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I noticed with this start list I did sign up with my maiden name!  I'm good to go!  Thank you!
Hello, Hank.

I signed up and just realized I wrote my last name different from the badge name.  I got married this year and I have yet to change my last name.  Would you be able to edit it for me?  Please let me know.

Thank you
This year may be the last year attending fanimecon for me.  I've been attending since 2003 straight buying full weekend badges.  I've also competed in karaoke contest almost every year. But this year, I'm getting married and memorial day weekend is one of the valuable break for my fiancee, so we may travel somewhere next year on.

So, I WILL get to finals this year and end my years of fanime fandom with a big smile! 
I WILL DO IT!p(*`・ω・´*)q
I'm aiming for Mikasa.
Hope I can make the cosplay!
Quote from: gary925 on June 08, 2013, 02:27:15 PM

Character: Username of Cosplayer


Kyoya: musiclover99


Honey: Gary925


Kauro: it's KAORU ^^

Photography Order:
Group Silly
Tamaki and Haruhi
Tamaki and Kyoya
Hikaru and Kauro<-this, too
Mori and Honey
Group Silly 2 (For people who show up late)
Group 2 (Again, for people who show up late)

Anyone may also suggest poses if you'd like. :)

Misspelling~.  ^^

I will join in as Haruhi~.

I have a medium short blue wig which I used for Juvia cosplay (from Fairytail).  btw, it's the Fairytail version when she wears the wave designed outfit.
Does anyone have any idea who else I can do with that type of wig?

I was really disappointed on the name sticker on the badge.  Since it was my 10th anniversary of Fanime Attendance, I was really not happy about the badge.   

My suggestion is to email the pre-reg (maybe the ones that pre-reg'd by end of this year) once it closes, and ask for verification of their mailing address.  And mail the badge to the ones that replied.
This way, I have a feeling the line for at-con pick up will be shorter and more advantage for the people who really registered early. 
But I know this is more work for the staff, too.
Registration / Re: Badge Pickup?
May 23, 2013, 09:03:11 AM
For friday, I hear that it's better to be there by 10am.
The peak seem to be around 11:30. 

There are similar posts/threads about this so you can reference them as well! ^^
Oh! I see two Mori's!  This is fun!
Thank you, Hank!  I shall now sleep and start practicing my songs tomorrow!
"We Go" from One Piece (Hiroshi Kitadani)
Hi, I'm Yumi!
I've been competing in this Contest for.... possibly 5 years now.
But only once have I gone to the finals.
I hope to get to the finals this year once again!

My songs are not set yet, but probably kalafina or ghibli songs. I'll be exploring more of my rep later this week.
"Choosing songs is always the hardest"- Nina Star 9
This is true.
Just  double checking...

Quote from: Hank-KKD on April 22, 2013, 12:43:47 AM

Before Con:
5/5: Online sign ups open and run until full, or until 5/17, whichever comes first.
5/20: Contest Start List posted

At Con:
5/24, 2PM to 5PM: Check-in, warm ups, and at con sign ups.
5/24, 5PM: Deadline for online sign ups to check in.
5/25, 5:15PM: If spots are available, we will add entries from the waiting list. Waiting list entries must be present to be added.
5/25, 6PM: Qualifying Round
5/25, 9:00PM: Final Round

The contest is only Friday, 24th, correct?  Or is it done through two days?
Just want to be sure.

Thank you!
how did this topic come up here??  This is so old.  The date is for the fanime 2006.

I guess no official update yet..
Fanime Karaoke Contest Sign-up is UP! and I have signed UP!

First time (2009), I competed... Last time (2010), I got to finals...This time, I AIM HIGHER!!  I am confident about my song selections!

But most of all, I will have fun and hope to meet some great people there!!  :D
Quote from: Alexie828 on May 06, 2012, 09:46:44 PM
If it says "J-Pop song only," would it be wrong to put Lacrimosa as a song by Kalafina, rather than putting it down as a song from Kuroshitsuji?

I think it means to write the artist name if it's only J-pop song, meaning it's not used in Anime or game.
Quote from: princesskitty18 on May 06, 2012, 09:53:15 PM
Quote from: yumicchi88 on May 06, 2012, 09:51:38 PM
I just noticed I put the wrong song number for the songs from your songlist.  How should I change this?

id suggest that u email galewolf like NOW
if everything else is correct then HOPEFULLY it should be fine
but email him now and give him a heads up
worse case scenario, just re-register

good luck =/

Thanks for the advise.  I re-read the sign up time notification thread/post and it says that the songs can be changed later, so I hope this does not count as an error in the entry.  I PMed galewolf just in case though!  Thanks!
I just noticed I put the wrong song number for the songs from your songlist.  How should I change this?
Yay~!  Tis been two years since I last entered!  Hope I made no mistakes!
Quote from: HunterZero on June 06, 2011, 09:26:08 PM
I've done pre-reg at the Con for every FanimeCon since 2003, but this year was the first I skipped it. The lines were just too long and I'd rather spend my last day doing something fun than waiting hours in line to pre-reg. My limit is about 30 minutes. Granted, I'll probably pre-reg once it is online, but I don't see much reason anymore to pre-reg at the Con anymore.

As silly as it sounds, I used to do it because the earlier you pre-registered, the lower your badge number would be. My all time lowest number one year was 27. About 2 years ago though, they changed the numbering scheme and I ended up in the higher numbers. I know it is silly, but I used to get up early just for that low number.

I'll still keep my last pre-reg slip in my wallet though, just as I have for the last 8 years. It is a bit of a tradition for me, and my wallet doesn't quite feel right if I don't have a FanimeCon pre-reg tag in it.

Wow, I've been going to fanime since 2003, too! You went to the last Santa Clara Convention Center one then, too?

But, yea, I did at con pre-reg like 2 years ago, and I loved it. The line was almost none, and I got it with no loss of time. But this year.... the line seemed short when I got there 20 min before, but the line didn't move at all... it was like mini steps every 20 min. So as I said above, I waited for an hour and left. I will just work more to get that extra $5 to spend for the online reg.