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go ahead and take them... just glad i was able to take some awesome shots of awesome bleach cosplayers...

Yukari, i didn't smell surfboard resin, i'm guessing he didn't show?

I'm so mad at myself for missing majority of the gathering, though i was able to find the people who went to the park to take pics... 

ugh, i am so not liking that strip part on the kosode... and i might remake everything cause so far i made the hakama and the unfinished kosode out of duck cloth, and that thing is heavy and hot as hell

i say do a suit group on the day of the gathering... but then again i'm already gonna be wearing mine

lol, i'm pretty sure you meant to type ASVAB, lol i took that, it wasn't too bad pretty basic knowledge stuff.

lol STAR testing hahahah that is so back in the day... and i'm pretty sure you youngins' have to take the EXIT exam too right?

well i went out to buy replacement needles so i'm fine, and the hakama is done now...

so true story,

while i was sewing my hakama... the needle in my sewing machine breaks... fuuuu... now i have them finished... stupid pleats... i hope not to make you anymore...

we so need to do a suit group, that would look so gangsta.... i mean mafia lol

I dare you

i did, do i win? and you should've screencap'd the bulge part... lol

0_0 That last Bleach episode was mind scarring 0.o

are you serious? i thought it was Perfect Stylish Dangerous Psychedelic Valuable Economical Continental Incredible Unbelievable episode *takes a huge breath in afterwards*

The new episode of Bleach, OMG the new episode OMG everyone needs to watch it... OMG.

i've seen people wear the same costume the whole convention weekend... and some of them smelled really bad too...

a costume per day is enough for me...

you're not suppose to talk about an elder's age...

can you change mine from Casshern to Ragna the Bloodedge from BlazBlue, thanks

Toshiro got owned... nice!

uh... uh... uh... and boom goes the dynamite.

yeah Halibel is now my fav fem in bleach... sorry Kukaku, Halibel took my heart


the scabbard and wrap on the handle is pink

they showed Findor... for a good minute... can wait to see Kira decapitate that bird soon

I am so not looking forward to driving 16 long hours back to cali in the heat... with all my luggage and stuff... but can't wait for fanime... *starts flailing cause of unfinished costumes*

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