fire Emblem and I took over this one in 2016! I can't believe it lol.... I'm old...
Dang I just realized I have been hosting this thing FOR 10 YEARS! IT'S MY HOSTING ANNIVERSARY! lol. i also just realized I didn't post in here last year lol but yea we gotta start doing this again lol
LOL - I haven't been on here for a while lol

I keep forgetting there's a forum lol. Bumping this up cause I'm updating it...
The Pro Wrestling and Anime Wrestling Series Cosplay Gathering at Fanime 2024!
Hosted by: Cosplay Wrestling Federation (

Day : Sunday
Time : 4:00 PM PST
Meeting Place: G4

It's that time of year again folks for all of us to get together in order to share our love for everything that happens within the square circle. All wrestlers and characters from any federation/wrestling anime series are welcome! Original characters and non-wrestler anime characters who are cosplaying wrestlers are also welcome! After the gathering, please come join us for the MAIN EVENT SHOW - FANIMANIA 2024! (Gathering attendees get first dibs on signs!)

Legal Statement
Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Photo Order

Big Group Photo
Big Group Photo
Misc Pairs/Requests

Link to Facebook event:
Just bumping up here because I forgot where we usually host this gathering and per the covid regulations - certain spots for gatherings are unavailable at this time: for more info.

I plan on submitting the application for this gathering this week.

Thanks everyone! See you all very soon!


Hi everyone - just wanting to post a few updates here and there.

This gathering was at G3 and due to the ever changing covid policies - I don't think we can use the same space anymore.

I'm trying to figure out other accommodations/other more appropriate locations for us.

Thank you for your patience! I plan on submitting this gathering with the same information I did back in 2020 later this week (albeit the change of location).

Can't wait to see everyone very soon! I'll be bringing some goodies for you all with me too!


OK! So due to this gathering always being a gathering and of course being one of the largest - this gathering has already been approved and finalized. Please look at the first page for the final time and listing. I will see everyone that Sunday :) Keep up to date with this gathering through the FB event page as well!


Man, I can't believe its been two years - what a time skip! I miss you guys and the Cosplay Gatherings department is really working hard to try to work things out. Thank you guys for your patience! I can't wait to see everyone soon!
WOW! Last time I did anything here was back in March this same day two years ago - anyways~ Hi everyone and no I haven't forgotten about you. The Cosplay Gatherings department hasn't either i- there's just been alot of changes, regulations and guidelines that are constantly changing.

Anyways, I'm bumping this up because it's on of those staple gatherings. I can't wait to see all the new family members soon!
OMG! It's been a while hasn't it? But Fanime is back y'all and no I haven't forgotten about this gathering! Just gonna bump this up again and since regulations and guidelines are happening and changing so fast - please follow this thread and the FB event page soon! See you all in a few months!
It's Fanime and you know what that means? We've posted our schedule! With love <3 - Trisha Angelique

Hey there! I'm thinking this is the most recent gathering post thread for Haikyuu since I think the last time you guys had a gathering was in 2018 - (I don't remember seeing one in 2019). Just wanting to check in with you guys. As the Shonen Jump Gathering Host and Sports Series host - I want to make sure I don't conflict with any of my fam :)
hi hi my fellow shonen jump title fam - just wanting to make sure to *bump* this up. as the shonen jump gathering host, i do not want to conflict with any of my fam :) so hopefully you guys will update soon! thanks!
*bump* ing all my shonen jump family gatherings! Shonen Jump Gathering host here! Just wanting to make sure you see this so you can update! I do not want to conflict with any of my fam :)
Hey One Piece fam - as the Shonen Jump Gathering Host, just wanting to check in with you guys with your gathering so I don't conflict with anyone! (I like how I'm seeing the same hosts over and over for certain series - I'm really surprised with how many of us tend to juggle multiple gatherings at once).

*bump* ing up so people can see.

Just wanting to bump this up... as the Shonen Jump gathering host I always make sure to not host my gathering in conjunction with other SJ titles so just wanting to check in with you guys! :)