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Topics - crystalsoul

Trying to get rid of some of my old stuff now that im moving. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these figures, and im sure we can work out a price.

For quicker responses you can use my alternative email: [email protected] to get a hold of me. Otherwise i will respond back to this post, but maybe not as quickly.
Wall Scolls:

*Final Fantasy and Strike witches: $10
*All others: $5

Fan + Bleach Sword:

Fan: $15 Or best offer (Think i bought for $35 at my very first fanime :P )
Sword: $7

DvD/Video Games:

Bayonetta, Rin (Complete), Sengoku Basara (Complete) - $10
All others $5

Im willing to haggle and can discount if you buy more than one item. This is just stuff im trying to clear out of my closet :P
Maybe its a selfish thing to say, but i kinda miss the old policy where you had to have a badge to get into the swap meet on Day 0. To me the Day 0 Swap Meet was kind of a reward for getting your badge early :P

Also does anyone know where the swap meet is gonna be this year?
Registration / Question in regars to Group pickup
May 12, 2013, 11:48:15 PM
So i am a group leader for badge pick-up and i was wondering if its at all possible to move both my badge and my partners badge under a different group leader?

i found myself in a situation in which i might not be able to make it to badge pick-up on thursday but have a friend who is going to be there. can i move my badge and my friends under his name and make him group leader?

im sure this comes up every year xD

I was hoping i could get some feedback regarding the speed dating from last con. i was just looking for some general information  about

*How successful everyone thought it was?
*Was it worth going?
*How many attendees were there?
*Im curious about the guy/girl ratio as well
*What did you think was negative about the event? (If anything)

*And i would love to hear some stories as well if anyone is willing to share :3  anybody find a special someone through this event? (or at fanime in general)

i sent them an email over a week ago will a special request and i have yet to get a reply back. do i need to call them instead?  ???
Gaming / Table flipping game from japan :D
February 06, 2012, 02:03:41 PM
I wonder if it will make an appearance or not this fanime. i would totally love to play it xD
but now is replaced with just a drop down menu of a few things which i have no need for?

if i remember correctly, last year when i reserved a hotel room, i was able to physically type out what it was i needed, such as a refrigerator request at the marriot, but this year i cant :<

it sorta sucks cause i have to call up the hotel now and make sure they put down that i want a refrigerator and a deluxe double room instead of a normal double room.

and on a side note, to the person/s in charge of the hotels, i gave a call to the marriot today to make sure they got my requests and they said that no reservation popped up under my name. should i wait awhile? contact you guys? or what should my plan of action be from here?

Please and Thanks!!! ;)
Ive been staying in a hotel during fanime for the last 4 years, and last year i must say i was over joyed with the room i got. this room was located on the very corner of the marriot build and because of that, it had a really long hallway before you reached the beds.

The Layout
|                                                                  |
|                             _________         ___         |
|  Bed#1      Bed#2    |       |                  |        |
|                             |       |   Bathroom  |         |
|__________________|       |___________| Door  |

anyway because i got this room, i was able to fit all 6 of my friends comfortably. my question is:

If i fill out on the "Special Requests" section of the reservation form, do you think that the marriot (or hilton) would honor my request? has anyone had good luck with the special requests section in regards to the hotel honoring your request?
General Convention Discussion / Akira
June 13, 2011, 10:42:30 AM
hey i remember reading something about akira being played for some cult movie series some place and that fanime people get like $1.50 off tickets. where was this exactly and when was/is it? :o

i completely forgot about it till today and i really wanted to go xP

please and thanks ^^
So who else is feeling it? Dx

its sucks having such an awesome weekend and feeling care-free and then suddenly snapping back in to reality that tommorrow there will be no more fanimcon until next year and now we must resume normal life T_T

i get this every year but this year its hitting me hard :<
Staff & Volunteers / hotel discount
May 03, 2011, 11:47:13 AM
ok quick question about the hotel.

