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By Gonzo.

It's pretty good anime, even if you aren't interested in cosplaying it.  But if you are, that'd be great.  The cosplay design is rather difficult.  Imagine characters from MMORPGs.  So I will have to learn how to make fake armor

EDIT: In the end, the cosplay proved rather difficult to make.  So, I will have to abandon it.  However, if you are cosplaying from this series or the upcoming second season, please let me know so I can take a picture.  Thanks.
General Convention Discussion / Final Fantasy Music
August 30, 2008, 11:27:35 AM
Place: [somewhere inside fanime]
Date: -
Time: -
Repetoire: [points up to title] list is still undecided

Keyboards: Me
Cello: Tina (Timemaiden)
Violin: Kerry

Perhaps if there were I piano I could play on that.  I do know of one that I saw last year, but it was hidden in the corner and close to a video screening room, so no chance of playing there. 

I'll continue to update as the year progresses.

I bought some goggles for $30.  Now that I think about it, I really shouldn't have gotten it.  But at the time, I wanted to get something more for my Ikki Cosplay because it was rather casual and obscure.  But it totally wasn't worth it.  The lens give me a head ache and I look awfully bad when wearing them.

Do you think I can sell it back to anyone @ Swap meet next year?
This is pretty late notice, but I'm sure if you're really creative, you can make it work.  I need someone to make the "Rocks" symbol/icon on the back of Ikki Minami's back.  I will find the red jacket myself and sew it on myself (unless you suggest a better way).

Here are some pics borrowed from Imari-chan and playstazn @

Use these to reference how big the symbol should be.  I'm about 5'8 so create accordingly.  Send me PM if you're interested or just reply to this thread.  You will be paid for your hard work. 

Gaming / Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tourney
April 02, 2008, 07:03:01 AM
Hi, I'm very excited about this upcoming tourney held by fanime.  It's among my favorite fighting game and I just want to see what kind of competitors are out there.  I play @ SU at State.  If you go there too, let me know.  We can play a few practice games.

Favorite player to watch: J
Preferred character: Makoto

(To steal something from Youtube comments): Gorilla hands FTW!!!