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For any of you out there that have brought children to Fanime as a free registered attendee, I have a quick question for you? (Any input from those without kids would be welcome too of course.)

My husband and I will be picking up our badges on day zero as we enjoy getting to the convention as early as possible, but our daughter will not be with us until the following day. It states on our pre-registration information that the child must be present during badge pick up, which I completely understand, but it won't be possible until Friday. So my question is, if we grab just our badges on Thursday and then show up with her and wait in the pre-registered line on Friday, would they allow us to get her badge? I'm concerned they will see that we picked my badge up already and won't allow us to get my daughter's on the next day. Any input would be very appreciated!
So...I guess last year's free breakfast at the Hyatt was such a debacle that they've now changed it to Hyatt Rewards Members only. My question is, my husband is a rewards member, I am not...because that would be an incredibly stupid thing for us to have. We have one joint bank account, the same credit cards etc... when we book rooms with the Hyatt, it's always under the same number. So when I read on the Hotel registration information page it states in red text "only the Hyatt reward members inside the room qualify for the free breakfast." ...does that mean only my husband qualifies? I would understand if a room of 4 people that have no relation other than friendship would dictate that only the 1 or 2 ppl in the room with a membership would get the breakfast, but a married couple no?

I get that the Hyatt is trying to crack down on people trying to take advantage of the system, I even saw it happening last year in person, but this just seems ridiculous. We've called both the Hyatt and CMR housing and no one seems to be able to answer our question. Will I be included or not?

Regardless, we're happy to pay for me each morning since 10.99 equals what we would likely be paying for both of us every morning anyway, we just want some clarity.
Has anyone used this option before and knows if they have a pull out bed? Call me crazy, but I can't imagine the Marriott hotel allowing/assuming 4 people could sleep in a single king bed??? Am I wrong?
The Fanime website is doing me no favors right now. I have 4 people including myself going to Fanime 2018 this year and we wanted to splurge and get a suite; my question is, why does the Fanime website show a junior suite with a king bed at the Marriott hotel for 4 people? If I buy this option, does it allow a suite with 2 double beds instead? Or perhaps does it entitle you to both rooms located inside that first door found at the end of the hallway on each Marriott floor?
Hotel and Facilities / 2018 Hotel Registration times?
January 11, 2018, 10:25:18 AM
Just curious, what is the earliest time given for registration this year? I just received my email and it states Wednesday 1/17 at 1pm. I registered within a half hour of trying once it was open to do so. Is Wednesday the earliest day or does anyone have an earlier date?
Good day my cosplay brethren lol!

This is CosplayDevotee aka Affliction asking for some help in locating video that was taken of my batman Cosplay group on Sunday of Fanime 2015.

I've been pouring over multiple videos posted on YouTube from that weekend and have yet to locate it. The videographer was a broad shouldered Caucasian man with a red or brown beard and hair which hopefully in the world of Cosplay videographers narrows it down a little? Maybe?

We were a group of Joker, Harley Quinn, poison ivy and two face in the main hallway. After he took a few pan shots he stated it would be posted on YouTube and got swallowed by the crowd before we could ask his name. I know this is a long shot but if anyone knows who this might have been and where to locate his work if possible, we'd very much appreciate it!
It's been an extremely long while since I've posted in fanime forums, so if this post is not meant to be here I understand, but could not find a place elsewhere that fit my needs. So sorry in advance and please be kind.

I will be cosplaying in a group of 5 this year, 1 day as an entire cast of Batman villians, the other days as 3 skyrim companions and two game of thrones characters.

This is the first time my group has been this large in awhile and many of us will be making our entire cosplays on our own which is both stressful as well as deeply fulfilling. We want to commemorate this event with locating a photographer(s) of any interest in creating a photoshoot/meetup at Fanime 2015.

We are open to discussing terms with anyone who is interested, if you would wish to charge for your time, we are also open to discussing these terms as well. To give you some idea of our costumes I will link a few photos here on our cosplays shortly.

Batman day:
Harley Quinn
Two Face
Poison Ivy

Skyrim day:

Accompanied by Game of Thrones:
Drogo and Danaerys

Once again, if this post belongs elsewhere, my apologies.


photographers found
Okay I tried asking this in the main Swap meet thread and still haven't been answered so here goes...

I have a question. I've never participated in the swap meet as a seller but was thinking of doing so this year, however I confess I've never understood the reason for lining up outside the swap meet room early if you already signed up for it. I was wondering if anyone could explain the significance of signing up as soon as registration is open but having to rush to line up on Thursday night. I understand you should be in attendance seeing as you signed up and will need to have your merchandise ready to bring in the room, but is getting there early or later a determination as to the order you get in? I only ask because my group is devout in getting to Fanime early Thursday morning so we can line up for early registration, will I be forced to choose one over the other?
Registration / Portable chairs etc... for Day 0 line
February 29, 2012, 10:26:06 PM
I was just wondering since I haven't tried bringing any before (but have seen others do so), what is the word on bringing either small blow up chairs, lawn chairs or even pillows? I've seen all manner of Boom boxes, body pillows, blankets, laptops and even games systems...but I want to make sure what I bring is allowed cuz I don't want to lug it all the way there and have to take it back up to the hotel room. My group shows up very early on Day 0 (sometimes as early as 10:30...and before ppl start saying "I GET THERE AT 8!!!!!!! RAWR RAWR!!!" I am very aware some people do so hahaha. ;D) and by the time the line starts moving...I feel like my tail bone has worked its way completely out of my butt...among other things. So, what is and is not allowed during the wait for Day 0 badge pick up?

