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Well guess it's time to part ways with some of them. You can click on my link and then click on the other items I have for sale. If you want to buy it using Ebay you can or if you want to work something out I can take it off the listing. Thanks for looking. Ask questions if anyone has any. I think the prices I have are well priced compared to other listings on ebay.

just click on the other items I have for sale.
So as unfortunate as I was unable to go, my buddy Brian took over for me and wrote a really nice con report for this year. I hope to be able to make it next year and I hope everyone had a great time and made lots of memories and friends.
Well finally I got around to finishing this thing..
Well with all the rave about this show, figured it be nice to have a discussion topic on it.

First issue of discussion: episode 3 = wtf.. THE END.

No but seriously, at first when I finished this show, I felt pretty empty on the inside. Not sure if I completely enjoyed/felt satisfied with the ending or not but I have to say the whole deconstructing the mahou shoujo genre made it pretty original as the more dark and almost a psuedo-reality check of the glamorous life of mahou shoujos really checked the idea of what people expect or think they are.

The more I thought about this show the more depressed I became, even after Madoka changed the laws of the universe and Witches, that these girls will ultimately run out of MP and die (as seen with Sayaka in episode 12). The wheel of fate for these girls will keep spinning: Mami will die (but hopefully not in a way where her head got ripped off which made me curl up in a ball of sadness till sunrise) as will Sakura fighting for something people don't even realize. It's this type of stuff that gets to me as it almost feels like they are tragic heroes: dying on behalf of what they do for others while under-appreciated if at all for their efforts and sacrifices.  

Going back to the ending, I really have no idea how else I would have wanted this series to end. I mean, the series ended on a bittersweet yet lonely but a close and inseparable feeling between two characters almost like how I felt back when I watched the ending of Simoun.

Anyways more thoughts later.

So after returning from Anime Boston, I didn't see many cosplays I was hoping to see. Anyways that's a whole story on it's own. For now, I really kinda want to see what people would like to see cosplayed this year at FanimeCon or looking forward to seeing.

if it's the wrong place, feel free to move it.

For me, I'm REALLY looking forward to these cosplays:

So ra no wo to
Madoka Magica
Angel Beats
Star Driver
Yumekui Merry

Probably some more...

... on youtube anyways =P

Well the last died and rotted away like a petrified thingy but that was a long time ago (and I don't even think it was up to 10?). Either way I'm sure people's tastes have changed along with the preference in the style of music today compared to the past in the most general way of putting it. So go ahead, post your songs, post your youtube links post whatever. If it'll serve as a place where you want to store your top 10 songs and look back on it down the road, go for it. I'm come to realize all the songs I used to really enjoy listening to I have forgotten due to overlistening to them (which I'm sure many do).  Anyways, I'll start this thing up again. It doesn't have to be in order, just your top 10. I'm sure your single most favorite is bound to change faster than your top 10 favorites so ya. Also if possible state the anime it's from.

I swear making this list is amazingly hard. Hell, I think even making a top 100 would be hard but these 10 were memorable in one way or another.

1. M/elody - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 OP
2. Kanashimi ni Makenaide - Grenadier ED1 (which I'm surprised is a song I have not over listened to despite being all these years)
3. Futari Shizuk - Otome Yōkai Zakuro ED 3 ( and a few others I think...and it's currently my favorite song atm, <3 the duet)
4. Niji no Kanata - Gun Sword Insert Song ( I dunno... one of the later episodes? whatever..)
5. Kiseki no Kakera - Tokimeki Memorial Only Love OP 1
6. Float~ - Solty Rei ED1
7. Venus Say - Twin Spica ED
8. All The Way - Kino's Journey ED 1
9. Ashita No Te - Witchblade ED 1
10. Jun - Cromartie ED1
Gaming / Halo: Reach
September 17, 2010, 08:44:46 PM
I just bought Reach today and beat it and I liked it quite a bit, better than Halo 2 and Halo 3 and ODST story wise. Anyone here got it also?
Gaming / Who got BB:CS?
July 27, 2010, 01:50:28 PM
PSN: moemoekyuuun

Add me and let's googogoggoog! =D
I went Tuesday and it was so depressing there. Was there for 4 hours and not a single soul played either games so I ended up getting playing score attack modo. In fact, I think the only arcade anyone played was the Initial D games.. ugh..~_~

Anyways, I'm planning either to go tomorrow or Friday. Dunno if anyone will show up but it's 50 cents a play for BB:CS and a quarter for MvC2 which is damn cheap.
Probably discussed by some...

