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Stickers for gacha have been delivered!

Also wanted to share - with Fanime changing their mask policy recently from required to recommended, as the host, I will be masked while running this gathering, even if outdoors! I picked an outdoor gathering location for access, and also for safety and keeping in mind anyone immunocompromised attending.
We have been officially confirmed for SUN 12pm @ G9! Very excited to see people!
Applied for official gathering, will update once confirmed!

If you saw on the FB or Twitter, we were initially confirmed a Sunday date & time through the unofficial gatherings group. I will update there once confirmed too. Will go with what we are officially given and to avoid any confusion!
Poll has been added! I'll be attending as Beautiful Prayer Gaku, and friend will be with me as Beautiful Prayer Tenn! Looking forward to seeing who else will make an appearance!
Please, music! ♪ Very excited to get started on organizing an i7 gathering – Calling all idols, managers, fans, etc.! Not just limited to cosplayers, come hang out with fellow fans, show off your merch, art, etc.!

🍮 Day: Sunday
🍮 Time: 12PM-1PM
🍮 Location: G9, Snake Statue

*Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Hosted by: Cam (@ryuusea_)
I helped host i7 gathering back in 2019, and am very much looking forward to seeing fellow fans again!!
 *I'm planning to work on some kind of fun "gacha" like stickers or mini prints. I'll also see about bringing small props, but you can for sure count on a Kinako to make her appearance!

🍮 FB:
🍮 IG:
🍮 TWT/X: You can contact me directly at @ryuusea_!


*Ignore I labeled it the old name Fairmont, I meant the Hilton Signia

🌈 PHOTO ORDER: *Will be adjusted accordingly with attendance

GROUP SHOT (everyone)
IDOLISH7 (Group shot, +manager, then followed by individuals)
- Iori
- Yamato
- Mitsuki
- Tamaki
- Sougo
- Nagi
- Riku
TRIGGER (Group, +manager, then individuals)
- Gaku
- Tenn
- Ryuu
RE:VALE (Group, +manager, then individuals)
- Momo
- Yuki
- +Banri
ZOOL (Group, +manager, then individuals)
- Haruka
- Touma
- Minami
- Torao
- Managers
- Other characters
- Itabags/Fans/Supporters; show us your merch!
- Fly Away
- Mezzo"
- Pythagoras Trio
- FureFure
- Matsuri
- Love&Game
- Kuji events, other groups of outfits based on attendance

FINAL GROUP SHOT (Again, for anyone who came later)

SHIPS - Any requested ships — Please refrain from requesting ships until the very end! And please participate only if you want to / Please don't pressure anyone if they're not interested in the ship. We want to make everyone feel happy and comfortable!

More updates to come!
All updates will be cross-posted to here and the different socials links listed above.
RAFFLE INFO for goods! Come get your (kinako) bread!

- Raffle tickets will ONLY be handed out at the BEGINNING of gathering, and AFTER the final photo (for anyone who comes later). ***This is to ensure photo call flow isn't interrupted. Please do not ask me or pickledmint for a ticket during the photo time!

- 1 ticket/person ONLY

- Tickets are first come first serve. We have up to 99 tickets.

- Open to everyone! Cosplayers and non-cosplayers!

- Winning numbers will be called at the END of the gathering -- approximately the last 5~10 mins

- You must be there IN person to pick up your prize. Not your friend, not your manager.
Are you guys ready??

Location info with photos!

We are G6 - Fallout Zone, right by the main entrance

10 days to Fanime!! Hope con crunch is going well for everyone!

I'll be with my Matsuri group at the gathering (I'll be Gaku). We don't have a Nagi anymore, but our Mitsuki and Yamato will have Nagi plushies dressed up, and our Yamato has a MagiKokona stick LOL.
Hello! Doing swap meet for the first time together with a friend and wanted to know what info is needed for registration? Because I'll probably be the one to do registration for me and that person as well. (Unless we have to register separately?) Thanks!
Exactly one month to the gathering... (yells)
Got some goods to add on to the prizes! The goods are here 👀🎁 5 weeks left~~

Oh, and happy anniversary to Re:vale!
That's so exciting!! Looking forward to seeing you at the gathering! :D
9 weeks left until fanime!! Good luck everyone finishing cosplays!
Looks like the FB poll is fine and up again:

Please vote for who you're going as, or vote for your friends! (This helps us get a good idea of the number of people for the gathering too)
Reminder that everyone is welcome to gatherings!

Since someone asked me through PM, you don't have to be in cosplay, just bring your love for i7!

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, so feel free to post any questions here if you have any!

I'm also on twitter and instagram (I also reply faster there).

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