Hello! I checked this forum with the search option and have only seen the thread regarding what you'll be selling at the swap meet. I have a different inquiry:

I've been interested in participating in the Swap Meet for a few years now. For some reason I tend to be the "recycle bin" for most of my friends and family when it comes to Anime, Manga, Video games etc...I've never taken part in the Swap Meet other than to visit the vendors there and purchase items I wanted. Could anyone that has participated in the Swap Meet give me an idea of what it is like? I'm aware there may be a certain amount of stress involved so I'm ready for that, but I was wondering about times, dates etc...I know that Fanime will probably post information on the actual website soon, but I've got a friend who lives in San Jose who will be driving up to my home town next week and it would be lovely if I could say for certain we'll be participating because I have SO MUCH to bring; can't fit it on Amtrack on my way down there.

So please, let me know some of your experiences as sellers and what tips could you provide so its a seamless transaction for both parties when I sell my items. Thank you!
Hotel and Facilities / How much warning?
December 05, 2011, 09:07:00 PM
I was just wondering if anyone knows how much warning we will get before the hotels open? I was VERY lucky last year to log on to the Fanime Forums mere hours before they opened the hotel registrations. Now that the website shows both the registration for fanime and hotel rooms with large red "coming soon" signs, I'm becoming more paranoid. I know the powers that be are working very hard at this and I am only one in many, but I was just hoping that someone knows how much of a heads up we were given last year since I just happened upon it by accident? Will it be the same this year?
I know this is rather early, but about 10 newbies at work found out about fanime and want to go. :-\ That's great, more the merrier, but more than 3 of them are in my unit and I am NOT missing it cuz they took dibs (when they don't even know what fanime is >:()lol. Memorial day weekend this year is all wonky (leap year or something?) so I wasn't sure if it started May 25th this year? please if anyone knows, shout it out!  :D
So I was hoping this would be the best place to ask this question (since everywhere else on this peace o' crap internet there is nothing to find):

I am cosplaying as Death the Kid this coming Fanime and I was thinking about wearing yellow contact lenses as Death the Kid has yellow eyes. I have seen many cosplayers wearing yellow contact lenses as well as many others opting out on them. I think the cosplay has a little something extra with the contact lenses, but here is my problem. I am slightly concerned about wearing cosmetic contact lenses without really hearing some opinions on the matter. Asking my friends who actually wear corrective contact lenses say that it is too much work and causes itchy or sore eyes. I haven't found anyone who has said otherwise, but it is plainly obvious that there are people wearing these contact lenses at every con and halloween party I have ever gone to. So is there really a problem or is it just luck of the draw? I also dislike the idea of purchasing contact lenses from a con where an optomotrist is nowhere in sight to say whether or not the lenses you are purchasing will cause damage to your eye or even fit you right. I already made an appointment with an optomotrist in town to measure my eye, but it costs more than $150 dollars just to get your eyes measured and that doesn't even count the purchase of the contact lenses. SO in a nutshell, I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the matter before I shell out $150 bucks to hear an optomotrist go "oh ya those $30 dollar one's you buy at a convention would have actually worked for you so....neenuuuuuuur neeeeenuuuuur. Sucks for you, thanks for the mega bucks!"
Again WOW, I managed to get a room for four at the Crown Plaza, but I was wondering if there were more rooms that aren't listed on the fanime website? Come Monday, if I call are there more rooms saved for phone call reservations still under the Fanime deal? I would prefer the Marriot since I like being connected to the convention center.

Edit: I was hoping someone could give me a review on the Crown Plaza?
General Convention Discussion / Private Photo Shoots
August 27, 2010, 08:12:33 PM
Hey, so I'm not sure if this is the correct area to be asking this question, but I keep seeing professional photo shoots taking place every fanime and I was wondering if there is a sign up sheet or if these people are just professional photographers that just pick and choose who they take pictures of? I know that some of them are affiliated with because I have seen some of the photos on that website, but I have always wanted to get even just one or two professional photos of my best cosplays. Anyone know? :-\
I have been going to Fanime on and off since 2006 and have stayed in the Marriott, Hilton and Larkspur (Sainte Claire). So far I prefer being attached to the convention center (even though the Larkspur has adorable paintings on the bathroom ceilings...srsly they are cute haha :D) and I am having a difficult time figuring out which hotel to stay at with my 4 friends for 2011. I am aiming for the Marriott and the Hilton. I have been reading some comments in multiple different topics and excluding the elevator issue, I don't see too many problems in the Marriott. My ONE deal breaker is having the ability to get a rollaway. EVERY TIME I make a reservation through the Fanime website it says that both hotels provide them, but when I go to grab a room that can house 5 people with the rollaway, the rollaway availability just magically "disappears." I can't imagine why it does and I have been told (even by the fanime hotline people which was creepy) "just sneak your 5th member in." I'm sorry, I'm an honest person and I don't like the possibility of getting kicked out. So this is my question:
-Which of the two hotels REALLY has a rollaway no strings attached?

-How do you get it?  (and I'm aware it could just be first come first serve, but honestly, I make reservations within only a few HOURS of them being placed
                              on the Fanime website and still have issues)

-How much do the rooms WITH rollaways generally go for? (I have checked the website before, but nothing conclusive.)

Hello! I am very new at this and kind of late in creating an ID for the fanime forums (considering it is next weekend SQUEE), but I got on the subject of the protesters from last year and the year before. I figure they are there for their own reasons (whatever they may be) and will continue to show the more attention we give them. I doubt this will do anything, but I was hoping by creating this forum maybe others would agree and give them a wide berth. I don't agree with their methods and even if I were something extreme like a satanist I would still think it is their right to believe in what they believe. Having them there frightens me because if some ignorant child or some teen that feels the need to yell throws a punch or gets too out of line, it will cause a problem. I think the protesters honestly WANT that to happen so the convention gets cancelled. This is a big problem in my mind. What do you think?