But what do you think happened? Did both Ein and Zwei die? Neither? One or the other?

I have mixed feelings for the ending myself. My first thought is that they both died: Reiji being shot by Elen and then Elen poisoning herself with a nightshade petal. Then I thought to myself if a single petal could kill a human and how a single shot kill Reiji after he's been shot 3 times in the chest by Sythe Master. Kinda conflicting and even after playing the game, I still am not sure what the anime is going with... ~_~


EDIT: I guess a single nightshade petal can kill. Wow...
What it says. So hopefully those thunderbolts Eric threw sent a clear message out. Now keep it friendly and no flaming or trolling unless you want more tenbatsu -_-;
Took me a few more days than I needed thanks to a bunch of stuff. All I can say is I haven't even looked at some of the stuff I bought at Fanime yet. Room is a mess and all the fun stuff =_=;

But I did get one important thing done. This:

Loved this year. Honestly, I didn't even hype for Fanime. It's gotten to the point where I enjoy the convention to the point that I have nothing good to say about it anymore... if that even makes one bit of sense. :X
Ok so a few things I noticed about these two films:

- Rei can actually smile correctly
- Mari is pretty insane in the membrane... that's sex appeal for weirdos with that fetish *cough*...>_>;
- Shinji actually grew some balls
- Shinji and Rei both actually have pretty good and closer character relationship with each other compared with the TV series
- WTF@ Asuka replacing Toji as the test pilot for Eva Unit 03. She doesn't deserve that ;-;

I actually enjoyed these two movies more than the TV series. A lot better character traits like everyone was given "life" almost. Even Gendou turned into a semi-softy at one point.

So pretty much 3.333^pie actually is not gonna try and turn everyone into Tang and make it into Shinji x Kaworu shonen-ai desu? And I guess the next movie will be out this Summer as well. Can't wait.

Even after almost a decade since I watched Evangelion for the first time ( not to mention I watched EoE before the TV series.... ugh fail), I still have this weird attachment with the series despite the hundreds of other anime I've seen since. Maybe it's the plugsuit or the art of Asuka x Rei. Whatever it is, it worked.
Does anyone know if Rack and Cue at SF State have Blazblue Continuum Shift? ( the new BB). I rather not try and go to SUnnyvale or Milpitas or where ever else being in Oakland...
*pics will be up later*

My net is acting up so I can't upload pics too well atm but I'll start the topic just to kick it off =P

EDIT: Well.. here are things I bought.

Not really buys... but Aksys was awesome to give these  away for free =D

I did not steal this -_-; Cost me $30

Speaks for itself..>_>... all 6 for $25. Guy has good taste

Megami I got at swap meet. I got kicked and attacked by a friend for beating her to them..<_<;

3 for $15 and the other one was $3. Had all posters and large ones in there.

I can't believe I found this PVC at swap meet.. $30

Even more shocking, I found this at swap meet... was $45... unreal.

<3 Toylet. Only booth with Azaka from Kara no Kyoukai.. $54

I found Haruhi.. no disappearance here.. :3 ....$60

Awesome touhou tees. Bought these from artist alley. 2 for $25.
Because of how awesome Fanime marketing is, I've been given the opportunity to interview both the queen of Akihabara (Momoi of course =P ) and our very own Fanime veteran guest of honor Hiroyuki Yamaga. I will be taking 4-8 question per guest of Honor from the fans so please submit your question via PM. Please be careful and make your question as appropriate as possible ( ie. no " WHO IS YOUR BF!" or " WHICH WHO DO YOU THINK IS A BETTER SEIYUU" type of stuff..). Only one submission per user and no multiple accounts.

Keep in mind when I say " one question", I don't mean a sentence with 5 words and a period to end it. You can link a "few" questions together or construct a complete thought so don't feel limited to anything. Just don't over do it.

