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Buy/Sell/Trade / Selling cosplay/anime related stuff (manga, wigs etc)
« on: March 10, 2019, 03:11:30 PM »
Hello! I have a few things to sell that have been collecting dust (no really, they’re stored) in my room, that is like to make a few extra dollars on. Items are:

I have a bright yellow yang xiao long (RWBY) wig, brand new never worn - $20, $15 is lowest I’ll go.

Green Tsuyu asu wig (BNHA) needs to be sold after Saturday (it’ll b worn once, I’m using it for a panel then after I’ll never cosplay her again- $26

Elizabeth midford white volume 13 cover dress, full set excluding the wig, includes: headband, gloves, 2 white ribbons, 1 lace ribbon, the white dress, white choker, & 2 clip on earrings. Size American Medium, Asian Large -$70

Black butler manga volumes: 14,15&16 (like new/very good condition) -$9 ea, $25 if you pay for all 3.

Black lagoon manga volume 1 (like new condition) -$12

Black butler meyrin blue maid cosplay, American Medium, Asian Large, includes blue maids dress and white apron, headpiece glasses and wig not included, - $30

Also I sell flower crowns if you’d wanna purchase anything they’re $10-20, you can buy them from me at con just message me on my business account on IG: @tigers_tiaras I also have a Poshmark with that handle.
 To reach me about any of the other items listed above contact me on IG: @ghostedtigr_cosplays same as my forums handle.

If you wanna see any of these items and they’re conditions go to my main IG acc (ghostedtigr one) and look for my “Anime items for sale” highlight, everything will be there.

Thank you for reading I look forward to your replies! 🙏

The panel has already been submitted! This is my first year doing a panel and we need a jirou! The panel consists of uraraka, denki, tsu, jirou, and some villains. We have everyone except jirou!
You don’t have to cosplay her for the whole day with us. We only need you to be in some cute PJs (ones that’ll match your character or just look good on you, mine won’t even match my character, it’s just the only thing I have) hence the theme.
 I’ll be Toga and I’ll be in a onesie. My cosplay will be underneath. If you wanna do that too, that’s what we’ll all be doing.
The panel is rated 16+ bc I swear often and tbh the show isn’t exactly family friendly.
The panel is decided on late Saturday, we have times put down before the rave but also
On late Friday (Friday: 4/5/6, sat: 4/5/6/7/8/9) depends what con ops give us.
It’ll be 2 hours long bc BNHA is a big fandom and we’ll have it in a big room hence the fandom size.
If you’re interested PLEASE contact me on IG: @ghostedtigr_cosplays !!!
Also please be relatively young, everyone on the panel is either in high school or college, we want everyone to be comfortable. we have a group chat on IG if you are interested.

I think that’s it thanks !!!

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