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I'm still looking for photographers for the Sunday of Fanime that is also able to do fancy/special edits (see screenshots below for the stuff I had in mind for my photoshoots hence the need for fancy/special edits). I prefer to have the shoot during evening or night before 9pm, so maybe around 6pm or 7pm. I'm also fine with daytime, but I won't be available for 11am-12pm. The character I've been wanting to have a photoshoot with is Stella Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy Versus XIII/Final Fantasy XV. Please contact me on my instagram or facebook me if you are interested as well as providing me your portfolios.

I'm still looking for photographers that I can have a photoshoot session with on the Sunday of Fanime during the evening or night ;v; My budget goes from $15-$40. I'm looking to see if I can have a photoshoot perhaps around 6pm or 7pm. If anybody is interested and available during those times, please DM on my instagram (yourprincelystar) or my fb page (, because I hardly check the forums.
OMG I was just asking about this a few days ago LOL. I was planning to cosplay as Yamanbagiri for Friday, but we shall see now until the gathering date goes through~ I was also planning on going to a Final Fantasy gathering which is on the same day as the TouRabu gathering, so this gathering is gonna be at 12PM, it would be right after the FF gathering haha. Hope I'll have time to change out of my Stella cosplay to Yamanbagiri and make it in time for the TouRabu gathering XD
Haha I'm super late to the handsome sword dudes hype. Has anybody filled out a form to have a Token Ranbu gathering happen? I would host the gathering, but this is my first time attending Fanime and I don't think I'm ready to take on hosting gatherings or panels yet. I tried to find some sort of Touken Ranbu gathering event thingamebob on facebook for Fanime, but there was only one from like 2017 lol. If there's no Touken Ranbu gathering happening, it's fine! If anybody is going to cosplay Touken Ranbu characters though, I'd love to meet you all! I'll be cosplaying Yamanbagiri Kunihiro. Not sure what day yet though.
Is Stella from back when FFXV was Versus XIII welcome? This year is gonna be my first time at Fanime and I've always wanted to bring my Stella there ;o;
Me and my bf might possibly go as a casual Aqua and Terra. My bf might be a flat-haired Terra as an a version of Terra with his hair down, cuz I don't feel like trying to style Terra's wig (lol my lazyness... I'm also not the best with styling wigs). My knowledge for KH isn't very advanced. I've only beaten KH2, and played 1, BBS, and a little bit of COM ;w; I know most of the spoilers though (and ridiculously complex story and timeline). If anybody is gonna talk any KH spoilers though, I don't mind :P Anyhoo, I've been getting back into KH a bit and I've fallen into my Terraqua, RoxasNamine, and SoraKairi shipping hell again haha. I really wanna try going as a casual version of Aqua with my bf as a casual Terra (with his hair down and not spiked up) >w< I think it'll be fun.