Anyways good luck, be creative and please represent Fanime for our special guests! Yamaga-san has been coming to Fanime for a very long time and Momoi is returning for her second time in which her first was Fanime 09. They obviously love this con so again, keep the questions smart and fun!
Alright so coming back to Cali I realized just how much crap I had collected and now they need a new place to stay. I can meet before, during or after the con if you want to buy something (best is during the con =P). I can ship but since I'm back in the bay, you can come to pick up or if you live in the Oakland area I can go and drop it off. I take only cash and paypal. If you want to have it shipped it's fine as well. Anyways if there are any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my abilities (which I should be able to since the items are mine anyways..>_>;). I will take offers but please don't ask for anything crazy. I have in mind how much things are and I will not charge you for MORE than what they would cost used elsewhere. In other words, I'm going to try and offer the best price compared to anywhere on the web (yes, even Ebay). I can work something out with price if you want to buy a few things on the list like maybe a few bucks off depending on what you are buying.

Ok so I'll list what I'm selling and you can tell me or PM me what you want. Anyways thanks for looking! =D

Shana PVC by Kotobukiya which I opened up to check out and never displayed it - $35 (Ebay has it for $60 cheapest and it doesn't include the cost of shipping you pay)

PS One which has everything included even the original box and box cover- $20 (I never used it but I got it from a friend who basically needed to pay me back but didn't have money ~_~;)

FFXIII - $30... yep... =_=;

PS2 fighting stick kinda messed up looking a little on the front but I bought it that way at Gamers like 2-3 years ago- $10

Saber from Fate/Stay Night Bome PVC - $20

Nono from Diebuster Bome PVC - $20

FFIX greatest hits - $10 (case a little cracked but you can get a new one for free or almost nothing)

Noein boxset sealed- $20

Final Fantasy Origins - $10 (black label)

FFX-2 PS2 - $5

Kingdom Hearts PS2 - $5

I forgot picture but it's the one with the black label.

Wild Arms 3 PS2 - $3 (lol

Large Gaia poster autographed by like the whole cast of... uhh people - I will be taking offers for this and depending on the price, I will sell it =P

Silent Hill large movie poster - $10

Heroic Age large anime poster - $8

Tales of Legendia PS2 game and guide ( guide some bend) - $20 for both together

Time Crisis 3 with two guncom guns or whatever it's called - $38

Growlanser Heritage of War PS2 RPG sealed in mint condition - $38

Dark Cloud 2 - $13

So remember, I will be taking offers and I'm pretty easy to approach =P.

ps. if nothing is sold, I will ban everyone who has been successful at what they have sold in this sub forum..>____>;;;;

j/k xD

Long story short i was playing Blazblue online against this jp person and after a dozen matches he left and sent this message to me. I would translate it myself if I can copy and pasta it but since I can't, I turn to here.

Things in the Universe / Animewild a big scam site?
February 12, 2010, 12:12:38 AM
Well luckily ( and stupidly for me), I ordered from this site and right after a friend AIMed me telling me the site is a scam where I probably should have done some research myself. Anyone also ordered from them before? I spent $85 on a figure there and I have a 99% gut feeling I'm not gonna get it (the 1% being them forgetting they were actually planning to scam me).

Thing is it just never crossed my mind a site like that could rip anyone off. It's like ordering from hlj, toyslogic, or hobbysearch almost without a fear of unreliability.
Manly tears that is. I must have been blind not realizing it after episode 9. That or they did a good job masking it.
General Anime Chat / Fall Season 2009
September 12, 2009, 11:44:42 AM

Well, there you  have it.... I guess Winter Sonata looks interesting..-_-
Gaming / The General Blazblue discussion thread!
July 11, 2009, 01:03:34 AM
Dash cancel 4x -> 6C consistently = NOT a fun training session..=_=;

I'm wondering when I'll be able to do it with ease... it has already been 4 days...~_~

Too bad 99% of Noel players on PSN just spam the living Jesus out of the D buttons. Yeah, so not going that route.
hah... even though it wasn't a guitar, watching episode 2 when Yui bought her guitar reminds me of when I was 14 and got my saxamaphone, lol. All I did was blow into it as much as I can and felt kinda cool. I think I acted just as "dorky" as she did initially xD

Too bad I quit after 6 years.
Gaming / Who here is pre-ordering Blazblue
June 06, 2009, 10:19:59 PM
And for what console.

I'm having trouble deciding. I was thinking 360 then I realized I can play online for free with the PS3. Then again after getting a PS3 again, I don't plan to use it to the point of breaking it down...-_-;