now im not a staff member but my friend this year is. if he is going to be in our room can he use his staff member discount? or does he have to have a room under his name to get the discount?

im only asking this because hes lagging on it -_-
#13 sorta disappointed by this....

ok now i get that we cant have random kids (and adults) walking around in normal clothes and asking to have a wooden sword they bought in the merchandise room peacebonded, but i Dx  my friend designed outfits for us to wear this year and now we can peacebond our weapons cause were not an official anime character?  ._.

gah im sorry im venting but i think the line should be drawn a little lower then "published characters" would of been nice to walk around dressed up and being able to have our weapons with us cause it sorta defined our group :/

discuss? opinions? let me hear your thoughts on this, or am i the only one who thinks like this? >.<
this year my friends and I are all gonna be cosplaying identical people with different weapons.  so i got to thinking about what i want to have as my weapon of choice. i had 3 weapons in mind:

1: Ninja Sword (short sword, wooden of course)
2: Tonfa/batton (more then likely wooden, but let me know how far i could go with metal on them before its illegal XD)
And lastly
3: kusarigama, this is what im curious about, how far can i go with a chain on this? i planned on attaching the ends together and wrapping myself up sorta with the chain (for look).  now i know that the weight on the end of the chain is illegal in US, so thats why i wanna know if its a NoNo to simply have one long chain and me wrapped up in it XD

this is a kusarigama is you dont know it of the top of your head

it would be wooden of course ::)
im not sure if there is a concert every year at fanimecon or not...but is there one this year?  if so then who is it :D

i remember when An-cafe came x3
im a bit confused as to what is exactly happening this weekend in terms of the dance going from like 8pm to 4am

my friends told em a rave but the schedule says Casual O_o

i know there are some people out there who dont approve of the term "rave", but what type of dance is this gonna be? and what type of music?

a rave to me involves techno music and or DJs

if someone could give me a better idea of whats going on and why type of dance this is really going to be, it would be much obliged

i couldent remember if you had to be 17 or 18 to enter these rooms.

i wanted to bring my friend with me but unfortunately his 18th birthday is 2 months after fanime XD

so whats the age requirement?
You guys are awsome, you were definatly my favorite people/cosplayers at the entire con.

i wanna join you guys next year (if you going to do it next year).  :D

so i guess the only left for me to ask is how do i become one of you guys? O_O

*is anyone has any pics then please post them :)*
Im not sure if im the only one who is feeling this, but i left Fanime this year feeling dissapointed....Im not completely sure why either, it just it was lacking somthing that last years con had O_o

Did anyone else have this feeling? cause all my friends said the same thing..."Last years con was better"
Wow, i have to give my congrats to the people who cosplayed from this anime. i can honestly say i didn't see one disappointing cosplay.

especially those who went as yoko ^_^ you all did great work dressing like her.

i had a few quick questions about "Working" as a staff member at fanime...

*if you choose to work at fanime, do you get a free weekend pass? -I remember hearing this somewhere.

*How many days do you have to work? do you just work 1 day? - Also heard this somewhere as well

*Is there an age requirement as to how old you must be to work?

*When are the staff meetings?

*do i have to attend these staff meetings to become staff member?  if so, how many?

*how much is the discount for the hotel if your a staff member?

*What jobs are there?

thats all i can think of for now,
thank you for your time ^.^
Registration / group reg
October 25, 2006, 10:21:44 PM
ok finally its up, but my question is... how much will i really save?

im going with 3 people and want to know how much money it will cost compared to the $120 single registration
Registration / Reg question
August 09, 2006, 10:52:44 PM
ok first off i would like to say that last fanimecon was my first anime convention and it was the funnest thing i have ever gone too.

ok my question is this, i am sorta new to the pre-registering thing, and this year me and 2 other people wanna go the whole weekend and stay at the hilton with their special deal like i saw they had last year,

So would it be cheaper to register as a group ar seperatly?

How much would we be saving if we did register by group instead of single?