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Quote from: "Jyunishinsho"
What about a crossbow that has no spring action (it is removed), no arrows, and is clearly harmless? Will it go through?
If you mean like a crossbow gun, most likely not. Believe it or not, those are more dangerous than firearms. Now if it is a fake one (good luck finding a fake one), like a sponge dart/nerf one or something, probally so.

What I want to know is what type of guns/toy guns or whatever (cap guns, rubber dart guns, fake prop guns, etc.) are allowed and which ones are not. Of course I get it checked at conops, but I just don't want to bring one that is not allowed and end up getting in trouble or kicked out or anything like that.

Quote from: "angeljibrille"
We are still working out all the details on the weapons policy (to comply with new California laws). We will be posting one that's ready to go. :) thanks for your patience.

Cosplay Events
Ok, thanks! :D

I know and have read all of the rules about cosplay weapons, but no not mention even the rules don't stae anything about cap guns. So does anyone know if plastic cap guns without caps will be allowed to cosplay with, or know someone I can at least contact to find out. The actual site is down now for some reason, so that's out of the question. Someone please help me in any way possible! Thanks!

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