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Looks like there's a chance I won't be here in time for the gathering, but I'm pretty sure I'll be at the Smash Bros gathering.
I'm going to go as Melee Sheik.
Alright, I've decided on Sheik over Robin for this one.
Oh, Saturday at 5? Wow, I might actually be able to show up. Either as a mystery hero (not the John Cena meme) from Dragon Ball Z or Allen Walker from D-Gray Man.
Well, I'll be cosplaying as Robin with a Hyrule Historia as my magic tome at the Fire Emblem gathering. My plan is to wear the Sheik bodysuit underneath and just go somewhere to quickly change out of Robin and into the rest of the Sheik cosplay to hurry to the Zelda gathering.
No, I was OoT Adult Link last year. Might be a little late though, as I'll be coming off the Fire Emblem gathering that goes from 2-3, but I'll try to leave that one early if I can.
If I recall right, the previous host is no longer hosting the gathering anymore.
I'm going as Sheik from Ocarina of Time.
I plan to go as Melee Sheik.
I plan to go this year as Sheik from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
I'll probably go as third uniform Allen Walker. Hoping weather won't be too hot so I can bring Crown Clown with me.
If this is happening, I'll come as Robin or Link (64/Melee).
Oh and as of now, the new Fire Emblem is going by the title Fire Emblem: If. At least, that's what I've been hearing everywhere.
I'd be cool with that, though if we could do a FB event page for it again, that'd make it a bit easier as I have a heavy college schedule right now, so I don't come to the forums as often anymore.
Hi. I was the one who started the post last year on interest for the gathering, and while I don't have experience hosting one, I could give it a try. At least, if no one else does and/or doesn't have the time to host.
I plan on going as Ocarina of Time Adult Link again, at least for now.
Just message BSaphire about locking the thread. Though I recommend doing so after making the new one.
Oh, I can explain what happened last year.

To summarize, someone was planning a gathering, and it looked as if it was going to be made official, and it was. However, the original poster sent me a message informing me that they were canceling to due being too busy, and at the time, at least if I'm remembering correctly, the timing of the thread was really close to the convention, and most of the posts on the thread were about how due to it's timing, they wouldn't be able to get a cosplay done, me included. Hence why I posted this thread so early in advance, and I can see it was a good call, as much more seem to be on board for the gathering this time around. Wish I could say the same for me, as I've been too busy to get a cosplay done in time.